Download DVDFab 10 User Manual Here

  1. How do I change the language of the program?

    You can choose your taget language at the Settings panel (Windows version) or the Preferences panel (Mac version):

    1. Click the Settings tab from the dropdown menu of the help button near the top right corner (On Mac version, please click the Preferences tab from the top menu bar);
    2. Click General option, go to Language selection area;
    3. Use the dropdown selector to choose your target display language;
    4. Restart the program to make the change take effect.

  2. How do I register DVDFab Media Player?

    Please refer to

  3. Why do I select the Pro version over the Free version?

    The answer to this question is slightly different on Windows and Mac platfrom.

    If you are using the Windows OS: The Free version will satisfy you if you do not need to playback DVD&Blu-ray discs, or do not need the Blu-ray menu support;

    If you are using the Mac OS X: The Pro version can let you playback Blu-ray discs with the native Blu-ray menu.

  4. What's the difference between the App Store version and the regular Free version on your website?

    Gerenally speaking, the Mac App Store version is a free version which is slightly different from the regular Free Version you see on our official website, in terms of features and functionailites. Due to the strict rules and regulations Apple App Store puts on the developers, the App Store version is a limited function version, but we will try our best to make that difference the smallest.

  5. When do I select Simple Mode and when Menu Mode? What’s the difference?

    Simple Mode: if you want to watch the featured movie title directly, you can select Simple Mode, as it will start will the main movie title as soon as the source is loaded, without any distraction from extras, commercials, menus options etc.

    Menu Mode: another way of saying Full Navigation Menu. This mode is the best choice for those who want to have hardware Blu-ray Player equivalent Blu-ray viewing experience. It will start with the navigation menus when the source is loaded, and you can use your keyboard or mouse to do some pre-settings, like subtitle, audio track, etc, before actually watching the movie. You can also freely select extras, commercials to see.

  6. How can I get the Blu-ray movie menu?

    Option 1 > Get Blu-ray Menu before playback starts:

    1). Go to Settings panel, click "Play Mode" tab, and then select "Menu Mode";

    2). Click the "OK" button and restart DVDFab Media Player;

    3). Next time you start to playback a Blu-ray disc, ISO image file or a folder, it will begin with the native Blu-ray menu.

    Option 2 > Get Blu-ray Menu during the playback process:

    1). Right-click any part on the playback screen;

    2). Click "Pop Menu" from the contextual menu, you will see the Blu-ray menu at the left hand of the playback screen, while at this time, the playback is still in progress;

    3). If you click "Top Menu" from the contextual menu, the playback will stop at site, and return to the Blu-ray menu.

  7. Why does my computer have to be connected to the Internet to play Blu-ray discs?

    DVDFab Media Player requires internet access to access DVDFab's server to decode AACS and BD+ copy protections to play the encrypted Blu-ray discs.

    Whenever an internet-based communication happens between your personal information and DVDFab website, the Privacy Policy shall apply. Fengtao Software Inc. SHALL NEVER disclose your privacy to any third party in any form.

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