Intel Quick Sync

Intel Quick Sync Makes Video Conversion Blinding Fast in DVDFab

What is Intel Quick Sync and how it works

Make your DVDFab convert faster than ever

How to enable Intel Quick Sync in DVDFab

Input Source Output Profile IQS-FPS IQS-Duration Soft-FPS Soft-Duration
BD-JURASSICWORLD2D_NA.ISO mp4.h265 72~73 0:16:34 8~9 5:54:29
DVD-INSURGENT.iso mp4.h265 267~268 0:10:45 54~55 0:03:43
File-bbb-1280x720-cfg02.mkv mp4.h265 86~87 0:07:20 9~10 1:07:41
System: CPU Intel i5-6600, Intel HD Graphics 530

4K Acceleration in the UHD Copy and Conversion

Comparison Table with and without 4K Acceleration

System Input Source Conversion Profile Software 4K Acceleration
i7-7700 3.60GHz The Smurfs (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray) MP4.H265.4K.10bit 18:10:30 2:10:20
Battleship (China 1080p version) MP4.4K 3:45:20 0:49:40