The rising demand for video content on the internet has made video enhancer app solutions relevant and popular. If you love using video apps and services, you must have come across some low-resolution video quality. But is there a way to change and enhance your viewing experience? 

Many people use video enhancer apps to improve the quality of their videos. However, they need to be sure whether the software they choose is compatible with the available device. This article's sole aim is to help you improve your work by selecting the right software. Let's take a look at the 7 video enhancer apps for Android and iOS with a PC supplement. Let's get started without wasting time. 

 video quality enhancer apps

What Is a Video Enhancer App

Video enhancer apps help you enhance the quality of your videos, fix common issues, and significantly improve your work. They have multiple features to breathe new life into your recorded footage, such as upscaled resolution, better lighting, improved stability, denoise, brightness adjustments, filters, effects and animations, and cropping, rotating, and flipping. 

It can improve your videos' look professionally and drastically in these scenarios: 

  • Shaky and blurred shots
  • Low visibility due to dim lighting 
  • Recording low-resolution videos 
  • Need to upgrade your video with effects and filters 

Enhancing a video does not require much. You only need to adjust the lighting, upscale a low video resolution, and check for any blur or shaky frames. If you even check these points, you are good to go to grab a massive audience for your video content. Thankfully, with an AI video enhancer apps, you can do all this and much more with just a few clicks.

Best 7 Video Enhancer Apps for Android and iOS

Finding the best video quality enhancers in an ocean of renowned ones is really challenging. You may even require multiple apps to meet your project’s needs and requirements. So, let's find out the one that stands above others.

#1. Power Director

best video enhancer app

Operating Systems: Android and iOS

Power Director is a professional-grade video enhancer app, free to download and use, with multiple features like multi-track timeline editing, an effects editor, supports blue screen & green screen with Chroma key editing, offers voiceover tools, and abundant effects.


  • It lets you import 8K videos
  • It supports correcting color distortion in a clip
  • Stabilize shaky footage 
  • Easy to use and simple UI/UX


  • Full of ads 
  • Could have more features available 

Operation Steps 

Step 1: Drag an image clip to a timeline editing track, and then click the Fix/Enhance button.

Step 2: Select the Lighting Adjustment option, and then use the slider to adjust the parameters.

Tip: Select the Compare video qualities in the split preview option to compare the original and enhanced images in the preview window.

Step 3: Select the Color Adjustment option, and then adjust the brightness and contrast of the video. Click 'X' to close the Fix/Enhance panel.

#2. KineMaster

best video enhancer app

Operating Systems: Android and iOS

Kinemaster is a fun-to-use Video Enhancer app with intuitive settings and unbeatable speed. It has stunning and good-quality animation and filters that help enhance and edit the videos.


  • Offers a seven days free trial
  • Smooth user interface 
  • Built with many video enhancement and editing features 
  • It helps create interesting VFX videos and awesome stop-motion videos


  • Lags while editing multiple videos 
  • Lacks a broader library of options when editing videos

Operation Steps 

Step 1: Launch the KineMaster app.

Step 2: Start a new project or load an existing one.

Step 3: Select the image or video clip you want to enhance.

Step 4: Tap Super Resolution.

Step 5: Tap Get Plug-in and download the Super Resolution plug-in.

Now you're ready to Super Resolution-ize your media!

Step 6: Move the preview area by hand to select the part to apply the image quality restoration function to

Step 7: Click Apply and wait for Super Resolution to complete upscaling your media

#3. YouCut

best video enhancer app

Operating Systems: Android and iOS

YouCut is an excellent video quality enhancer tool that helps users adjust the video's speed or orientation to enhance video quality significantly. YouCut video enhancer offers a comprehensive toolset comprising multiple editing functions like applying filters and effects, cropping, trimming, and adding background music.


  • It is freely accessible software with no watermark
  • Offers plenty of video editing and enhancing tools
  • It offers a simple and clean interface
  • Appropriate video-slicing tools


  • YouCut does not have an Undo button to help users return to the previous setting
  • You cannot export 4K videos

Operation Steps 

Step 1: Open YouCut and select the video clip to be enhanced.

Step 2: Click Filter and choose Adjust.

Step 3: Navigate the bottom settings and click Sharpen. 

Step 4: Move the slider to the right to improve and enhance the quality of your video clip by adjusting the sharpness and adding details to your video. 

#4. InShot 

best video enhancer app

Operating Systems: Android and iOS

InShot is another excellent video enhancement app that is both a video maker and an editor to give you complete control over improving a video's quality. InShot offers various video editing tools, such as a trimmer splitter and a merger. You can also use a wide array of filters and effects, edit your audio, and control the video speed with InShot


  • Easy to use and clean interface 
  • Offers a massive library of image and video filters
  • Includes five effects to upgrade the look of your shots
  • Includes video format converter with multiple editing tools


  • The free version of InShot has watermarks
  • The updated version has some annoying advertisements

Operation Steps 

Step 1: Open the InShot app and click the gear icon at the top to open the InShot settings.

Step 2: Click the Video Setting section

Step 3: Enter the Video Resolution tab. 

Step 4: Select the video resolution you want to set on InShot. Your video quality will improve automatically. 

#5. Videoshop 

best video enhancer app

Operating Systems: Android and iOS

Videoshop is an outstanding video enhancer app for Android and iOS users, helping them increase their video quality effectively and allowing them to trim, apply slow or fast motion, and add voiceover to their videos. This video quality enhancer app enables you to convert low-quality videos into high-quality ones in a few clicks.


  • It has many fun filters and effects
  • Simple, clean, and user-friendly interface
  • Provides a lip-sync function
  • Offers to join multiple clips


  • Allows to record only one audio file at a time
  • The free version of Videoshop has watermarks

Operation Steps 

Step 1: Download and open Videoshop and click Import Clip.

Step 2: Select a video clip you want to enhance and wait until the app imports it. 

Step 3: Go to the Advanced tab.

Step 4: Adjust the video settings, like resolution, frame rate, and more.

Alternatively, you must click Filter and choose Adjust to set the Brightness, contrast, temperature, sharpness, blur, saturation, vibrance, shadows, vignette, and hue. 

#6. Magisto

best video enhancer app

Operating Systems: Android, iOS, and web-based

Magisto is a video quality enhancer 1080p online app available for Android and iOS as well, with a maximum of 720p HD. It is ideal for all content creators to enhance their video quality, and its AI assistance helps in video editing, publishing, and marketing. 


  • Offers a free trial period of 7 days
  • Time efficient 
  • User-friendly for beginners
  • Comes with an AI-driven smart editor that quickly creates professional-looking videos


  • Offers fewer number of editing features
  • The AI technology is not reliable

Operation Steps 

Step 1: Open the Magisto app and select the photos and videos. 

Step 2: Choose an editing style to fit your story. 

Step 3: Select a soundtrack; your movie will be ready in seconds.

#7. Videoleap

best video enhancer app

Operating Systems: Android and iOS

Videoleap is an advanced and powerful video enhancer app with comprehensive yet exclusive video enhancement tools like green screen/chroma key compositing, a layer-based editing, and a timeline to see your video clips in individual frames. The advanced volume controls have over 100 sound effects and an equalizer preset.


  • Offers pre-made filters and effects that are fitted for every occasion
  • Improves the green screen option and chroma key composition
  • It will maintain quality and solution during editing and after exporting it
  • A variety of text and adjustable settings are supported in the app


  • Relatively expensive application 
  • The free version adds a watermark at the end of the output

Operation Steps 

Step 1: Open Videoleap and upload a video clip of 10 seconds or less. 

Step 2: Navigate through a vast selection of AI Effects and choose one, including AI Selfies, AI Anime, AI Cartoons, and AI Gaming.

Step 3: Pick a filter or write your own prompt to create your own.

Step 4: Share your AI video to your social handles and inspire others.

Best Video Enhancer App for PC: UniFab All-In-One 

The above-listed video quality enhancers work well for Android and iOS devices. However, if you are looking for a powerful and reliable video enhancer app supplement for PC, UniFab All-In-One can cease your search right away. 

Best Video Enhancer App for PC: UniFab

UniFab lets you discover a new level of clarity with its proprietary universal enhancement model. Designed for augmenting any type, be it low-resolution TV series, B&W films, homemade videos, or animations, its cutting-edge tech enhances visuals exceptionally well.

* Currently, UniFab doesn't provide a mobile version, and only a PC version is available at present.

Key Features of UniFab 

  • Upscales SDR to HDR10/Dolby Vision
  • Enlarges video resolution up to 4K (Ultra HD)
  • Enhances video quality for every genre 
  • Upmix audio to DTS 7.1 with AI
  • Deinterlace videos by utilizing AI technology 
  • Convert videos to any format without losing quality 
  • Effortlessly compress videos to any video while retaining original quality 
  • Provides a single multimedia editing toolbox
  • Offers professional video creation solution 


1. What are the common problems related to video quality? 

Video quality can throw a wrench into your viewing experience due to these factors:

  • Low resolution 
  • Compression artifacts 
  • Frame rate issues 
  • Interlacing 
  • Color distortion 
  • Noise and grain 
  • Aspect ratio problems

2. Are AI video enhancer apps free? 

No. Most of the video enhancer apps are not free. You can opt for free software available online, but they may risk your privacy, and you may compromise your data. 

The Bottom Line 

As you already know, the digital market is flooded with powerful video enhancer apps to enhance your video quality with smooth filters and effects, making them look more professional. But the challenge is to pick the one that best suits your needs.

So, we have walked the extra mile to shortlist and help you settle with your favorite app before you start shooting. With AI-powered video enhancers, you can easily edit your videos as these tools automatically detect the need for changes, and without any manual steps, you can complete the editing task