Blake Shelton is an American singer, songwriter, and TV celebrity.The singer has been nominated eight times for Grammy Awards, won 24 BMI awards, and 24 ASCAP awards among other awards. He has also been a judge on TV singing competition shows, The Voice, Clash of the Choirs, and Nashville Star. Here, we have curated a list of Blake Shelton latest songs for you. So, let’s get to the list.

1.     Every Time I Hear That Song

Another latest Blake Shelton song, ‘Every Time I Hear That Song’ is a country song that was released on 20 February 2017 for his album, ‘If I’m Honest.’ In this song, Shelton looks back on his relationship with some good and some bad memories.

2.     I’ll Name the Dogs

Another latest singles by Blake Shelton, ‘I’ll Name the Dogs’ is a country song under the label of Warner Bros and Nashville. The song narrates the feeling of the singer that he is in love and ready to settle down. It is also assumed to be a proposal to his girlfriend.

3.     I Lived It

‘I Lived It’ is the latest Blake Shelton song, released on 29 January 2018 for his studio album Texoma Shore. The song was produced by Scott Hendricks. In this song, the singer highlights his childhood memories. The music video of the song shows the childhood and teenage pictures of the singer. The song got listed on number 63 on US Billboard Hot 100, number 3 on US Country Airplay, and number 8 on US Hot Country Song (Billboard), along with several other lists.

4.     At The House

‘At The House’ is another single from Shelton’s studio album Texoma Shore released in 2017. According to the singer, this song is the reason he gave the album this name. The music of the song makes you feel good and realize how taking it easy is sometimes the best kind of thing to do. The song did great commercially and also made its place in the top charts of several countries.

5.     Beside You Babe

‘Beside You Babe’ is Blake Shelton’s latest song from his studio album, Texoma Shore released in 2017. The country song has breezy music. The song is simply about being there for somebody, and the singer sings of love and commitment to stay beside his lady till the end of time. The album made it to many charts.

6.     Why Me

‘ Why Me’ is a new country song by Blake Shelton from the album Texoma Shore. The song reached the Billboard Country Airplay chart. As the title suggests, the singer is singing for his lady and asking her why she’d chose him in the whole world.

7.     Hangover Due

‘Hangover Due’ is a country song by Blake Shelton form his latest album Texoma Shore released in 2017. This love song is all about spending a good time with a loved one with whom the singer’s hangover night is due.

8.     Got The T-Shirt

‘Got the T-Shirt’ is the latest country song by Blake Shelton from the album Texoma Shore. In the song, the singer is singing about the girl he spent the night with and wondering what she’d be doing with his T-shirt that she wore and whether he would be able to see her again.

9.     When The Wine Wears Off

‘When the Wine Wears Off’ is a song from Shelton’s album Texoma Shore. In this song, Shelton is with someone he loves at his home, and he is in doubt whether she likes him or not.

10.   You Make It Feel Like Christmas

‘You Make It Feel Like Christmas’ is a song by Gwen Stefani for the album by same name featuring Blake Shelton. The song was released in 2017 in seasonal genre under Interscope Label. The song features the pop style of Stefani and the country roots of Shelton. Shelton is the co-writer of the track too.

That’s all in the list!

Blake Shelton is a country singer, and in 2016, he opened his exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum that follows his achievement and career path. In 2017, Shelton’s wax figure was unveiled for Madame Tussauds Nashville.

How to download Blake Shelton’s Songs?

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If you are fond of Blake Shelton’s songs, this is the best way to download his songs’ audio version to keep with you in your phone. Since, while on the go we love to listen to music rather than watching their videos. So, having the audios of your favourite songs is fun to have while on the go.

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