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Convert MKV to MP4 - Play MKV - Download MKV

2020-06-20 21:18:28

   Posted by WiKi


Summary: If you want to watch videos in HD format offline, download MKV movies with the best video downloader. If you want to play MKV files safe and free, find the best MKV player. If you want to enjoy MKV movies on some special devices, convert MKV to MP4 or other digital formats with the best video converter. For all the software you may need to deal with MKV files, I will list numerous choices in this article. Read it and decide which one is the best tool you want.

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Many people convert DVD to MKV or convert MP4 to MKV for the high quality of MKV file. But for the special features of MKV, you have to find an exclusive MKV player to play it. So in this article, I will show your how to convert and play MKV files at will. Then no matter how many MKV movies you have downloaded, there is a way to watch them on a device you like.




1. MKV v.s. MP4

MKV v.s. MP4 is a hot topic when people want to convert DVD to digital formats or rip Blu-ray to digital files. Then which format should be selected when you rip DVD and Blu-ray files? Here, let me give you a comprehensive comparison of MKV v.s. MP4 from the following aspects.


MKV vs MP4


(1) Format: Both MKV and MP4 are a container format instead of a media format. They are used to integrate videos, audios, pictures and subtitle tracks into one single file. But with the same use, MKV supports more files formats than MP4. Almost all formats of videos, audios, pictures and subtitle tracks can be merged to one single MKV file. While for MP4, it only supports specific formats like H.264 and MPEG-4. This is the biggest difference of MKV v.s. MP4.

(2) Compatibility: Since MKV supports content in any encoding such as H.264 and H.265, not all devices have a decorder for it. So you have to find a special MKV player Mac/Windows to play MKV movies. While MP4 is available in almost all media players and mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android.

(3) Size: MKV is usually bigger than MP4, so there is low bandwidth consumption for MP4.

(4) Quality: The highest resolution for MP4 is 1440x1080/30p (16:9). MKV has a higher quality than MP4. if you want to watch HD videos on your laptop, choose MKV as the output format for your file. That's why people are willing to convert Blu-ray to MKV.

(5) Recoverability: MP4 is hard to recover once there is something wrong to your computer, while MKV files are easily recoverable after crash.

(6) Purpose:The generation of MKV is to take the place of AVI, while the coming of MP4 is the upgradation of MPG.


While watching a movie, we have a high demand for video quality. And it will be a plus if we can choose our favorite languages. So from this point, MKV is the best format you need to convert DVD and Blu-ray to.


2. How to Convert DVD to MKV?

Now, let’s learn how to convert DVD to MKV. During this conversion, you need to prepare two things: a DVD to MKV ripper, and an external DVD driver if there isn’t an internal one in your computer. If possible, you can buy an external Blu-ray driver for both DVD and Blu-ray file reading, as a DVD driver can only read DVD videos. Basically, it is the same to rip DVD to MKV and Blu ray to MKV.


Rip DVD to MKV


Then, let’s get down to the choice for a MKV ripper. To make a better decision, take such things into consideration.


(1) What kind of MKV Ripper you should choose?

• Ability to decrypt DVD copyright protection

Many DVD and Blu-ray files are protected to stop people from copying them for commercial use. So when you choose a DVD to MKV ripper, see whether it is capable to decrypt the protection embedded in your file such 99-titles and region code restriction. A good DVD to MKV converter is supposed to help you decrypt them automatically. The same goes for Blu ray to MKV converter.

• DVD ripping speed

DVD and Blu-ray movies are usually long, about two hours. To rip such a DVD to MKV or Blu ray to MKV, it takes time. But if DVD ripping software supported by multi-core CPUs, the newest NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync, it will be easy and fast to convert DVD to digital files. So see whether your DVD to MKV ripper is equipped with such devices.

• High quality freeware

Everyone desires to rip DVD to MKV free without any quality loss. It is perfect if a DVD ripper can convert DVD to MKV flawlessly. So try to find such DVD ripping software, especially high quality freeware.


DVD to MKV Converter



Now, there is a DVD to MKV converter able to decrypt any DVD copyright protections automatically, rip DVD fast and output a file in MKV format flawlessly. That is DVDFab DVD Ripper. If you want to rip Blu-ray and UHD files, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper and DVDFab UHD Ripper is equally powerful to solve your problem. Now, let me take DVDFab DVD Ripper as an example, telling you how to rip DVD to MKV.


(2) Steps on how to convert DVD to MKV with DVDFab DVD Ripper:

• Download and install this DVD to MKV converter on Windows/Mac

• Select the “Ripper” module and load your DVD file

• Click the “Profile Switcher” > “ Format” > “MKV”

• Set where to save your ripped DVD: mobile device, folder and YouTube

• Tap the button of “Start”


Convert DVD to MKV


DVDFab DVD Ripper can convert any DVD disc/folder/ISO image file to 2D/3D videos and audios in any of your preferred format. While ripping DVD to MKV, you can also upscale your videos using the option of “Enlarger AI” in the picture. Then the resolution of your converted MKV videos will reach 1080p. When you rip Bluray to MKV, such function is also available.


Apart from DVDFab DVD Ripper, there are other DVD ripping software such as MakeMKV. It supports MKV as the only output format, and you can try it free with  Make MKV beta key. Also, there is HandBrake which supports two output formats: MKV and MP4. You can try any of them based on your needs. But now that you need to download all of them for free trial, why not use the DVD ripper which supports the most output formats?


3. How to Play MKV File?

After learning how to convert DVD/Blu-ray/UHD to MKV files, another problem you should deal with is how to play them? As talked above, MKV supports content in any encoding but not all devices have a decorder for it. So you have to find an MKV player to play MKV files. Here, in order to help you enjoy MKV files on both PC and mobile devices, I give two solutions for you.


MKV Player Mac


(1) Play MKV File on PC

To make MKV available on your PC, install a third-party MKV player on Mac or Windows. DVDFab Player 6 is your best assistant supporting all media formats, with MP4, MKV, MOV, VOB and M2TS included. Now let me show you how to use this best music and video player.


Steps on how to play MKV File with DVDFab Player 6:

• Download and install this MKV file player

• Select “PC Mode” or “TV Mode”

• Add files to the library of this 4K media player

• Load your MKV file using any options under “Library” and “My Computer”

• Right-click the video to adjust its playback speed, subtitle, etc. (optional)


Then DVDFab Player 6 will play your MKV video smoothly. If you have numerous movies to play, you can set a playlist using the option I have highlighted. Through the option of “inverted triangle” you can do many presettings for your MKV file as well.


MKV Player


(2) Play MKV File on Mobile Devices

You know some media players, including but not limited to DVDFab Player 6, is not compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android. So you have to change your video format, making it compatible with your mobile devices.


As mentioned in part one, MP4 is a commonly used format to play videos on various devices and stream videos. So let’s learn how to convert MKV to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter. This free software enables you to convert videos from one format to another easily and fast.


Steps on how to use DVDFab Video Converter:

• Download and install this MKV to MP4 converter on Windows or Mac

• Select the module of “Converter” on the top

• Load your MKV or MP4 file

• Click “Profile Switcher” > “Format” > “Video” to choose an output video format

• Choose your preferred “Audio” or “Device” (optional)

• Set an output directory at the bottom: mobile device, folder or YouTube

• Click the button of “Start”


Convert MKV to MP4


As a quality offline MKV to MP4 converter free, DVDFab Video Converter sets no limit on file size you are going to convert, and it takes less time than other MKV to MP4 online converter does. Most importantly, it supports multiple video formats featuring MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, M2TS, TS and WMV. So you can input any video to this MKV to MP4 converter and make a free conversion.


Nowadays, MKV files have occupied a large market for its high definition. In your spare time, where to download MKV movies for free? Continue to read and see whether the websites I have recommended full of MKV movies.


4. How to Download MKV Movies?

As a video lover, you must have heard of Bollywood MKV movies and Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies MKV. All of them demonstrate a high quality and give you a flexible choice to select preferred language and audio tracks while you are watching HD MKV movies. As far as I know, Khatrimaza is a public torrent website full of MKV movies. The same goes for or Here are some latest MKV movies I have found from such websites.


(1) 1080/720 MKV Movies 2020:


Mrs. Serial Killer


Jerry Seinfeld 23 Hours to Kill


Love Aaj Kal


Baaghi 3

Bhoot The Haunted Ship

Justice League Dark Apokolips War

A Perfect Plan



Dangerous Lies

The Lodge

Torn Dark Bullets


If you desire to download MKV movies for an offline viewing, ask DVDFab Video Downloader for help. This free software can download movies from more than 1000 websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. With the help of this MKV downloader, you are able to download any BollyWood MKV movies and enjoy them on your PC or smartphone. Now, let me show you how to use this MKV movies downloader.


MKV Movies


(2) Steps on how to download MKV movies with DVDFab Video Downloader:

• Get DVDFab Video Downloader launched in your PC

• Set your preferred video directory to save your downloaded MKV movies

• Locate your file by pasting its URL or search its name

• Set the format as “Video” and choose video quality

• Click the button of “Download” 

• Enable the function of “Turbo-Speed download” by clicking “Downloading”


HD MKV Movies


Is DVDFab Video Downloader easy to use? Besides installing it to your PC, you can also download it to your Android. And then follow the similar steps as you download MKV movies on PC to download your favorite MKV movies.



So much for the solutions to such questions as “What is the difference of MKV vs MP4”, “How to convert DVD and Blu ray to MKV”, “How to play MKV files” as well as “How to download MKV movies”. During these processes, we have to admit that DVDFab 11 is a huge and powerful family. Every member in this group works hard to fix one problem which stops video lovers watch their favorite HD mkv movies. If you also find this software of great help, why not make a friend with it?

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