AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) is a container format which holds audio and video data. It's a format developed by Microsoft and as such is playable in Windows systems by default whether computers or mobile devices.

Although AVI promises high quality audio and video, there are two drawbacks to the format.

Firstly, AVI has a large file size. This makes its sharing a little cumbersome. It explains why more often than not, AVI is converted to other mainstream formats to reduce file size without any noticeable quality loss.

The other disadvantage is it's not playable in certain media players by default.

There will be instances when you end up with an AVI file and need to extract its audio in the MP3 format.

If so, you would need an AVI to MP3 converter.

One program you could confidently choose for the purpose is DVDFab Video Converter.


Part 1: How to Convert AVI to MP3 with DVDFab Video Converter

The AVI to MP3 converter can not only convert AVI videos but also canconvert almost any popular video formats whether captured from camcorder, downloaded from Internet or output by video editors.

You could convert any of these source videos to most popular video or audio formats.

Conversion is fast and stable and the output file(s) could be played in any digital media player, whether hardware of software.

One advantage of using DVDFab Video Converter to convert AVI to MP3 is the metadata of your source video gets retained in the conversion process.

For example, if you’re converting a TV show, info such as episode number, show title and so on are retained.

With a built-in video editor you get to select the portion of the video you need to convert.

Though conversion is fast, you get to enjoy high video quality output. Speed doesn’t compromise quality.

Now that you have a general idea of the program, let’s take a look at how to use it.

First, download a fully-functional DVDFab Video Converter for a free trial of 30 days.

Launch DVDFab. Then click on the Converter icon on the main menu.

Then select MP3 as the output format,as shown in the screenshot below.

Do this by clicking on Audio and then selecting MP3.

avi to mp3

You’ll now be ready to input your AVI file into the converter. Do this by clicking on the blue + Add button.

Import your desired AVI file into the DVDFab Converter interface.

Make sure the output format is in MP3.

Don’t forget to set the output folder where you’ll locate the converted file.

Before you start the conversion process, you may hit the play button to preview your clip.

This is to ensure you have the right AVI clip imported into DVDFab Video Converter. It also allows you to check whether the audio quality is up to the mark.

convert avi to mp3

If you wish to add advanced settings to your output clip, hit the spanner icon.

avi to mp3

When you’re done, hit the green Start button at the bottom half of the screen.

avi to mp3 converter

After conversion is done, you've three options.

First, hit the play button and if you've DVDFab Player 5 installed, you'll get to listen to the converted MP3 file.

Second, the folder icon will allow you to locate the converted file in case you forget where you've saved it.

Third, click on the i icon to get details of your converted file.

convert avi to mp3

You may then proceed to play back the converted MP3 file with your favorite media player.


Part 2: Convert AVI to MP3: Free Options

If you want to just do a basic AVI to MP3 file conversion without benefitting from the versatile features of DVDFab Video Converter, here are some free alternatives to try out.


Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is a free online service that allows you to convert your AVI to MP3 by dragging and dropping it into its online interface.

After choosing MP3 as your output format, you could go on to select your audio quality.

convert avi to mp3 online

You could also choose to convert a portion of the video by setting the start time and end time before hitting the Start button.

Then hit the Download button to grab your converted MP3 file.



The free online converter allows you to convert your AVI to MP3 with its simple online interface.

You're not allowed to customize your output file however.

free avi to mp3 converter

It's a straightforward conversion from the source file.

There's an option to get the download link via email if you so wish.

Make sure you have a good Internet speed as uploading and conversion of files are slow.


Audio Online Convert

On landing on this site, select MP3 as your output format.

You can then drag and drop your AVI file from your computer or upload via URL, Dropbox or Google Drive.

online avi to mp3 converter

Under optional settings you could tweak bitrate, sampling rate and even trim and normalize your output audio before starting conversion.

There you have it, different ways to convert AVI to MP3. You’re free to take your pick.

If you want a fast and stable offline AVI to MP3 video converter which promises quality, opt for DVDFab Video Converter.