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  • Playback online video from Pluto TV

    As an outstanding platform, Pluto TV has a huge free library of on-demand content which spans all genres of movies, news, TV shows, sports, documentaries, and more. Now, armed with PlayerFab Pluto TV Player, users are able to enjoy all the online videos from Pluto TV. Come and enjoy more choices with us!
    playerfab pluto tv player
  • Play video in 720p video quality and AAC 2.0 audio

    Apart from abundant resources, PlayerFab Pluto TV Player attaches great importance to video and audio quality. As it's known to us that quality matters greatly. PlayerFab Pluto TV Player provides video in 720p video quality and AAC2.0 audio to ensure the best watching experience.
    playerfab pluto tv player
  • Skip ADs when playing video from Pluto TV

    If you are suffering from meaningless advertisements in the process of watching videos, PlayerFab Pluto TV Player will provide an optimal solution. This excellent media player enables users to skip the advertisement. There will never be any inruption disturbing your watch.
    playerfab pluto tv player
  • Pre-playback the audio and subtitles per your settings

    Are you still wondering which version is suitable for your taste? No worries! PlayerFab Pluto TV Player enables users to tweak the audio and subtitle settings in accord with your demands. This function especially works when users watch multi-version movies and TV dramas. Enjoy your customized video with PlayerFab Pluto TV Player!
    playerfab pluto tv player
  • Playback next episode automatically for TV shows

    While watching TV series, an immersive and continuous experience is of great importance. That's what PlayerFab Pluto TV Player offers. It supports auto-playback next episode during the process of TV shows. Users are able to enjoy wonderful content without bothering to exert any action.
    playerfab pluto tv player
  • Playback speed control

    Speed control also matters to a media player, especially when users want to quickly jump the boring content or take the video slower to better follow it. Users are allowed to adjust the video speed by accelerating, slowing it down, or even rewinding it by a few seconds.
    playerfab pluto tv player
  • Hardware GPU acceleration for smoother playback

    When playing back the online video in browser, a lot of CPU and memory will be taken up for video decoding. This will lead to a stuck situation during playback and post a great challenge to smooth operation of computers.

    However, armed with PlayerFab, such problems will be perfectly fixed. It supports Intel, NVIDIA, AMD hardware graphics GUP to decode the video, taking up less CPU and memory. Users are able to gain access to smoother videos and a better viewing experience.
    Hardware GPU acceleration for smoother playback

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System Requirements

  • ★ Intel i3 or above
  • ★ 4GB of RAM or above
  • ★ 40GB of free hard disk space or above
  • ★ Live Internet connection required