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  • DVDFab Media Player for Mac

    World's first Mac Blu-ray media player application which introduces Full Navigation Menu feature, able to play everything, including DVD/Blu-ray video discs from wired DVD/Blu-ray drives, movie folders, ISO image files, and other video files in all formats on HDD.

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1. DVDFab Media Player for Mac is an annual subscription based shareware, the prices shown above are for the starting year only;

2. The $9.99/year renewal fee grants you all the upcoming new features, like 3D playback, and all the major upgrades;

3. Based on 1 & 2, DVDFab Media Player offers no lifetime option, as compared to those taxing on each major upgrade, our renewal cost is already the lowest;

4. To continue to use the software after a suspension, the subscription fee for the suspended period is required, e.g. after the beginning year, you did not subscribe for half a year, then you want to subscribe again, in this case, the subscription fee for that half year is required;

5. For more information, please check our purchase & refund policy.
6. Avangate Inc. is our payment solution partner.