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Upgrade and Renewal

  1. Can I still use DRM Removal for Apple if my license expires?

Unlike other modules such as the DVD Copy and Blu-ray Copy which can still handle some old discs after it expires, DRM Removal for Apple does not work at all if your license expires, which means, if you have purchased the yearly based license, including 1/2/3/4 terms, you will have to renew it after it expires. So we recommend you the lifetime license.

  1. How can I login User Center to get user rights?

Please follow the step-by-step guides to register and login DVDFab User Center.

1. Please visit, click on "Register" button, fill in the E-mail address you used to purchase DVDFab product and identifying code, then you will get an confirmation E-mail with the link to set password.
2. After setting your password, go back to to login user center, where you can change E-mail, download key, renew and upgrade DVDFab products, subscribe or un
subscribe DVDFab newsletter, etc.
3. If you already have an user account, but you lost the password, please click "
Forgot Password" to reset it.

  1. What does "We encountered a problem while generating your license key" mean?

You should renew with the registered E-mail used for your original order, if you renew with a different one, our system will consider the renewal order as invalid, thus we are unable to generate your license key and send it to your registered E-mail address.

Please offer us your old E-mail used for original purchase, then we will check again in our database.

  1. What is the difference between lifetime subscription and 1 year / 2 years / 3 years / 4 years?

Lifetime users are guaranteed lifetime updates and technical supports for their purchased products, if they want to use other new products, they need purchase again;

If you ordered 1 year/2 years/3 years/4 years DVDFab, you would need to renew the purchased products when they expire for continuous use, If you don't pay to renew, that's also okay, you can still use the old version of DVDFab on your computer, but it will not deal with newly released movies.

  1. What is your renew policy?

For many years, we have sold our products with lifetime support and upgrades at no additional charge. The increasing costs of maintaining and improving product feature sets and keeping up with ever changing protection schemes regrettably mean this is no longer possible.
You need renew if purchases made after May 8, 2008 if you just order 1 year/2 years/3 years/4 years item. Renewals will be available for a modest fee. If you won't pay the renewal fee, you can still use the old version of DVDFab on your computer. Purchases that were made before the policy change date will continue to receive upgrades and support benefits, and the product you ordered will never expire.

  1. How can I get updates if my purchases made before May 8, 2008?

You still can get lifetime upgrade of the product you originally ordered. Please download and install the latest version of DVDFab at
Key codes are no needed for using DVDFab up-to-date version, please sign up at DVDFab Member Center at and use the registered email account to activate/authorize DVDFab. If still have problem, contact the support team for help.

  1. Where can I get new Beta version?

You can find Beta vesion at the lower area of the download page too:

  1. Where to renew my DVDFab?

To renew your products, please go to DVDFab Member Center at

  1. Where can I enter the coupon code to renew my DVDFab?

Sorry that we only offer discount for ordering new options of DVDFab, not renewing for nowso there is no place to enter coupon code in the renewal order process.

  1. Where can I upgrade to the latest version of DVDFab?

You can always get the latest version of DVDFab at