1. Do I need to download separately or will I be able to update automatically to new versions of DVDFab 12?

You can always download the latest version of DVDFab 12 at http://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm and install it manually to get updates.

When a new version is available, you will get a notification upon DVDFab 11 starts up, and you can choose to update it online. 

  1. Is there a PDF manual for DVDFab 11?

You can download manual for DVDFab 11 here: https://www.dvdfab.cn/manual?trackid=navemenuL

  1. I have installed DVDFab 12 and now I have both version 10 and version 11. Can I uninstall DVDFab 11?

Sure, you can uninstall DVDFab 10/11 if you don't want to keep both versions. DVDFab 12 keeps all the features that are available in DVDFab 11, so generally speaking, you shall not need to keep both.

  1. How to install DVDFab 12 to a different directory?

Double-click on the Installer, on the installation window, click on "Custom" to choose a different directory, and then click on "Quick Install " to continue.

  1. How to change the skin theme of DVDFab 12?

Please click on the Skin button on the right-top corner of DVDFab 12 to choose the theme you prefer.

  1. Is there a Mac version of DVDFab 12?

Yes, DVDFab 12 for Mac version is available at http://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm

  1. What operating system by Microsoft does DVDFab 12 support?

The supported operating system covers Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

  1. How do I get the free upgrade to DVDFab 12?

DVDFab 12 is a different installer, you can download and install it at http://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm to get upgrade manually.

After install, apply your registered email account and the password for logging in DVDFab Member Center to authorize DVDFab 12 and start the use.

  1. Presently using DVDFab 11 and have a lifetime license, do I get free upgrade to 12?

Sure, as long as you have unexpired license you can continue to use it in the latest DVDFab 12.

  1. Can I run both DVDFab 64-bit version and 32-bit version on the same computer?

Sure, you can run both 64-bit version and 32-bit version of DVDFab on a same computer.