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  1. What can I do if I download a video failed?

Three ways to contact us:

1. Send mail to our service team include the online video URL and DVDFab Downloader log file in C:\Users\your profile\Documents\DVDFab Downloader\Log.

2. Feedback to us with the online video URL frominside DVDFab Downloader directly.

3. Start the new thread for your problem in DVDFab Downloader forum, and attach the DVDFab Downloader log file and the online video URL.

  1. My drive firmware version does not look like any of the suggested ones. Should I proceed?

UHD Drive Tool tries to match your drive firmware with the best option found on our server. If it cannot find a firmware for the same drive, it will suggest something similar, but then updating to that will mean that you cross-flash. That is considered EXPERIMENTAL, don't do it if you don't want to take chances. It is possible that the cross-flashed firmware does not work as expected with your drive or does not work at all. We create a backup of your original firmware so you can flash back. Contact us if you experimented with cross-flash but ran into troubles.

  1. Is there a validity for the Multi-Computer Lincense?

Sure, the validity of the Multi-Computer License is and only determined by the validity of your original licnese validity.

1). If your original license is a lifetime one, then don't worry, the Multi-Computer License shall never expire;

2). If your original license has a specific expiration date, then the Multi-Computer License shall also expire on that specific date;

3). Based on article 2), it is not recommeded to buy Multi-Computer License if your original license is about to expire soon. The better solution, in this case, is to renew the original license first, and then order the Multi-Computer License.

  1. How to modify the incorrect metadata information?

There is a chance that the metadata information of the copied movie in the Movie Server might not be accurate. When this happens, users can manually edit (open the .meta file with Windows notepad) the .meta file of the specified movie to correct it. Here is how:

Step 1 > For TV Show: fill in the correct information in the title (e.g. DOWNTON_ABBEY_SEASON_5_DISC_3), year (e.g. 2014), season (e.g. 5) and episode (e.g. 8-9) strings, and make sure the string above stay exactly as , and the string below as ;

Step 2 > For Movie: fill in the correct information in the title (e.g. ABSOLUTELY_FABULOUS_THE_MOVIE) and year (e.g. 2016) strings, and make sure the string above stay exactly as , and the string below as ;

Step 3 > When done with the edits, go to Movie Server > Movies > Function Menu > Refresh, to refresh your movie library so that the metadata information can be updated, or you can also restart the Movie Server to fresh the Movie Library.

Besides, there's still another way of correcting the inaccurate metadata.

Step 1 > Open the browse on your PC, type “” in the address bar, and press Enter button on your keyboard;
Note: Replace with the IP address of your Movie Server. If not sure, find it on your Movie Server at Settings > General > Wi-Fi/Ethernet.
Or, you can launch DVDFab 10 > Choose Full Disc/Clone mode > Load a source > Choose the Movie Server from the drop-down menu of the Save to section > click MS Manager;
Step 2 > Hover the mouse pointer over the movie whose metadata needs to be corrected, you will see a three-dot icon show up at the bottom right corner of the poster, click on that icon;
Step 3 > At the popup menu, click on the Matching button;
Step 4 > Enter the correct media title, select a category, and then click on the Search button;
Step 5 > Usually, there will be a couple of posters show up at the next window, you can then select the correct one and click the OK button to apply the poster.
Step 6 > It shall take a few seconds to download and apply the poster, and when it finishes, you can then go back to your Movie Server, and then metadata information should also be updated there.
Step 7 > Move to the Movies section and checked the updated metadata information of the movie you’ve just modified.

  1. How to activate Passkey 9?

Passkey 9 now uses the advanced online verification method for activation, for the detailed information, please refer to

  1. Is there a Mac version of DVDFab 10?

Sure, you just need to click on the Apple logo beside the Windows button on the Download page to get DVDFab 10 for Mac.

  1. How do I register DVDFab Player 6?

1). Start up DVDFab Player 6;
     If you choose PC Mode at the Welcome Screen:
2). Click the reverse triangle button at the top right corner;
3). Click the "Activate" button;
4). Enter your registered e-mail and password at DVDFab Member Center;
5). Click the "Activate" button again;

    If you choose TV Mode at the Welcome Screen:

6). Go to Settings;

7). Navigate to License Info;

8). Click the "Activate" button;

9). Enter your registered e-mail and password at DVDFab Member Center;

10). Click the "Activate" button again;

  1. What is miniso? What should I do if I created one miniso file?

Miniso is a new ISO format produced by DVDFab. The .miniso file can be created when copying Blu-ray from disc to folder, or from folder to folder,  it is much smaller than the standard ISO file, only 1-2 MB, this will definitely save your hard drive storage spaces and valuable time from creating an entire ISO image file from source Blu-ray disc.

The output .miniso file need to be mounted by DVDFab Virtual Drive, then it can be played by PowerDVD or other Blu-ray software player just like simulates a normal ISO image file. Please make sure that you have DVDFab Virtual Drive installed on your computer, you can get it here.

  1. How to register DVDFab products?
  1. Is it possible to run DVDFab from the Command Line?

Yes. You Can run DVDFab from its friendly graphical interface or by using command line switches for some backup or conversion applications.

(You can get a basic version of this list by entering 'DVDFab.exe /?' at the command prompt)

Here are the parameter descriptions with examples of how to use them:

/MODE Used to tell the program which menu item in the left navigation bar should be selected.

For Option: DVD Copy, use:



Option: DVD Ripper


Option: Blu-ray Copy


Option: Video Converter



'''/SRC <"" | "">

                    Used to select the source folder or image file.
    Folder Name is the VIDEO_TS folder path on DVD disc or hard disk.

    File Name is the iso file's path on hard disk.

        Examples: /SRC "D:\VIDEO_TS\"

            /SRC "C:\DVDFab\ISO\DVD_VOLUME.ISO"

    In CLONE mode, only the path of DVD disc can be set.

/DEST <"" | ""

                    Used to select the destination folder or image file.
    Folder Name is the output folder path on hard disk.
    File Name is the iso file's path on hard disk.
    Examples: /DEST "C:\My DVD\"



                    Used to close the program when the conversion process has finished.
    Basically, it just presses the 'Close' button for you[BR]?


                    Used to force enable PathPlayer? for current session.


                    Used to select title(s).
    AUTO selects the default one.
    Digit(1,2...) selects the specific title.
    MINTIME selects title(s) which are longer than specific minutes (like 40).


                    Used to set profile name for mobile conversion.


                    Used to allow the user to prevent copying the DTS audio track if one exists.


                    Used to delete the DVD menus.


                    Used to play the selected titles in a continuous loop.


                    Used to allow you to change the way your backup copy behaves when put in a player.


                    Used to have the player start at the first menu.


                    Used to jump to the beginning of the movie.


                    Used to remove the annoying short bits of video that precede the movie
    (like the FBI warning and copyright notices in 4 languages)

/VOLUME <"">

                    Used to specify volume name.


                    Used to specify output size.


                    Used to copy the original disc's IFO files exactly in CLONE mode.

/AUDIOID /AUDIO < English&Chinese ..... > /AUDIOTYPE < AC-3/2&AC-3/5.1.... >

                    Audio stream select,Used to tell the program which audio stream should be

/SUBTITLEID /SUBTITLE < English&Chinese ..... >

                    Used to tell the program which subtitle stream should be selected.
    Subtitles stream select


                    Display only forced subpicture


                    Remove HD Audio for Blu-ray Copy's Main Movie


                    Preserve menus on Disc2 for DVD Copy's Split


                    Copy Original IFO files for DVD Copy's Clone

Command Examples

Option: DVD Copy

Full Disc /MODE "FULLDISC" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "FULLDISC" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /CHANGEPLAYORDER "yes" /JUMPMENU "yes" /REMOVEPGC "yes" /VOLUME "testdisc" /OUTDISC "dvd5" /CLOSE

Main Movie /MODE "MAINMOVIE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "MAINMOVIE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /TITLE "1(2)" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/5.1&AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /CHANGEPLAYORDER "yes" /JUMPMENU "yes" /REMOVEPGC "yes" /VOLUME "testdisc" /OUTDISC "dvd5" /CLOSE

Split /MODE "SPLIT" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "SPLIT" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /CLOSE

Customize /MODE "CUSTOMIZE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "CUSTOMIZE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /TITLE "4,7,1(1),1(2)" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/5.1&AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /CHANGEPLAYORDER "yes" /JUMPMENU "yes" /REMOVEPGC "yes" /VOLUME "testdisc" /OUTDISC "dvd5" /CLOSE

Customize Split /MODE "CUSTOMIZESPLIT" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "CUSTOMIZESPLIT" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PATHPLAYER "yes" /TITLE "1(1),1(2),1(3)&4,7,17,5" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/5.1&AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /CHANGEPLAYORDER "yes" /JUMPMENU "yes" /REMOVEPGC "yes" /VOLUME "testdisc" /OUTDISC "dvd5" /CLOSE

Clone /MODE "CLONE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "CLONE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PATHPLAYER "yes" /CLOSE

Merge /MODE "MERGE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample1.iso&D:\Source\sample2.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "MERGE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso&D:\Source\sample2.iso"" /DEST "D:\Target\" /TITLE "1(1),1(2),1(3)&2,3,11,1" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/5.1&AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /OUTDISC "DVD5" /CLOSE

Write Data /MODE "WRITEDATA" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "WRITEDATA" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /CLOSE

Option: DVD Ripper

Generic /MODE "DVDGENERIC" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDGENERIC" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "generic.avi.h264.audiocopy" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

iPod / iPhone /MODE "DVDIPOD" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDIPOD" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "ipod.mpeg4" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

PSP /MODE "DVDPSP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDPSP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "psp.mpeg4" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

ZUNE /MODE "DVDZUNE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDZUNE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "zune.wmv" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

NDS /MODE "DVDNDS" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDNDS" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "nds.dpg.mpeg1.mp2" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

Xbox 360 /MODE "DVDXBOX360" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDXBOX360" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "xbox360.wmv.wma9" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

PS3 /MODE "DVDPS3" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDPS3" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "PlayStation? 3" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

Apple TV /MODE "DVDAPPLETV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDAPPLETV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "AppleTV" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

Cell Phone /MODE "DVDCELLPHONE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDCELLPHONE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "BlackBerry?.Storm" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

PVP /MODE "DVDPVP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDPVP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "ARCHOS 504/604" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

PDA /MODE "DVDPDA" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDPDA" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "Palm TX" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

to VOB /MODE "DVDVOB" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDVOB" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "vob.passthrough" /AUDIO "English&Spanish" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English&Spanish" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

to AVI /MODE "DVDAVI" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDAVI" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "generic.avi.divx.audiocopy" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

to MP4 /MODE "DVDMP4" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDMP4" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "generic.mp4.h264.aac" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

to WMV /MODE "DVDWMV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDWMV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "zune.wmv" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

to MKV /MODE "DVDMKV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDMKV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "generic.mkv.h264.aac" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

to FLV /MODE "DVDFLV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVDFLV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

to 3GP /MODE "DVD3GP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "DVD3GP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "Motorola V710/E815(3g2)" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /DISPLAYFORCEDSUB "Yes" /CLOSE

Option: Blu-ray Copy

Full Disc /MODE "BDFULLDISC" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "BDFULLDISC" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /VOLUME "TestDisc" /OUTDISC "BD50" /CLOSE

Main Movie /MODE "BDMAINMOVIE" /SRC "\D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "BDMAINMOVIE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /TITLE "2,3,91" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "PCM/7.1&AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /VOLUME "TestDisc" /OUTDISC "BD50" /REMOVEHDAUDIO "Yes" /CLOSE

Clone /MODE "BDCLONE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\" /CLOSE

Write Data /MODE "BDWRITEDATA" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.iso" /DEST "D:\Target\test.iso" /CLOSE

Option:Video Converter

Generic /MODE "VIDEOGENERIC" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOGENERIC" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "generic.avi.h264.audiocopy" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

iPod / iPhone /MODE "VIDEOIPOD" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOIPOD" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "ipod.mpeg4" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

PSP /MODE "VIDEOPSP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOPSP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "psp.mpeg4" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

ZUNE /MODE "VIDEOZUNE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOZUNE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "zune.wmv" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

NDS /MODE "VIDEONDS" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEONDS" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "nds.dpg.mpeg1.mp2" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

Xbox 360 /MODE "VIDEOXBOX360" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOXBOX360" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "xbox360.wmv.wma9" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

PS3 /MODE "VIDEOPS3" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOPS3" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "PlayStation? 3" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

Apple TV /MODE "VIDEOAPPLETV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOAPPLETV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "AppleTV" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

Cell Phone /MODE "VIDEOCELLPHONE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOCELLPHONE" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "BlackBerry?.Storm" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

PVP /MODE "VIDEOPVP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOPVP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "ARCHOS 504/604" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

PDA /MODE "VIDEOPDA" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOPDA" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "Palm TX" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

to AVI /MODE "VIDEOAVI" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOAVI" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "generic.avi.divx.audiocopy" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

to MP4 /MODE "VIDEOMP4" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOMP4" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "generic.mp4.h264.aac" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

to WMV /MODE "VIDEOWMV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOWMV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "zune.wmv" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

to MKV /MODE "VIDEOMKV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOMKV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "generic.mkv.h264.aac" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

to FLV /MODE "VIDEOFLV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEOFLV" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE

to 3GP /MODE "VIDEO3GP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\"

/MODE "VIDEO3GP" /SRC "D:\Source\sample.wmv" /DEST "D:\Target\" /PROFILE "Motorola V710/E815(3g2)" /AUDIO "English" /AUDIOTYPE "AC-3/2" /SUBTITLE "English" /CLOSE