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  1. Why is the output WMA file not playable?

Please upgrade your Windows Media Player at to the latest version and play again to see the result. It is free.

  1. What does "task_1 Error=4" mean?

The problem lies in the invalid memory distributing.
Please open "Common Settings/Convert". You should set "Memory amount used for converting" as "Auto".

  1. How to remove unwanted options from navigation bar?

Please open "Common Settings/Customize UI", choose options group like "DVD Ripper", move the unwanted options from "Options to Display" box to "Available Options" box, Click OK. The removed options remain available but will not display in DVDFab's navigation bar any more. Repeat the same process to any other product you want.

Note: If you want them to show up again in the future, just conduct the opposite action here.

  1. How to convert movies for zen?

Please use DVDFab DVD Ripper - PVP option, insert original movie disc to your DVD drive, select the titles you want, set "Profile" as "zen version"or "zen version:w" to convert.

  1. What does "A/V Sync problem" mean?

Some A/V sync problems may be caused by the layer break which is not present when the DVD is ripped to the hard disk. So please copy movie to hard drive first, then do the conversion. You can also use another audio channel and conversion format to see the result.

  1. What does "task_1 Error=1000" mean?

Error 1000 means "DVD_Error_BD_MainMovie_Common". There would be some numbers behind it, please note and send us the log file to check. You'd better check if you still get the same error when you copy with Full Disc mode.

  1. What does "task_1 Error=700" mean?

This Error 700 means you are copying an Blu-ray movie folder to another folder without any compression. To DVDFab, this process is meaningless. You can add this Blu-ray movie folder as source to output an ISO file or burn the movie folder to blank media to avoid this error. If you need to copy the movie folder from one location to another, you can just use the "Copy & Paste" method.

  1. Why does the burner ejects the blank disc automatically and pop up this error" it is not writable" ?

It is probably a drive/media compatibility problem. Nowadays, there are many writer/media compatibility problems, and our suggestion is that you'd better try different brands of blank discs or change another writer to see which can work for you. Please use quality media to burn.

  1. Can I change the writable media (BD25/BD50) size?

You go to DVDFab "Common Settings > Drives > Blu-ray Write" panel to adjust the writable media size for BD25 or BD50 to smaller/larger size. We do not suggest a larger size, as burning to the disc edge may cause unpleasant burning issues.

  1. What can I do if I have a DVD movie that can not copy?

In this case, please do as suggested below:
1. Please go to Menu button (the down triangle) in the upper right corner of DVDFab, click on Common Settings>DVD>Pathplayer, enable or disable Pathplayer to copy the movie again and see the result

As a note: PathPlayer should be left in the default "Always Enable" mode unless there is some problem copying a certain DVD movie.

2. If it doesn't help, lease specify the movie name and version. Attach the relavant dvdfab_internal.log file to the email and send to the support team via E-mail or using the contact form.