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Video Converter

  1. When I convert an MKV to MP4 it is including the subtitles and I can't turn them off. How to turn off the subtitles?

1. If you want no subtitle in the output file at all, please choose “None” under the “Subtitle” column. 

2. If you want the subtitle in the output file but when playing the file, you expect an option to turn on and off the subtitle:

  1. i. Please firstly choose the subtitle in desire under the “Subtitle” column.
  2. ii. Then click on the wrench button to open the “Advanced Settings” window, go to “Subtitle” > “Mode”, choose “Remux into file” mode.


  1. How to change the aspect ratio for converted files?

You can click on "Video Effect Settings" available at the main interface, then change the aspect ratio or customize the output size.

  1. Can I convert source files to VOB files?

For the time being, DVDFab Video Converter does not support to convert source files to VOB files. We will support that in future versions.

Note: DVDFab DVD Creator converts all kinds of video files into standard DVD format, which is VOB encoded, you may give that a shot.

  1. How to add external subtitles for the converted file?

You can add external subtitle for converted files at the Main Interface of DVDFab, display the drop down list of Subtitle tab and then use the option "Add External Subtitle".