Undoubtedly, you can make a museum-worthy masterpiece with just a few strokes with your magic paintbrush. But it's only possible if you have a magic paintbrush. And AI art generation is a digital version of this process. Using an AI drawing tool will let you create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind work of amazing art within a few clicks. More inspiring, all mind-blowing drawings will be created without requiring your artistic skills. All you need to do – is open the tool and write the text you want, and the AI creator will convert it into a drawing.

AI drawing:

This blog will compare the 6 best AI Drawing tools of both free & paid versions. So if you want to learn the method to get the art generated images with AI tool, read the article to get an overview of each tool and its specifications.

Part 1: 8 Best AI Drawing Tools

1. NightCafe

AI drawing:

NightCafe – the most popular AI drawer stands first on our list. It is because it comes with more algorithms and features than other creators. At the same time, it is the favorite AI creator of new users.

NightCafe works according to the credit system but also offers a free trial. You will get multiple options to get credits by joining the community. However, users can also purchase the credits.

It also allows users to create videos and purchase the print of their work.


  • It will award you the ownership of your drawings.
  • There are multiple controls for experts.
  • You can win the credits by joining the community.
  • The tool offers different social functions and a supportive community.
  • It's by default algorithm will arrange your drawings into collections.
  • You can download more than one picture at once.

2. Fotor

AI drawing:2. Fotor

Over 200 million users have trusted the Fotor AI art drawing tool over the past 200 decades. The sole purpose of this tool's landing is to ensure all users' free access to edit premium pictures. This latest and feature-packed creator seems like an online Adobe Photoshop.

Subsequently, patented artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques, and computer vision were developed to enable users to generate beautiful drawings easily.

Fotor allows you to make basic adjustments to your photos' color, size, brightness, and contrast. This easy-to-use and modern photo developer comes with valuable effects and tools that make your images look high-quality, impressive, and mystic.


  • You can select desired effects and filters from different.
  • It also has cool functions to edit faces.
  • The tool will allow you to beautify and enhance images quickly.

3. Hotpot.ai

AI drawing:

Hotpot AI is the recommended AI drawing tool for both new and expert designers. It will help you to make realistic graphics and pictures for your social media accounts, posts, blogs, app icons, and other content marketing campaigns.

The Hotpot AI Art creator provides a beautiful, easy-to-edit template for creating mockups that preset tasks and trigger creativity. The accessible templates are responsive, mobile-friendly, and offer high-resolution formatting to share your work with others.

The tool allows downloading source files and modifying them as you wish. You can find business, design, marketing, and photography templates.

Furthermore, you can also search for the required graphic using the keywords and open it to start editing. Choose images and graphics from various templates, create them from scratch, and keep modifying them.


  • It features artistic thinking as a complement to craft ideas.
  • This ai drawing from text lets users add text and emojis and, once created, download them in any format they like.
  • It facilitates graphic design and image modification.


AI drawing:

DALL-E generates drawings from text input of different ideas to express via real words. It can combine distinct ideas in attractive ways, personify objects and animals, render text, convert existing images, and much more.

DALL-E is an extension of GPT-3 that analyses text ideas and answers with images. DALL-E is a 12 billion-parameter version of the modernizer language model.

The tool can receive up to 1280 tokens of text and images as a single data stream. It does not only create images from scratch but also recreates existing ideas to make them reliable through text reminders.

This AI Art creator is the best platform for designers, engineers, 3D modelers, and painters. It generates unique and precise pictures of real objects.

Its Ada category charges $0.00008 per 1K tokens; Babbage charges $0.0012 for 1K tokens, and Curie asks for $0.0060 for 1K tokens. Da Vinci charges $0.0600 for one thousand tokens, which is the most influential.


  • It's easy to generate unique artwork.
  • Using this tool, you will only be charged for tokens. More words will increase the token demand.
  • Also, the price of the model depends on the speed.

5. ArtBreeder

AI drawing:5. ArtBreeder

The magic of ArtBreeder is that you can change any part of the image by modifying the genes. ArtBreeder is a company dedicated to the creation of digital art.

It uses complicated technology, but the tool is easy to understand. You can generate your picture or enter abstract words, choose colors and shapes, and determine the final result.

ArtBreeder provides three stages of modification. It generates unique works of art that would be difficult to reproduce without artificial intelligence.

You will start by selecting one of the premade palettes, modifying the colors with the default color picker, and regulating the rules by removing or adding precise colors or shapes.


  • You can customize images with coloring, facial features, expressions, etc.
  • The free version will let you upload five images monthly.

6. WOMBO Dream

AI drawing:

WOMBO Dream is an AI NFT maker tool that is the top choice of worldwide AI drawing experts. This one-to-one NFT maker tool was developed by Canadian startup WOMBO. 

The creator can shift your pictures into cartoons or artificial paintings. Moreover, Wombo Dream's compound algorithm can make your words and phrases an excellent work of art.


  • There are different fantastic designs and art styles.
  • This freeware tool shifts pictures into any desired style.
  • Users can select different available art styles and innovative sceneries.

All these above AI drawing tools are competent in their work. However, sometimes they may deliver low-quality results or provide you with fewer editing features. And what if you are going to plan their delivered picture for sale or use them for your blog post or share on social networks for marketing purposes? Indeed, this is not the end of sharing the same quality on any platform. That's when you look for any tool that enhances these images' quality within seconds. So this part will help you to tackle this situation;

Part 2: DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is exclusive software to enhance your image quality to make them more attractive. It offers more unlimited image editing functionalities than any other photo enhancer can offer. It features convolutional neural networks trained on millions of samples enhanced by experts. It can boost pixelated images without affecting real quality.

You will enjoy its uses while applying cartoon-like effects to images, noise reduction, improving blurry images, and colorizing black and white pictures. What's more, DVDFab Enlarger AI is a good tool as a AI video upscaler to help you to get AI upscaling video.


  • It's time to shift your pictures into pop art and upscale 2D/3D anime images almost 40 times.
  • Within a click, you can create a photo that looks like it was taken with a DSLR camera.
  • Make your images noise-free and improve their quality.
  • Give an image approximately 40 times its original size without compromising image quality.
  • You can sharpen edges, handle dim results, and add details to enhance your photos.

How to enhance your image quality using DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI?

AI drawing:How to enhance your image quality using DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI?

  • Download, install and open the software.
  Free Download
  100% Safe & Clean
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  Completely Free

AI drawing:How to enhance your image quality using DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI?

  • Click on the required module and hit the "Open Images button."

AI drawing:How to enhance your image quality using DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI?

  • Make required adjustments, check the output, and save the results. It's all done.

AI drawing:How to enhance your image quality using DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI drawing tool?

An AI drawing tool helps you to draw pictures from the text. It works according to artificial intelligence to understand the text you entered and convert it into an image representing it.

Does an AI drawing tool deliver high-quality image results?

Most of the time, tools deliver high-quality images. However, sometimes you may get low-quality images. But don't worry; you can use an AI photo enhancer like DVDFab to upscale the image quality. 


Artificial intelligence is steadily growing and offers many possibilities. It has removed many restrictions that prevent artists from delving bottomless into their art and expressing themselves freely. The new art created by AI art drawing tools is spreading rapidly and has already been displayed in celebrated art galleries worldwide. Looking at their strengths, we have covered some of the top ai drawing generator tools of 2022.