You can create transcripts for online content with the help of transcription software. This is perfect if you want to organize your podcasts, videos, or any other audio/video material in an easy-to-follow format.

transcription from audio to text

It can be challenging to find the right transcription tools for precise transcription from audio to text. There are so many options, and you don't want your investment in audio-to-text transcripts to be an unhappy one. That's why we created this guide with rankings on the accuracy of transcriptions, pricing, quality, and many other features.

8 Best Tools for Transcription from Audio to Text in 2022

1- - Free Audio to Text Converter is a service that helps you turn recordings into written text which can then be edited and exported in many different formats with their built-in AI tools, ensuring fault discovery for efficiency.

transcription from audio to text


  • Subtitles and captions are in the English language.
  • It cuts off the undesired audio part free of cost.
  • The whole day customer support service.
  • It provides a free call recorder for the iPhone.

2- Transcribe

When it comes to saving time and money, there is no better solution than transcribing audio files with Transcribe. So, whether you're listening in on podcasts or music lessons, this tool can save both your ears and credit.

Transcribe is an excellent tool for transcribing audio. Besides the player, it also provides foot pedal support and great slow-motion playback options. In addition, the software comes with a guide file that defines all its points in detail.

transcription from audio to text transcribe


  • One of the best features that a text expander tool can have is being able to expand acronyms.
  • Speech-to-Text enables users to interact with the device by speaking into it.
  • Supports automatic pause and resume for audio playback.
  • You can manage it offline.
  • High-level protection.

3- Trint

Trint is the perfect solution for transcribing any audio or video file. You can use Trint on your computer, tablet device of all types! The program has a fast turnaround time with a lower fault rate. It indicates that you'll have less work to do when editing videos after they're transcribed.

Trint is a company that uses state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to reproduce audio and video. It carries various languages and covers requirements for most words in the English language.

transcription from audio to text trint


  • Trint is the perfect tool for those who want to transcribe video and audio files from their web browser.
  • Trimming down a recording can be difficult, but it's as easy as clicking on some buttons with this service.
  • The service is an all-extensive audio transcription and editing program that lets you help your teammates using various tools.
  • The fast turnaround time, lower rate of errors and full security terms make this an excellent choice for any business looking to get its message across quickly.

4- Descript - Best Tool for Audio to Text Transcription

Descript is a simple and fun transcription tool that transcribes audio/video content in seconds. In addition, it has AI-powered publishing tools for simple editing of transcripts, making it great for any student who needs to produce high-quality work quickly without trouble.

With Overdub, you can fix mistakes and add subtitles with just a few clicks. In addition, it has remote recording features that make it easy for anyone on your team to get in there.

transcription from audio to text descript


  • With about prepared turnaround times, automatic transcription is the perfect solution for you.
  • With white-glove service, you get expert personal transcriptionists.
  • Best project editing and sharing features.
  • Can carry out several formats.
  • Transcribe any audio you hear automatically.
  • Great security services.

5- Express Scribe - Transcribe Audio to Text Free Online Website

If you need a quick transcription, we suggest Express Scribe. It's an entirely free medium cooperative with audio players and can be combined through USB. So, it's easy to use from your phone or computer as well.

Express Scribe is a fast and easy-to-use software that lets you transcribe audio files in minutes. It can be used on Windows or Mac systems, with most file formats, including those from Microsoft Word. There are also hotkeys available, so learners have an even easier time making their transcription happen.

transcription from audio to text expressscribe


  • Playback speeds can be changed.
  • Files are automatically organized.
  • You can use this app to take dictation on the go.
  • It combines with both analog voice recorders as well as digital ones.
  • Making it easy to automatically load your files when you connect through FTP or email.

6- Inqscribe - Free Transcribe Audio to Text Software

Inqscribe is a new player in the market of transcription software, and it's easy to use with its straightforward interface. The program's unique selling point is its user-friendly nature, which makes even the beginner feel comfortable using this tool.

Inqscribe is a free app that provides users with detailed instructions on how to transcribe. It has simple, visual guides for beginners so they can easily follow along in the process. In addition, this software includes glossaries of standard transcription phrases for better understanding.

transcription foom audio to text inqscribe


  • Cooperative with Windows Media Player and QuickTime.
  • The Pitch lock feature also helps to stop deformity when recording vocals.
  • The interface is easy and intuitive,  
  • The fully Unicode-obedient design ensures agreement in all countries.

7- Otter

Otter is the latest and greatest innovation in speech recognition technology. It records audio from anywhere and transcribes it on the go to ensure you don't miss anything important. With an iOS or Android compatible system, this works seamlessly for mobile devices, which means better productivity all around because we can use our voices without having a device handy at all times.

There are a variety of features that make this transcription tool very useful. However, one major downside is how limited your monthly data allowance for free users will be at only 600 minutes’ worth per month.

The premium-tier tool has prerecorded audio and video files that will help you improve using it with repeated use. In addition, with ambient voice intelligence technology, this software can figure out what words or phrases should be used in different situations.

transcription from audio to text otter


  • You can use this real-time audio recording feature and transcribe your conversations at any point.
  • Transcripts are searchable, so you can check what was said.
  • Ai-based flexibility
  • The record features are perfect for academic use

8- Sonix

If you're looking for an easy way to transcribe audio, Sonix is the service. The automatic tool captures what's being said in more than 40 languages. It can efficiently deliver accurate transcripts without having anyone manually type them out. The user base has increased by above a million people worldwide since its beginning, making it one of the most popular options in this industry today.

Sonix is the ultimate tool for anyone who needs to transcribe audio or video recordings. You can upload your files in just five minutes, and Sonix will return a high-quality transcript without any errors. In addition, the web editor allows you to edit transcripts like documents with correct punctuation & speaker separation taken care of automatically.

transcription from audio to text sonix


  • Fast and accurate transcribed sessions with a budget-friendly price.
  • Supports multiple languages, browser-based editor for creating transcripts on the fly.
  • Word-wise, time-stamping to keep your timeline organized in perfect synchronicity across all devices that you're using it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fast way to transcribe audio to text free of cost is Google Docs. It is a fast, secure, and free transcription online tool. Just open it and click on the tools section and enjoy your transcription. You can also check the website to have a look at these online audio converters.

The best tools to convert audio to text are given below;

  • Transcribe
  • Trint
  • Descript
  • Express Scribe
  • Inqscribe
  • Otter
  • Sonix