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  1. Is my firmware 'good'?

Yes, it's good for most functions, but it really depends on what you want to do. If you need to play and rip UHD discs with DVDFab products, certain capabilities need to be available. UHD Tool can inquire the drive and tell you if you need to change the firmware, then it helps you do that.

  1. What does a Single-Computer License grant me?

Per our EULA, a Single-Computer License allows the licensee to use DVDFab 10 on two computers at most, but not at the same time. This is to say, you can authorize your DVDFab 10 on at most two of your computers, but that two computers are not allowed to run DVDFab 10 at the same time frame. 

  1. I’m already a DVDFab 9 registered user, can I use DVDFab 10 directly for free?

Yes, of course. Though it’s a great upgrade from DVDFab 9 to DVDFab 10, it’s totally free for DVDFab 9 users to continue to use the purchased product(s) on the latest DVDFab 10.

  1. Can I convert one movie title into multiple files splited by chapters?

Please insert your original movie to DVD drive, select conversion option you want, choose the titles you need to convert, click on "Edit", open "Conversion Settings", set "Split" as "Split by Chapter".

  1. Can I use DVDFab products on MAC system?

Yes, DVDFab for Mac is available, you can find it at

DVDFab for Mac requires macOS 10.10 - 10.14. We will keep it up-to-date to support future macOS.

  1. I have DVDFab 3-PC or 5-PC license, do I need to buy the additional PC authorization if I want to use DVDFab Downloader on multi-computers?

No, the DVDFab 3-PC or 5-PC license authorizations also apply to DVDFab Downloader.

  1. Why a newer firmware cannot rip UHD discs and an older one can?

That is something resulted from LG maker decision to restrict some capabilities in its drives so that DVDFab or similar products cannot use them. Hence, they offered "upgrades" for existing drives and sold new one with the less capable firmware pre-installed, but marketed as "Improved BD UHD disc compatibility". In case of 'friendly' drives, they cannot access UHD discs at all after the so-called upgrade.

  1. What is a Multi-Computer License?

Literally, a Multi-Computer license allows the licensee (not anyone else) to use/authorize DVDFab 10 on multiple computers (more than two), and still being able to run DVDFab 10 simultaneously on those authorized computers. Currently, we only have 3-Computer License and 5-Computer License, which cost $30/$50, and include 3/5 authorizations for 3/5 additional computers. respectively.

  1. Why can't I get discount price after enter the coupon code?

Please note that the coupon code must be in upper case. You can simply copy and paste them directly.

  1. What does the error "Media inserted in Drive X is single layer. Please insert a double layer media to start the write process" mean?

DVD5 is single layered and DVD9 is double layered, the storage capacities of the two are very different: DVD-5 (Single layer) disk is often called 4.7 GB Media while DVD9 (Double layer) 8.5 GB Media.

When you receive this message, what you actually want is to burn to DVD5 disc, you can try:

1. Change the Output to DVD5 in Advanced Settings window by clicking on the wrench button to bring up the box.

2. Be sure that you set "Writable media (DVD-5) size" a good one for most of the blank media, and we would recommend to set 4300MB, the default one for DVD5 burning for most of the cases, you can check in Common Settings > Drives > DVD Write panel.

3. If you have done the above two, but still get the same message, please submit the problem along with your DVDFab log files to the support team for help.