1. What is the difference between the trial version and the paid version of StreamFab?

With the trial version, you can only download 3 videos for each service. After you purchase the paid version, you can remove the limitations.

  1. What should I do If I ordered the program twice?

Please contact us at https://www.dvdfab.cn/contact.htm and tell us the order number and the email, we'll check and refund it for you.

  1. What do I do when I purchase the wrong product?

If you find that you bought the wrong program, please contact the support team within 30 days after purchase and ask to exchange it for the correct one.

If these two programs vary in price, please re-purchase the correct program within 30 days and then forward the order receipt to the Service Team, and we will refund you the wrong order.

  1. How to claim the Amazon Gift Card?

You can claim the gift card at StreamFab Member Center 30 days after the purchase.

After that, you can sign in at http://www.dvdfab.cn/member.htm with your purchased Email, click View My Products and you will see:

Notice: "Thanks for ordering our All-In-One Lifetime Gift, you are offered Amazon Gift Card for free. Click here to get it."

The link for claiming Amazon Gift Card is available for 30 ~ 180 days at StreamFab Member Center.

  1. How do I check the products I have/purchased?

Please sign in to Member Center at http://www.dvdfab.cn/member.htm and click View My Products to check the items you have.


  1. What do I do when I enter the wrong email address when purchasing?

1.Please provide some information in order for us to be able to find the order:

- Reference number of the order (you can find it in the receipt/invoice);

- The wrong email address used in the order;

- Registered name for the product;

- A screenshot of the charge.

2.Tell us the new email you want to change to.

  1. How do I request a refund?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, please contact us at https://www.dvdfab.cn/contact.htm to tell us the problem you encountered or the reason.

  1. When the new product releases, why do I still need to buy even if I have purchased StreamFab All-In-One package?

The All-In-One package only contains the items available at the time of purchase, you can use the items you already have for lifetime. For newly released items, users will need to get a license separately. However, there is an upgrade discount, please log in Member Center at http://www.dvdfab.cn/member.htm and check it at "StreamFab Member Center > Upgrade License".

  1. How to unsubscribe the newsletter from StreamFab?

Please unsubscribe from the newsletter using the link below.


  1. When I authorize StreamFab, it says authorize failed/trial version.

1.Please confirm if you have changed the email, and please use the correct email to authorize the program.

2.Please make sure you have purchased the correct version of the product you need - Windows/Mac.

3.The password is incorrect, you may click "Forgot Password" on the authorization screen to reset the password.