1. What should I do if I can not send you the DVD INFO files?

Please specify the a) full title, b) region code, c) country, d) release date and e) the type (HD/Blu-Ray or regular DVD) of the disc that you're having issues with. Then we will check what the problem is. Thanks!

  1. What does "There is no disc" mean when I play burned DVD on DVD player?

Please check if the disc format (DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW) is compatible on your standalone DVD player. Also, please check whether or not your standalone DVD player and TV support playback of PAL, NTSC or SECAM videos. We don't touch the conversion between them.

  1. What is different between Packet writing and SAO writing?

Packet writing is supported by all DVD drives which can write DVD-R. SAO is only supported by newer (almost all for now) DVD drives. Both write type output is compatible with DVD disc, which can be played by PC and standalone DVD player.

  1. What does the "Main Movie" option mean?

If you select Main Movie to copy, our software will just choose the main title, which is normally the longest title of your original movie to process. Generally, for most of DVD movies, the longest title should be the main movie title, which means no extra things, such as Special Features, Trailers, and Menus. But for some special DVD movie, there coule be issue when you choose the longest title, in this case, you can use the preview feature of DVDFab to see which one is the main title you need to the copy.

  1. Why can't my movie be splited by DVDFab?

DVDFab splits DVD based on the chapter point. So, if the (main movie) title you are doing has only one chapter ( need your confirmation), there is no way for DVDFab to split it (DVD).

  1. How to copy scratched movie with DVDFab?

You can try to do a well clean on the disc, set in DVDFab "Common Settings>Drives>Read" to "ignore all the reading errors automatically", and then choose "Full Disc" mode to have a try. But if it doesn't work, better to exchange it for a new one to try again.

  1. Can I just select one audio track/subtitle of original DVD for the final burnt disc?

Yes, you can use Main Movie mode to do that, select the audio track and subtitle stream you prefer at the dropdown list of Audio/Subtitle tab to process.

  1. Why should I set booktype to DVD-ROM when burn DVD?

The booktype is a field of four bits at the start of every DVD (in the physical format information section of the control data block) that indicates what the physical format of the disc is. Many devices will use this "Book Type Field" to determine how the disc should be treated.
Setting the disc booktype to DVD-ROM can make your backup disc more compatible with some standalone players. (Please note that not all drives support this feature, so you need set it in your copy software.)

  1. What does " no media inserted, please insert compatible media" mean and how to fix it?

Nowadays, there are many drive/media compatibility problems, and our suggestion is that you should try using a different brand/format media. Or, you can check your writer's manufacturer site for a list of recommended media to use and also check if there are any firmware updates available for your Writer.
Other great website for compatibility information:


  1. What does "task_2 Error=122" mean?

This error may be caused by compatibility problems.
We suggest you try using a variety of different brands/speeds media. Check your writer manufacturer's site and the computer manufactures site for a list of recommended media to use with your writer, meanwhile, please check if there is any firmware update for your writer.
If you still have the same problem, please send DVDFab log file to us. We will check where the problem is.