1. How can I get the navigation menu of the movie being played?

Option 1 > Playback under the Menu Mode by default:

1). Under PC Mode: Go to Settings > Play Mode, then select "Menu Mode";

2). Under TV Mode: Go to Settings > Playback > DVD/Blu-ray Playback Mode, then select "Menu Mode".

Option 2 > Get Blu-ray Menu during the playback process:

1). Right-click any part on the playback screen;

2). Click "Pop Menu" or "Top Menu" from the contextual menu.

  1. Why does my computer have to be connected to the Internet to play Blu-ray discs?

DVDFab Media Player requires internet access to access DVDFab's server to decrypt copy protections to play the encrypted Blu-ray discs.

Whenever an internet-based communication happens between your personal information and DVDFab website, the Privacy Policy shall apply. DVDFab.cn SHALL NEVER disclose your privacy to any third party in any form.

  1. Why can't I use CUDA acceleration on my computer?

You have CUDA-enabled Nvidia Graphics Card on computer, but you still cannot enable CUDA acceleration while copying or ripping blu-rays, in this case please go to PhysX settings which is available at Nvidia control panel, then disable PhysX to see the result. Sometimes, with the PhysX enable you may  have a slower speed.

  1. How to directly render the subtitles into video?

There are three ways to output subtitle:

1. Select one subtitle stream: you can "Direct render to video" or "Extract to idx/sub file" in Conversion Settings panel;

2. Select two or more subtitle streams: you can only extract selected subtitles from source DVD or Blu-ray and save them as idx file and sub file.

Note: The .idx file contains the time codes of the subtitles and the .sub file contains information about the image that contains the subtitles.

3. Select "mkv.passthrough" profile, you have "Extract to idx/sub file" or "Remux into file" options to deal with subtitles.

  1. Can I backup my Blu-ray 3D movies with Blu-ray 3D Ripper?

No, you need Blu-ray Copy to do that job. Blu-ray Copy supports to make 3D movie backups in three ways ( Full Disc mode, Main Movie mode and Clone mode).

What's more, Blu-ray 3D Ripper has been combined into Blu-ray Ripper, which can rip 3D Blu-ray movies to other 3D video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, M2TS, TS, etc. The output 3D files can be played on 3D players like Stereoscopic Player and NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player, or directly transfer to your 3D TV to get the fantastic 3D experiences.

  1. Can I create a menu along with the DVD during converting from Blu-ray disc?

Menu creation is not available yet in Blu-ray to DVD Converter. But it is on our to-do-list, we will add it in future version.

  1. How to register DVDFab products?
  1. Can I convert DVD/Blu-ray title to MKV file without compression?

Yes, you can. You need select the "mkv.passthrough" profile to make the conversion. The resulting MKV file is identical with the original in size, aspect ratio, original bitrate, etc.

  1. Which standard is the resulting DVD in, NTSC or PAL?

DVDFab does not change the video standard between NTSC and PAL.

If your original Blu-ray disc is in NTSC standard, then the converted DVD video will be in NTSC too.
If your original Blu-ray disc is of PAL standard, then you will get a converted DVD with PAL standard correspondingly.

  1. How to play the converted 3D mkv/avi/mp4/wmv files?

There are 3 ways to playback these output 3D files:
1. PC + 3D video player software;
A compatible NVIDIA graphic card with the latest driver and 3D video players are required. We recommend NVIDA 3D Vision Video Player
and 3dtv.at player at http://www.3dtv.at/Downloads/Index_en.aspx
2. TV + 3D
TV device;
Please make sure your TV support the transmission of 3D content, upgrade the firmware of set-top-box or change a superior replacement would be necessary. Also you need Red/Blue 3D glasses to watch 3D video.
3. 3D digital viewer (such as iPad which can playback avi, mkv, mp4... files only).
Getting 3D video playback on your iPad, you need to rip the original blu-ray 3D disc by DVDFab firstly, then sync the converted mkv/avi/mp4 files to your iPad. This will be the best popular way of Naked Eyes.  We are working on this ripping feature for special devices, there are really much more surprise and benefits to look forward to.