1. What’s the difference between the registration methods of DVDFab 9 and DVDFab 10?

Both DVDFab 9 and DVDFab 10 do not require a key file for registration as they both use online verification. In DVDFab 10, you can click on the Menu button, find "Authorize" to put down your registered email and its password at DVDFab Member Center to activate the DVDFab product(s) you have, for more info, please refer to: http://www.dvdfab.cn/how_to_register.htm

  1. How to remove subpicture/subtitles when convert?

Do not select any subtitle stream (choose NONE) at the Subtitle dropdown at the Main Interface, or you can go to  "Common Settings > Stream > Subpicture" and mark the option "Do not preselect any subtitle track", DVDFab will not select any subtitle stream by default.

  1. Can I copy game DVDs with DVDFab?

As far as game DVD is mentioned, DVDFab currently only copies game DVDs for PS2 and you can use DVDFab DVD Copy - Clone mode to do that.

  1. I have been saved some music or videos on my computer, can I import these files to DVDFab Downloader to manage them?

No, for now, DVDFab Downloader plays back and manages the downloaded files itself, but maybe add the feature in future.

  1. What is 'firmware'?

Firmware is used to refer to the program inside the optical drive that is in charge with the operations it can do. Each drive comes with a firmware from the factory and it has a version number that corresponds to a set of capabilities. The maker may choose to offer an updated firmware that can replace the factory one if new features are implemented or bugs have been solved.

  1. What is License Authorization?

A License Authorization is actually the number of computers a licensee can use DVDFab 10 on. One Single-Computer License gives the licensee two authorizations to use DVDFab 10 on two computers at most; While, a 3-Computer License and 5-Computer License gives licensee three and five additional authorizations, respectively.

  1. I purchased more than one DVDFab 10 product with more than one account, how can I merge these accounts in order to view all my products related information in one account?

If you purchased DVDFab 10 products with different email accounts and registered different DVDFab accounts accordingly in Member Center, you can only view in one DVDFab account the product(s) info you ordered with this account. In order to conveniently view all products info just in one DVDFab account, you need to merge your accounts into one. This is how you make it: Login Member Center with the DVDFab account you want to change, and go to “Change Email” in Member Center, then change this email account to the very one you want to keep and use. DVDFab Member Center is at: https://www.dvdfab.cn/member.htm .If one of the accounts is no longer in use, you can contact our service team at http://www.dvdfab.cn/contact.htm for help.

  1. How do I know which version I am ordering?

Don't worry about this, just choose your desired DVDFab product(s) and finish the order. You can use the product(s) on both DVDFab 9 and DVDFab 10 according to your preference. As long as the product license is valid, you can continue to use it on new versions of DVDFab.

  1. What is ISO file and how can I copy movies to hard drive as ISO files?

ISO is the image file of the DVD which can be mounted by many virtual drive programs. If you can get ISO read by such programs, you can get it played or ripped like a standard DVD movie. Since it can be stored on your hard disk, as long as you have enough free space on your hard drive, it is very convenient.
You just need to click on the ISO button (beside the folder icon) to choose a target location to copy. Then you will get the ISO file in your save location.
If you can't find the copied ISO files, please open "My Computer"--> click on "Tools" in the upper left, choose "Folder Options", then click on the "View" tab-->Scroll down in the "Advanced Settings" area and cancle the "Hide extensions for known file types" box in it-->Click on "Apply", then you will find the iso files.

  1. How can I slow down the write speed?

You can go to DVDFab "Common Settings > Drives > DVD Write" panel to change the write speed.