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DVD Ripper

  1. How can I convert movie to mp4 and avi files?

Please use "MP4" or "AVI"option, choose "Profile" as "generic.mp4.h264.aac" or "generic.avi.h264.audiocopy" to convert.

  1. How can I convert movies to iPod files?

Please select iPod on profile panel under Device>Apple section, select the titles you need to convert to start.

  1. Why is the output WMA file not playable?

Please upgrade your Windows Media Player at to the latest version and play again to see the result. It is free.

  1. What does "task_1 Error=4" mean?

The problem lies in the invalid memory distributing.
Please open "Common Settings/Convert". You should set "Memory amount used for converting" as "Auto".

  1. How to remove unwanted options from navigation bar?

Please open "Common Settings/Customize UI", choose options group like "DVD Ripper", move the unwanted options from "Options to Display" box to "Available Options" box, Click OK. The removed options remain available but will not display in DVDFab's navigation bar any more. Repeat the same process to any other product you want.

Note: If you want them to show up again in the future, just conduct the opposite action here.

  1. How to convert movies for zen?

Please use DVDFab DVD Ripper - PVP option, insert original movie disc to your DVD drive, select the titles you want, set "Profile" as "zen version"or "zen version:w" to convert.

  1. What does "A/V Sync problem" mean?

Some A/V sync problems may be caused by the layer break which is not present when the DVD is ripped to the hard disk. So please copy movie to hard drive first, then do the conversion. You can also use another audio channel and conversion format to see the result.