Here we cite DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac Main Movie mode as an example in general.


1. Explanation on functionality

1.1 Source: Where the original materials that you are going to process will be loaded. Use the  button to load a movie folder or ISO as source; If your source is the DVD disc, just insert it into your optical drive;


1.2 Target: Where the outcome will go to. Click  to choose one path from local HDD to save the resulting DVD movie folder, while click  to select a place to create ISO image file; If you want to burn the original to the blank media, just insert the blank media into your optical drive when the source disc is ejected.


1.3 Title Selection: By default, usually the main title will be selected, if you need other movie titles, use the "Choose Other Titles" option.


1.4 Chapter settings: A feature aims at catering the potential needs of copying just a part of the original movie, based on chapters.


1.5 Audio: Decide which audio stream(s) you want to be presented at the resulting disc.


1.6 Subtitle: Select the subtitle stream(s) you want to retain in the final disc.


1.7 Writable Media Size: DVD5 means to burn the main title to single layer blank DVD 5 disc, while DVD9 means burning to dual-layer blank DVD 9 disc; About compression ratio, 100% stands for no compression gets involved, while others mean some percentage of compression is to be made. Click on the  button to bring up the Adavnced Settings window. 


2. A sample guide through the burning process (Source being original DVD disc)

2.1 Launch DVDFab for Mac and navigate to option DVD Copy, Main movie mode;

2.2 Insert the original DVD disc into optical drive;

2.3 Choose the correct region code to complete the loading phase;

2.4 Select the target title, audio stream and subtitle stream;

2.5 Choose the correct Output in Advanced Settings window;

2.6 Click “Start” button to trigger the copying process;

2.7 When the source disc is ejected by the system, replace it with the blank media and then continue to burn;

2.8 After a reasonable amount of time, when a mini pop-up window saying “Process completed successfully”, “OK” it and eject the resulting disc and check it out on your standalone DVD player.