1. Why should I set booktype to DVD-ROM when burn DVD?

The booktype is a field of four bits at the start of every DVD (in the physical format information section of the control data block) that indicates what the physical format of the disc is. Many devices will use this "Book Type Field" to determine how the disc should be treated.
Setting the disc booktype to DVD-ROM can make your backup disc more compatible with some standalone players. (Please note that not all drives support this feature, so you need set it in your copy software.)

  1. What does " no media inserted, please insert compatible media" mean and how to fix it?

Nowadays, there are many drive/media compatibility problems, and our suggestion is that you should try using a different brand/format media. Or, you can check your writer's manufacturer site for a list of recommended media to use and also check if there are any firmware updates available for your Writer.
Other great website for compatibility information:


  1. What does "task_2 Error=122" mean?

This error may be caused by compatibility problems.
We suggest you try using a variety of different brands/speeds media. Check your writer manufacturer's site and the computer manufactures site for a list of recommended media to use with your writer, meanwhile, please check if there is any firmware update for your writer.
If you still have the same problem, please send DVDFab log file to us. We will check where the problem is.

  1. How to set the default writable media size for DVD5 or DVD9?

Under "Common Settings > Drives > DVD Write" panel, you can find the setting for "Writable Media size". The default one for DVD5 and DVD9 are 4300MB and 8100MB respecitively, which should be the best safe size though.

  1. Can I change the writable media (DVD5/DVD9) size?

Yes, you can. Please go to DVDFab "Common Settings > Drives > DVD Write" panel, adjust the writable media size for DVD5 or DVD9 per your need. Generally speaking, the default size would be the most safe size for backing up movies.

  1. How can I know the brand and type of DVD drive/writer?

Please follow the instruction to get the brand and type of your drive/writer. Right click "My computer"-->Choose "Property"-->Choose "Hardware"-->Choose "Device Manager" to search the information.

  1. What does "DVDFab - The ultimate DVD copying/converting/burning software has stopped working" mean?

It could be some programe files get corrupted.

Please uninstall the current version, and then visit https://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm to download and install the latest version to see the result.

If you still have problem, please list the step you went through and send us the log file via our contact page https://www.dvdfab.cn/contact.htm

  1. What does "Task_3 failed Error 100" mean?

It means verify failed. Generally speaking, the burnt disc should work well, please playback the burnt disc to check it out. 

And as you know, it is always a good idea to use quality media. It's not just the burn process and compatibility of the media, but also the longevity of the backup itself.

  1. What does "Task_2 Error=105" mean?

Task_2 Error=105 means that files are too big to fit on the target blank media.

You can choose to burn the materials to larger size of blank media, like a dual-layer disc.
Or you can go to "Common Settings > Drives > DVD Write" panel to adjust the "Writable Media size" for DVD5 and DVD9, normally, the default 4300MB and 8100MB for DVD5 and DVD9 respecitively should work!

  1. What should I do if DVDFab can not recognize the movie in drive properly?

If your DVDFab can't recognize original movie disc from DVD drive very well on your computer, please clean the disc and be sure that your PC can read the disc well and then run DVDFab to try again. If still get the same issue, you can try DVDFab Passkey or a software player and see if they can read the disc or not.