1. How come I got expired prompt even before I run out of the 30-day trial period?

1. You may have used DVDFab on the same computer before but you forgot.

2. Even the 30-day trial period is not end, you have trialed 3 movie discs in the mode you are using.

3. If it is the first time you install DVDFab on this computer, please reboot your computer to check again.

  1. How can I install DVDFab products if I no longer have the installation file?

You can always download the latest DVDFab at https://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm, and then follow the install prompts install the software on your computer and then apply your registered account info to activate the new version.

  1. How can I get the previous version of DVDFab?

If you have purchased "Extended Download Service", you can still access old versions of DVDFab at DVDFab Member Center.

  1. Can I use DVDFab products on Windowns Vista system?

We don't support Vista system any more, please use Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

  1. Where can I set the necessary settings?

For Windows DVDFab, it's on the right top corner after you start up DVDFab, click on the Menu button and the select "Common Settings" to make adjustment. 

For macOS, after DVDFab opens, please go to the left top corner of your Mac's desktop, you will find DVDFab next to the Apple icon, click it and then go to "Preferences... > Common Settings".

  1. Why did I get virus warnning when downloading or accessing key in attachment?

We promise that any DVDFab software or other related file sent to our users do not contain any virus or spyware.
Some anti-virus or anti-spyware software may have false alarming on our software or key file. If you got warning, please report the antivirus software name and its version to us, we will check it out.

  1. How to change the aspect ratio for converted files?

You can click on "Video Effect Settings" available at the main interface, then change the aspect ratio or customize the output size.

  1. Why don't the DVD Copy and DVD Ripper stick together like before as an all-in-one package?

Please note that purchases of DVDFab Platinum made before May 8, 2008 included DVDFab "DVD to DVD" (now DVDFab DVD Copy) and DVDFab "DVD to Mobile" (now DVDFab DVD Ripper) together.
The increasing costs of maintaining/improving product feature sets and exploring new products regrettably mean DVD Copy and DVD Ripper can not be available all in one package any more. Thanks for your understanding and continuous support.

  1. Where can I find conversion settings window?

Please click on the wrench button and the "Video Edit" button at the Main Interface to open Advanced Settings window and Video Edit window, then you can adjust the settings per your need.

  1. How to decrease the CPU using while running DVDFab DVD Ripper?

Please open "Common Settings" window, you can find the option "Enable 'Turbo CPU' for maximum cpu usage" under "DVD/Blu-ray Ripper/Convert", then just disable this option if you do not want to use 100% CPU.