1. As a Prime/365 member, am I free to use DVDFab Player 6?

Yes, DVDFab Prime (also known as DVDFab 365) members can use most of the new DVDFab software products for free as long as your Prime subscription isn't expired, so you are free to use all the features of DVDFab Player 6 if you own a license for DVDFab 365.

  1. I have DVDFab 3/5-Computer License, does it cover DVDFab Player 6?

Yes, DVDFab 3/5-Computer Licenses can be used for all the DVDFab software products like DVDFab 12, Passkey 9, DVDFab Player 6 and DVDFab Downloader. They will share the same 1 authorization on the same computer.

  1. How do I build my movie library in DVDFab Player 6?

Please check out the details at: https://www.dvdfab.cn/manual/media-p...=player6_forum

  1. Which languages does the metadata feature support?

English, Germany, French, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are supported for the metadata feature. The default language is determined by the display language of your Player 6.

  1. How do I fix the metadata for the movie if DVDFab Player 6 recognized it as another movie?

You can fix this using the Fix Match feature. Find the movie in problem, hover your mouse on it, on the right down corner of the movie poster, click the ... button and choose Fix Match to proceed.

  1. How do I playback my local media files directly if I don't want to add it to library?

There are four ways to do that:
1. Via the "File Explorer" from the navigation panel under "My Computer", then browse your files like you do with Windows File Explorer;
2. Via the integrated File Explorer from the navigation panel under "My Computer";
3. Drop & Drag the media file to DVDFab Player 6 directly.
4. Click "Play with DVDFab Player 6" from the right-click menu of any media file.

  1. How can I set a standard mp4 profile so that the black bars are removed from a DVD/Blu-Ray Rip or converted video so that the image fills the entire screen?

There are two entries in DVDFab about the crop, one is in the Edit window, where you can click on the "Video Edit" button to check the Crop section and adjust the parameters; the other is in Common Settings > Conversion > Convert, there is an option "Crop Automatically", it's marked by default, and you can uncheck it if you want it to crop manually.

  1. What is the best way to change resolution from 1080p to 720p for an entire TV season?

You can go to Advanced Setting window to change resolution and then click on the "Save my profile" option, it will display a new option "Save resolution", tick it and confirm the change, be sure that the "Apply to All" option is ticked too, it will create a new profile with name as xxx.default. Movie titles that use this profile will apply the same settings for conversion.

  1. Can we rip only the subtitles without having to rip any video/audio?

Yes, there is an SRT option to output only srt file. You can find the option under Profile panel > Format > Subtitle. It is available at DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Ripper. 

  1. How to report incorrect metadata info when we come across it?

On the MetaInfo page in the upper right corner, you can use the triangle with the "!" inside to report incorrect meta info for the movie you come across.