Look for the most suitable 60fps converter to experience smooth visual motion in your streaming. Here you go with the top seven 60 fps video converters with a brief insight into why you even need a 60 fps converter.

What is FPS: Why You Need 60 FPS Converter?

FPS stands for "Frame Per Second" which means how many frames are in one second. More frames imply smoother motion in any video. Among various frame rates, 60 fps is considered the advanced frame rate perfect for video games, online videos, video production, etc. Let's see the major reason for using a 60 fps video converter.

  • To enhance viewing
  • Optimize gaming experience
  • To meet online video platform requirement
  • To match device comparability 
  • To achieve cinematic perfection with creative control
  • Seamless post-production flexibility 

Seven Best 60fps Video Converters

While converting your video from any frame rate to 60 fps, you probably look for maximum flexibility and customization to meet your specific video frame rate conversion requirement. So, here you go with the list of top 60fps converters.

1. Unifab Video Video Converter

60 fps video converter: unifab
Unifab Video Converter acts as an AI 60fps converter that lets you select your preferred frame rate with bit rate and sample rate selection options. With Unifab Video Converter, you can enjoy lossless video conversion and compression while maintaining the original video quality


Step 1

Once you launch the Unifab program on your system, you should "Add" the video inside the program.

60 fps video converter: unifab

Step 2

Select the format to which you want to convert your video and customize it with frame rate, codec, resolution, etc., and selection options.

60 fps video converter: unifab

Step 3

After selecting your desired 60fps frame rate with other parameters, you should select the "Start" option to initiate the video conversion process.

60 fps video converter: unifab

  • Ultimate video editing with cropping, trimming, adding watermarks, effects, etc
  • Batch processing with extensive audio-video format like Mp4, Mp3, MKV, FLAC, etc
  • Extensive audio-video quality settings with codec, resolution, subtitles, etc.
  • Free trial with full function without limits
  • You need to pay after free trial

2. Handbrake

Being a free, open-source video transcoder, Handbrake is a promising program to convert any video frame rate to 60fps. After uploading a video, under the "Video section," you can select your desired 60fps from the "Frame Rate" option. It handles any type of multimedia files, Blu-rays, DVDs, etc.

60 fps video converter

  • Multiple audio-video formats or video encoder support such as MP4, H.265, AAC, FLAC, etc
  • Batch processing with subtitles selection
  • Versatile video filters like Denoise, Deblock, cropping, etc
  • VFR & CFR support with chapter marker
  • Complicated setting with complex batch processing
  • Outdated UI design

3. Beecut

Beecut is one of the extensive and exclusive video editing tools with a smart video customization function. With this 60fps video converter, you can select the 60fps option under the output setting option after importing your video file to the program. From splitting, merging, and multiple layering to text overlay, subtitling, and batch processing, you can transform your video to another level.

60 fps video converter

  • Color fine-tune with visual effects 
  • Video stabilization with slow-down, speed & flipping option
  • Creative masking for hiding, blurring, or highlighting a specific part
  • Multiple format support with batch processing & aspect ratio selection 
  • There is an issue to open files instantly
  • Overhyped program with some pointless effects 

4. Neural Love AI 

In the age of AI automation, you can't miss the advantage of an automatic frame rate-changing experience with the most promising online AI 60 fps converter, Neural Love. This online 60 fps AI converter lets you select your desired frame rate from 25fps/30fps/60fps/120fps.

60 fps video converter

  • Compare video with Render Preview and Process Video option
  • All device, browser & OS compatibility without registration & installation hassle
  • A fully automated tool with AI-based machine learning
  • Audio sample rate selection with up to 48 kHz
  • Compromised output quality 
  • It can't handle complex tasks that need more control & expertise

5. Smooth Video Project 

Smooth Video Converter is the most effective 60 fps converter with a real-time frame rate conversion option. It supports 60 fps, 120 fps, 144 fps, and higher frame rates. The tool generates intermediate frames between existing frames using an interpolation technique to provide smooth and flawless video motion.

60 fps video converter

  • It supports most of the video player with 4K & HDR support
  • It offers an advanced algorithm with the RIFE neural network interpolation technique 
  • NVIDIA Optical Flow Support with VR & BD3D support
  • It is compatible with iOS & Android video player
  • The video conversion process is a little complicated
  • Instability in system & video player operation​​​​​​​

6. VLC Media Player 

To look for a free, safe, and powerful 60 fps converter, VLC Media Player is one of the most trusted open-source, cross-platform media players to convert the frame rate of your desired video. While selecting the "Video Codec Section," you can choose your preferred frame rate for conversion.

60 fps video converter

  • It offers extensive video editing & customization, such as chapter separation
  • Ads & Spyware free converter with multiple OS support
  • Maximum codec support with all media file compatibility 
  • Subtitle synchronization with audio-video filter
  • The overworld art style isn't great
  • Not beginner-friendly tool with complex feature​​​​​​​

7. Veed.io

To talk about all device-friendly online 60 fps converters, Veed.io is a very friendly option with multiple functions. This 60 fps ai converter lets you select frame rate and video quality before converting. With this AI 60 fps converter, you will get a smooth and polished video with a sleek and responsive interface.

ai 60 fps video converter

  • It offers exclusive video editing & customization with auto-resizing
  • Ready to use templates library 
  • Recording & editing in one place
  • AI-based automatic subtitling with subtitles animation adding option 
  • It has a specific limit for video file size
  • There is a watermark on the free plan​​​​​​​


What Is the Standard Frame Rate?

30 fps is the standard frame rate, which is specially used for the television industry, live broadcasts, soap operas, etc. It keeps the balance between resource efficiency and smooth motion.

What Is the Cheapest Frame Rate?

24 fps is the cheapest film rate with minimum storage and film reel cost. This is the first frame rate with the movie and TV industry. This frame rate is also known as "Standard Rate," "Cinematic," or "Film Look".

What Is the Advantage of High Frame-Rate Footage?

  1. Make the image smoother & realistic
  2. To capture fast-moving scenes with lots of motion
  3. It gives smooth visual appeal to your eye
  4. For slow-motion effects


If you want to enhance your visual optimization in your video streaming experience, a 60 fps converter is the ultimate option for complete visual satisfaction. However, if you need maximum editing and customization in your frame rate conversion process to enhance audio-video quality, UniFab Converter Por has everything under one roof.