1. Can you support conversion between PAL and NTSC?

We don't touch the conversion between PAL and NTSC. If your original DVD is in PAL standard, then the backup DVD is also in PAL standard. The same applies to NTSC. 

You can play the backup DVDs on your PC, since PC is PAL or NTSC free, but you may not be able to play them on standalone DVD player if it doesn't support PAL or NTSC format playback.

  1. Can I burn DVD disc with only one writer?

Yes, you can. There are two ways of doing that:

1. Copy your original DVD onto your computer HDD first, then burn the DVD folder to blank disc any time later you want;
2. Insert your original movie disc into your DVD drive, after analyzing, choose the same DVD drive as your target. After DVDFab rips the movie to Temp Directory on you computer HDD, when DVDFab ejects the original disc and asks for a blank one, just insert one blank disc to burn.

  1. Can I copy DVD-Audio disc with DVDFab?

Yes, you can. Please use DVDFab DVD Copy-->Clone mode to copy and burn your DVD-Audio disc.

  1. What does "Not enough space on drive C" mean?

DVDFab DVD Copy option needs at least 20 GB of Free Hard Disk Space.
Before the content of the movie is burned into the blank disk, DVDFab must finish certain decoding and encoding jobs which require some amount of free space on the hard drive to store data. 20 GB free hard disk space mentioned here is just for this issue. You can set the output directory and temporay directory to other drives which have enough free place under "General" settings panel.

  1. Can I copy entire movie to hard drive as only one VOB file?

DVDFab DVD Copy can copy the full movie from original DVD disc off onto your computer HDD as standard DVD movie folder, which has a "Video_TS" sub-folder in it. Inside this "Video_TS" sub-folder are several or lots of VOB files. DVDFab does break the file structures of the DVD, let alone merging the VOB files into one single VOB file.

  1. Why doesn't my software detect the new major version?

This feature calls for internet connection. Furthermore, make sure your firewall, anti-virus software, or anti-spyware software allows DVDFab to connect the internet. You can also use the Check for Update option to check for it manually.

Visit our official website to get the latest version info is also an option.

  1. How long can I use your trail version?

Almost all of our software products are sold as "try-before-you-buy". You can try them 30 days for free, which should be long enough for you to evaluate the program's functionality.