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How do I build my movie library in PlayerFab?

1. Launch up PlayerFab after installation, move to the upper part of the left panel, where it shows the Library tab that expands to six sub-tabs — Discs, Movies, Collections, TV Shows Videos and Music.

2. Click on any of the sub-tabs except for the Discs tab, you can see similar on-screen instructions that explain the benefits of building up your local library.

3. Click the Add Now button which takes you to the Settings panel, where you can Add New Directory, Update Library or Rebuild Library.

4. Click the Add New Directory button, choose the path from your HDD where your media files are stored, and the click the OK button.

5. Return to the main interface, click the Refresh button at each section and you will see your movies, collections, TV Shows and other videos showing up.

6. The Update Library button will automatically search the path/location you added and then add them to the library.

7. The Rebuild Library button will completely wipe out your current library data and rebuild from scratch.

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