1. What's the difference between MKV(FFmpeg) and MKV(MKVToolNix)?

MKV(FFmpeg) is FFmpeg mux mkv while MKV(MKVToolNix) is MKVToolNix mux mkv.

MKVToolNix downloads a slightly smaller file with a stricter file format. Both are currently not recoded, and both are repackaged and remuxed. All are official video decryption, and the downloaded video is the same as the official server video.

  1. What format does StreamFab download?

MP4 or MKV.

  1. When using Amazon Downloader, Turbo-Speed icon is not working.

Turbo-Speed can only be used on YouTube Downloader, not for the websites in VIP Service.

  1. What should I do if it shows the temporary directory is out of space?

You can change the storage output path ( or change to another disc or clean up the contents of the following two folders:



  1. Why can't I download the video?

Please first make sure you can playback the video in the normal browser.

If you still have a problem, please contact us at https://www.dvdfab.cn/contact.htm and specify links to the videos or tell us the video names you have problems with, and send the latest StreamFab.log for troubleshooting, the default location for log file is:


  1. What should I do if I submit the problem via Feedback and it shows failed?

Please take a look at your log directory. If the files in this directory are too large, you can delete the log file and try again, the default location for log file is:


  1. Do I need to subscribe to the websites before using StreamFab to download the videos?


  1. Why can't Disney and Hulu download 1080p?

This is a known limitation on Disney+ (and Hulu) that goes back to a change that Disney made to their PC browser delivery system, which is limited to 720p.

  1. What should I do if the interface shows that the authorization expired after DVDFab 365 expires?

After it expires, you can renew the DVDFab 365 at DVDFab Member Center to continue the use; if you don't want to renew it, you can still use the license you originally owned.

To check your products, there are two methods:

1.Please log in to Member Center at http://www.dvdfab.cn/member.htm and click View My Products.

2.You can directly click "Show option Statas" on the DVDFab 365 Info window.

  1. I have StreamFab All-In-One under my account, then I purchased 3-Computer License. Why can't I use it on my other Mac computer?

StreamFab All-In-One has two versions on sale - Windows version and Mac version. Users who have ordered Windows version of the product can only use it on Windows computer and the multiple license is for the corresponding system version.