1. Where to find the free DVDFab HD Decrypter?
DVDFab products can be evaluated 30 days for free with full functionality, which means if this is the first time you download and use DVDFab you will start from the trial version, rather than the DVDFab HD Decrypter free version. Once the 30-day free trial expires, it will automatically turn into the free version, you can still use the free profiles (MKV Passthrough and MP4.Free) in Ripper and use DVDFab HD Decrypter mode which contains only limited functionality of the full version of DVD Copy and Blu-ray Copy:
DVD Copy - Full Disc (output to DVD9 only)
DVD Copy - Main Movie (output to DVD9 only)
Blu-ray Copy - Full Disc (output to BD50 only)
Blu-ray Copy - Main Movie (output to BD50 only)
  1. I don't want .nfo file, I like the old way, how to disable it?

You can disable the .nfo file by clicking on the Menu button on the upper right corner of DVDFab, go to Common Settings > General > Meta to uncheck the option "I want to use Meta information".

  1. Will UHD Creator come to the Mac platform some day?

Currently, macOS doesn't have hardware GPU that can encode 4K HEVC 10bit for UHD now. If you use CPU, the process will use maybe days to encode a two-hour movie. So, no, UHD Creator won't be added to DVDFab for Mac in short time. 

  1. Where can I find the crash file when encountering crash issue with DVDFab Mac version?

You can access the crash logs through Console app under Application->Utilities, which will display all the system messages. The crash file is usually located in ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports, and you will see its name as this DVDFab_xxx.crash.

  1. Where to find log files for DVDFab for mac?

When you encounter a problem when using DVDFab on macOS, besides decribe the problem, please send us the log files to help check it out. The default location is: /User/User name/Documents/DVDFab/Log 

  1. What is .nfo file?

It's a new form for metadata, with which, DVDFab will output the file with the correct information and also output to a nfo file (Including the correct movie name, released date, description, genre, poster and background etc.), so that your media server DVDFab Movie Server, Kodi, Plex and EMBY will read the nfo file and show the correct movie/TV show information for you. Please check this page for more information. 

  1. Where to find DRM Removal for Apple?

DRM Removal for Apple is embeded in the DVDFab 11 installer, please download and install DVDFab 11, on the main interface, click on "Utilities" to find it. 

  1. Is it possible to uninstall DVDFab from my C drive and then install it on my D drive?

Yes, during the installtion process, you can click on the "Cutom" option to change the installation path from default C drive to other path you like.

  1. Can I use Passkey to rip movies?

Yes, after DVDFab Passkey loads the movie, please right click on Passkey icon on the system tray area, select "Rip to Hard Disk" or "Rip to Image" to save the movie to your hard drive. 

  1. How to check whether my computer is capable of HDR or 4K UHD playback?

Startup DVDFab Player 6, choose PC Mode, go to Settings > Video section, use the "Analyze Hardware" button to run a scan, and you will find out what your system is capable of.