While exploring the automatic and instant result of AI Painter from words, songs, images, or anything else, you must look for the maximum customizable option for the input prompt or output artwork. So, to enhance any input or output image quality 40 times clearer, sharper and pixelated, you must go for the utmost image-enhancing customizable features of the DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI and DVDFab Enlarger AI. With this photo enhancer and AI video upscaler, you can eliminate any imperfection, like, blurriness, discoloration, etc., of any image to excel in the elegance of the artwork. So, here you go with the list of the top 10 AI Painters.

Top 10 AI Painters

1. NightCafe

NightCafe is a very effective AI Painter to create art from any text prompt. With the automatic algorithm of this AI Painter from words, you don't need technical coding skills or creativity; this tool will do everything on your behalf of you within a second to generate impressive images from any poem, lyrics, quotation, or something else.


  • This tool offers Stable Diffusion in its workability.
  • It supports VQGAN CLIP algorithms.
  • While using the "Coherent" algorithm, this AI Printer online tool creates more realistic and relevant painting-like images.
  • It supports all devices like smartphones, desktops, laptops, etc.


  • The free version creates only five artworks.
  • Paid version comes with a watermark-free option.


For 100 Credits/month: $9.99/month

For 250 credits/month: $19.99/month

2. Hotpot

Hotpot is a user-friendly tool to get random creative artwork from any text or other prompt. So, if you're looking for AI painters from TikTok content, it will allow you to use any of your favorite TikTok songs, lyrics, video clips, or photos to bring out the best artistic and abstract images.


  • Get multiple different random images from the same text.
  • Use this tool for unlimited time with a faster server.
  • Get a large output image in your customizable size.
  • Enjoy personal images for commercial use.


  • Maximum features are available in the paid version.
  • The free version takes 1-15 minutes in image processing.


For 1000 credits/month: $10/month

For 2500 credits/month: $25/month

3. Starryai

Starryai is one of the most popular AI Painter Generators to bring out any magical creative artwork from any text. With a few clicks, it would transform any input prompts into a professional artistic image. It is used for commercial & non-commercial purposes.


  • Get watermark-free five artwork daily in a free version.
  • Enjoy ownership of your artwork for future use, printing, or sharing.
  • Explore customizable features of different models, aspect ratios, & 1000 styles.
  • It offers free support to Android & iOS platforms.


  • Bulk creation, size customization & many other features are only available in paid versions.
  • In the free version, you can have only 25 output images in 5 credits.




4. Neural.Love

Neural.Love is one of the most versatile AI Painter Online tools to satisfy your creative craving with text-to-image generating AI technology. So, this tool can be used as the most convenient AI painter from TikTok audio-video content to generate any commercial-purpose artwork output.


  • You can keep your creation private.
  • You can use HD mode to get a high-quality image.
  • Its artwork is licensed under CCO.
  • There are 100+ pre-built prompts available for customization or editing.


  • The free version creates only 20 images.
  • Maximum features are available in the paid version.


For 300 credits/month: $30/month

For 300 credits: $57 one-time pay

5. DeepAI

DeepAI is another helpful tool for converting text to images. Being an open-source tool with multiple AI text-to-image generating features, its homepage is filled with per-set 3D styles to choose from. Several unique features, like a deep dream, image similarity, text summarization, sentiment analysis, etc., are available here.


  • Give color to any black & white image.
  • It supports generative text models to create paragraphs of coherent text.
  • Enhance image quality & resolution without losing any features.
  • The nudity detection option is there.


  • The average output image quality is not photorealistic.
  • There are fewer image customization options.


For 100 API Calls: $5

6. Dream by Wombo

Dream by Wombo is the best tool to be trendy with the AI Painter TikTok. To use this AI painter from TikTok content, all you need is your favorite TikTok feed of any video, audio, text, image, or anything else as a prompt and get the most abstract and aesthetic artwork within a second.


  • There are more than 40 pre-set art styles available in this AI painter.
  • You can remix your images with existing NFTs as a reference.
  • It supports all the platforms of smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.
  • You can get copyright-free customized images for personal or professional use.


  • You have to pay to print your artwork.
  • There are lots of ads in this tool.


Premium: $4/month or $6/month

Premium: $59.99/month or $89.99/month

7. VANCEAI Art Generator

Vanceai Art Generator is a well-known AI painter online tool that gives you perfect artistic artwork from any text prompt. With this AI painter from words, you can borrow any artistic style to create any artistic ambiance in your artwork.


  • You can have HD-quality output images.
  • You can explore multiple customizable and creative prompts to add personal touch to your artwork.
  • Own your created artwork for any purpose without any copyright issues.
  • Your input data will delete within 24 hours.


  • Limited features are available in the free version.
  • This tool is comparatively slow in processing.


For 100 credits: $4.95

For 200 credits: $6.95

8. AI Gahaku

AI Gahaku is one of the fascinating options to try to create an artistic painting with professional perfection from any random image. This AI painter generator automatically crops out your photo once you place it in this tool.


  • Create masterpieces with real effects of oil painting for commercial or personal use.
  • You can transform your image into a sketch with the line drawing option.
  • Enjoy pixel art from your simple image.
  • Enjoy a minimum of 10 different painting styles.


  • There are minimal customizable features & prompt options.
  • It doesn't give you HD quality output image.


Pro version: $4.99/month

9. Jasper

Jasper is a very innovative and time-ahead AI painter to make you experience multiple aspects of text-to-image art-generating technology. It supports various languages and chat facilities for better communication. Moreover, there are 19 mood options available in this tool to provide you with vast customization.


  • You can get high-resolution images without watermarks.
  • It can convert a sentence to an entire blog automatically.
  • You can select options like medium, mood & artist for enhancing the expression of the image.
  • Get four instant auto-generated images out of any prompt to choose and share.


  • Free trial unavailable.
  • Instead of uploading any simple image, you must convert it into word.



10. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator provides multi-purpose features and facilities as an AI painter. This tool can get your desired images out of any word, text, or image combination prompt.


  • It supports deep learning of Stable Diffusion.
  • This tool will give you psychedelic and abstract art from any promotion.
  • It uses a neural network to generate digital art.
  • It offers categories like animal, landscape, etc., and styles like deep, thin & deep dream.


  • This tool is comparatively slow, taking 10 minutes to generate images.
  • This tool is not suitable for commercial purposes.


Advanced: $19/month

Professional: $39/month

Ultra: $99/month


What are the advantages of an AI painter?

  • Creates paintings or sculptures for any artistic use.
  • Revives any old or outdated images by turning them into innovative ones.
  • Creates a social media sensation.
  • Converts any realistic image to an animated one and vice-versa.
  • This technology benefits films, photography, interior, advertising, fashion, etc.

Is an AI painter a threat to real painters?

Even though an AI painter's automatic algorithm can get instant images of your choice, this tool never gives you the human perfection of real artists. Since it is a human's invented tool, it can never replace humans' creativity.

Can I sell my artwork created by an AI painter?

Yes, you can quickly sell any copyright-free artwork created by any AI painter as if you own it.

Final Feed

If you want to try something exclusive and exotic to satisfy your creative craving, you must go for any of these AI painters for your satisfaction with perfection. If you need clarification about what to select, consider the pros and cons to make the right choice.