1. Why it will not copy to a blank DVD, I can copy to the hard drive only- any suggestions?

Normally, this happens when you choose your hard drive as the target in the SAVE TO box, to correct this, all you need to do is to click on the down-triangle in the SAVE TO box, and choose your burner for the target. 

As for the movie disc has already been saved to the hard drive, you can load it as source to DVDFab Copy-Clone/Burn mode to burn it to blank media, so you don't need to go through the copy process again. 

And this is the same for Blu-ray copy. 

  1. How to take snapshot in Player 6?

The default hotkey to take a snapshot is "S", all you need to do is to press the S key on your keyboard during the playback. And the default save directory for the snapshot is C:/Users/USERNAME/Pictures/DVDFab Player 6.

  1. How to change the UI language of DVDFab Toolkit?

Click on the Menu button on the right-top corner of DVDFab Toolkit, and pick the language you prefer under General > Language.

  1. What platform does DVDFab Toolkit support?

Currently, DVDFab Toolkit allows you to run the program on Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

  1. I have DVDFab 3/5-Computer License, does it cover DVDFab Toolkit?

Yes, DVDFab 3/5-Computer Licenses can be used for all the DVDFab software products like DVDFab 12, Passkey 9, DVDFab Player 6 and DVDFab Downloader as well as DVDFab Toolkit. They will share the same 1 authorization on the same computer.

  1. Can I run DVDFab Toolkit on multiple computers?

If you purchase a Single license, you can use it on one computer only; to use it on more than one computer, please order Multi-Computer License. We have two options available: 3-Computer License ($30) and 5-Computer License ($50). For more info, you can check at DVDFab Member Center.

  1. Is DVDFab Toolkit part of the DVDFab All-In-One package?

No, it isn't. DVDFab Toolkit belongs to a different series, it's a separated product.

  1. I have subscribed to DVDFab Prime, can I use DVDFab Toolkit for free?

Yes, you can use the feature of DVDFab Toolkit for free within the validity period of your DVDFab Prime which has been renamed to DVDFab 365.

  1. I already own DVDFab All-In-One lifetime license, do I need to purchase a license for DVDFab Toolkit?

DVDFab Toolkit is not part of the existed DVDFab All-In-One package, it belongs to a different DVDFab series, you will need to purchase a license to use its features after free trial.

  1. I'm an existing user of DVDFab Player 5, can I upgrade to DVDFab Player 6 for free?

Yes, all the existing users of DVDFab Player 5 can upgrade to DVDFab Player 6 freely.