Netflix currently has some of the best Christian films in their streaming collection. These films are based on strong plots, effectively managing to narrate a story from a different perspective. Watching these films will make you stronger, with a powerful change in mindset. If you aren’t sure which Christian movie is perfect for you, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. Here, we have listed down best Christian movies on Netflix in the order of their year of release. 


Part 1: Top 3 best Christian Movies on Netflix 2018


●     A Matter of Faith

Rachel Whitaker’s parents have raised her as a Christian, her father being a minister. In college, she is influenced by her biology professor who teaches that complex life forms evolved from simpler life forms and that the Biblical theory of creation is not a considerable alternative. Rachel’s father is concerned about her changing personality and beliefs. When he confronts her teacher, he finds himself in an intellectual argument. At this point, he is advised to approach a former professor who taught Biblical theory. The movie ends with an intense argument between the two professors of differing beliefs. This is a no-brainer that we had to put A matter of faith as #1 in the best christian movies on Netflix.


●     Come Sunday

Come Sunday is one of the best christian movies on Netflix. It’s based on Carlton Pearson's excommunication and is directed by Joshua Marston. Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Martin Sheen, Condola Rashad, Jason Segel, Danny Glover it revolves around a crisis of faith which sets renowned fundamentalist preacher Carlton Pearson on a new spiritual path that jeopardizes everything he holds dear.  This is definitely one of the best Christian movies Netflix.


●     I’m in Love with a Church Girl

 Miles Montego, a wealthy drug dealer, meets a nice Christian girl, Vanessa Leon at a party and the two hit it off and start a relationship. Miles confesses to Vanessa that he used to be a drug dealer, but now wants to change his life. At first, she is reluctant, but accepts it, assuming that he eventually will start having faith in God. However, unknown to both of them, a few DEA agents are watching Miles and his friends and plan on taking them down. A pretty realistic cinematography makes is the best Christian movies on Netflix.

Will Miles be punished for his doings, or Vanessa’s faith is strong enough to save him? Stream on Netflix to find out!


Part 2: The Best Tool to Rip Netflix DVD Christian Movies


DVDFab DVD Ripper

Do you prefer renting DVDs from Netflix? If yes, then this tool is an excellent option for you. The DVDFab DVD Ripper is the brainchild of DVDFab Developers. It amazingly helps you rip all the possible DVDs, whether Netflix rented or not.

What does it do?

With DVDFab DVD Ripper, you can copy movies and save it on your system, hard drive or pen drive. You can copy best christian movies on Netflixand share it with your friends who don’t have a Netflix subscription. With this DVD ripping software, you can convert and rip any DVD to all sorts of video/audio formats, including 3D and 4K formats. If you are looking forward to making clippings of movie scenes or audio, DVDFab DVD Ripper is your best bet.


Why DVDFab:

DVDFab DVD Ripper is super simple to use. From a noob to an expert, anyone would be comfortable with the interface and controls, especially if you want to convert best christian movies on Netflix and share them. This DVD Ripper is super-fast and promises high video and audio quality. Additionally, its built-in editor also allows you to edit the video as the way you like.

DVDFab even gives you a 30-day free trial to use their software, get a hang out the technical functions. You will not be restricted from using any feature because it’s a free trial. You will have access to all the features that DVDFab DVD Ripper has to offer. Try it to realize how convenient the software is.


How does it work:

1.     Load your Source Video

Download DVDFab 10. Install and run it on your computer.  Go to the Ripper module and upload the DVD source on the main interface.

2.     Choose a profile

You will see Profile Library at the top left corner. Click on it and select the format you want in the options given for all the best christian movies on Netflix.
Format > Video > General/Filter to select a video format
Format > Audio, to choose an audio format

 Click Device to determine the video format you want to convert the DVD to. Make sure it is compatible with your device.

3.     Customize your Video

When you upload your source video, the title of the film will be decided by default. Here, when you are customizing the video, you can choose your title. You can modify not just the title but the chapters/audio tracks/subtitles as well. With the “Advanced Settings” option you can customize your settings too! With the “Editor” option you can trim crop and adjust the best christian movies on Netflix as per your choice.

4.     Select a directory and start the conversion process

On the bottom of the page select the Folder icon to select the location that your output video should be saved at. Then click on Start to begin the Ripping process.

Your best Christian movies on Netflix will be copied in no time. You can then share them online with your friends who can’t afford Netflix yet. However, the best Christian movies on Netflix using the DVDFab DVD Ripper would have the exact same quality as per the device. Have fun!