1. How to deauthorize DVDFab 10?

To deauthorize one computer, the licensee needs to start DVDFab 10 on that specific computer, go to the Help Menu, the reverse triangle button near the top-right corner, and then click the Deauthorize button from the drop-down menu to deauthorize that computer. The licensee's DVDFab account information would be required to proceed the deauthorization process.

If the computer running DVDFab 10 is no longer accessible, being stolen, sold, or went down, and the licensee forgets to deauthorize DVDFab 10 before that happens, then there is only one way to deauthorize DVDFab 10 on that computer. The licensee have to log into DVDFab Member Center and then deauthorize all the computers once and for all, so that he/she can reauthorize DVDFab 10 on the computers he/she still can access.

However, bear in mind, deauthorizing all computers can only be done once per year.

  1. How to manually transfer the media files to Movie Server?

Sometimes due to the network problem, DVDFab might fail to send the resulting files directly to Movie Server. When this happens, don’t panic, you can still use the traditional copy & paste method to transfer the copied files to the SATA hard drive inside the Movie Server. Here is how:

1.    Go to C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab10\Temp\MediaServer, find the .meta and .iso files of the copied movie;

2.    In the address bar of Windows explorer, enter \\YourMovie Server’s IP Address\share\sata\sata1\DVDFab;

3.    Copy the two files from path 1 and paste them to path 2.

  1. Can I use DVDFab 9 and DVDFab 10 simultaneously on one computer?

Yes, of course. Everything will run smoothly.

  1. How do I change the language of DVDFab Player 6?

Under PC Mode:

1). Click the reverse triangle button at the top right corner;

2). Click the "Settings" button;

3). Move to General > Language, and then switch to the wanted language.

Under TV Mode:

1). Navigate to Settings;

2). Move to General > Language, and then switch to the wanted language.

  1. Can I copy Blu-ray 3D movies with DVDFab Blu-ray Copy?

Yes, you can. There are three ways to make Blu-ray 3D movie backups.

1. Blu-ray Copy - Full Disc:  Copy as Blu-ray 3D  (BD50 to BD50, BD50 to BD25);

    Convert to Side By Side 3D: (BD50 to BD25 with compression).

2. Blu-ray Copy - Main Movie:  Copy as Blu-ray 3D  (BD50 to BD50, BD50 to BD25);

    Convert to Side By Side 3D (BD50 to BD25 with compression).

3. Blu-ray Copy - Clone:  make perfect 1:1 bit-to-bit Blu-ray 3D copy  (BD50 to BD50).

  1. How to set the output media size as BD25?

You can click on the wrench button to bring up the Advanced Settings window to change the output to BD25.

  1. How to change the aspect ratio for converted files?

On the same row as the main movie title, please click on "Video Edit" button to bring up the panel to change the aspect ratio, you can also crop, trim, add watermark, etc. there in the panel.

  1. Under my account, I have DRM Video Downloader, why I can't use the new product DRM M3U8/DRM MPD Downloader?

Users who have DRM Video Downloader can get the new service in VIP Service for free, not including Adult Serices. DRM M3U8/DRM MPD Downloader is a general download module and is not included.

  1. How to redeem my Amazon Gift Card?

The  Amazon Gift Card  is available at Member Center 30 days later after you purchase the All-In-One Gift package, you can sign in at https://www.dvdfab.cn/member.htm with your purchased Email, check under the View My Products section, and you will see a notice on the upper area which says:
Notice: "Thanks for ordering our All-In-One Lifetime Gift, you are offered Amazon Gift Card for free. Click here to get it."

(This URL is only available within 180 days since the purchase)

Please click on the URL to verify your purchase, once the verfication is successful, you can claim the gift card at the same place.

  1. What can I do if I download a video failed?

Three ways to contact us:

1. Send mail to our service team service@dvdfab.cn include the online video URL and DVDFab Downloader log file in C:\Users\your profile\Documents\DVDFab Downloader\Log.

2. Feedback to us with the online video URL frominside DVDFab Downloader directly.

3. Start the new thread for your problem in DVDFab Downloader forum, and attach the DVDFab Downloader log file and the online video URL.