1. Can I get refund for my purchased DVDFab product?

    Sorry to say that we do not accept refund request since we hae declaimed that you should try it to make sure it works before you buy at https://www.dvdfab.cn/order.htm. That's to say, when we see your order coming in, we consider that you have evaluated our products by yourselves, so you should have learned what it is capable of, what it does not do. Thanks for your understanding.

  2. Is VideoCruise available for DVDFab 365 subscribers?

    Yes, the DVDFab 365 subscribers can get it, you can get the key from Member Center.

  3. Can you tranfer Photo Enhancer AI to another PC?

    Yes, You need to deauthorize it from the former installer then reinstall and authorize on the new pc.

  4. I have DVDFab Multi-Authorization for 3 PCs, Why I couldn't install onto extra PC?

    It can not apply multiple pc license at present, we'll add it into support in the future. 

  5. I have 365 subscription, why I can not authorize Photo Enlarger AI ?

    The DVDFab 365 subscribers can get it, it's in the plan, we'll add Photo Enlarger AI in the future. 

  6. Does DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift include Photo Enhancer AI?

    All-In-One includeds all the programs inside DVDFab 11. Photo Enhancer AI is a stand alone program, it is not included in All-In-One. 

  7. Why after order DVDFab 3-Computer License, still cannot authorize DVDFab Player or Passkey?

    At the checkout page of DVDFab, it offers you an option to purchase DVDFab 3-Computer License and displays " Includes 3 authorizations of DVDFab 11/Passkey 9/ Player 6/ Downloader/ Photo Enhancer AI on 3 additional computers". But after order DVDFab 3-Computer License, DVDFab 11, DVDFab Player or DVDFab Passkey is not actually authorized.


    This is a misunderstanding. DVDFab 3-Computer License means you can authorize the paid option(s) to another three computers. It means you need order the product you want firstly such as DVDFab DVD Copy, DVDFab Player, DVDFab Passkey, then DVDFab 3-Computer License allows you to install the paid product(s) to another three computers. By a single order of DVDFab 3-Computer License, it will not authorize any software.



  8. The website says tools are ready to release and others coming soon. If I buy it now, will I get the new tools as they are released or do I need to make separate additional purchases to buy those tool

    We will keep updating those tools to the new release of DVDFab Toolkit.  If you buy it now, you will get the new tools as they are released, no need to purchase them separately.

  9. Try to start DVDFab, got "Error message Error at hooking API "LoadString A" Dumping first 32 bytes:...", what to do?

    Error message Error at hooking API "LoadString A" Dumping first 32 bytes: 48 88 c4 48 89 58 08 48 89 70 10 57 48 83 ec 40 41 8B f9 49 8b d8 33 f6 4c 8d 40 e8 45 33 c9 89.

    -- While you get the above error message upon starting DVDFab, please follow these steps to have a try:
     1. Uninstall DVDFab
     2. Run CCleaner or similar tool to remove registry of DVDFab 11
     3. Reboot PC
     4. Redownload DVDFab from https://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm 
     5. Install and run DVDFab as administrator


  10. My Blu-ray reader/writer is not recognized by DVDFab11 via Microsoft Remote Desktop, how can I fix it?

    This is not a DVDFab issue, but you can follow illustration on this page to adjust your system setting to solve this issue: https://gilsmethod.com/solution-burn-dvd-cd-remote-desktop