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Top 10 Best Christmas Songs on YouTube


   Posted by Amanda

2020-04-02 04:20:55


Summary: Do you want to find some Christmas songs on YouTube for this Christmas season? Here we have made a list of some best YouTube Christmas songs and also show you how to download them from YouTube.

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Music is an integral part of our life.It makes everything around us more meaningful and beautiful.  You pick any festival, and you will find some songs and music related to that festival. Same happens in the case of Christmas. There are loads of Christmas songs on YouTube, and you may not have time to listen to them all and to make an awesome playlist, you need have loads of patience else you will end up scratching your head. Somehow it’s also not feasible to get time in between the Christmas preparation to prepare the Christmas playlist. Therefore, we brought a list of 10 best Christmas songs.


Part 1:10 best Christmas songs on YouTube


1.       All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

The catchy and jumping lines of this song made it on the top of our list of best Christmas songs on YouTube. In 2018 and for many coming years this song will maintain the first position on the list of best Christmas songs. Once you hear this song, you couldn’t stop your feet to dance with its rhythm. This song is so popular that there is hardly anyone who doesn’t play this song, especially on Christmas. You will be surprised to know that this song was not on the top of the charts when it was released and now after so many years of its release it becoming more and more popular.


2.       Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl

Fairytale of New York is the song that made you recall the memories of many past Christmases. The marvelous opening of the song makes it easily recognizable within 7 seconds. I love that opening piano chords played by James Fearnley, It grabs your attention easily and forces your mind not to think anything else, and this is what a great song does to its listeners.  


3.        ‘Last Christmas’ – Wham!

When you talk about the Christmas songs, then this song comes on the top of the playlist. Christmas celebration seems incomplete without this song. This cheesy pop song has everything- bitterness, sadness, and heartbreak. The video of this song is cute and memorable knitwear. The heart touching lyrics and soulful music of this song makes it popular since its release in 1984.  


4.       The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole

This classical song will always find a place in Christmas song on YouTube playlist. As soon as your ears witness the opening line of the song "chestnuts roasting on an open fire," you actually can smell them. For me, it’s one of the classical and best Christmas songs on YouTube.


5.       It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Yearby Andy Williams

This song was sung by Andy Williamsin his first Christmas Album, since then this song has been used in seven different albums. The easy lyrics and beautiful music is a treat for ears. This song will always get a place in all-time best Christmas songs.


6.       Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms

This song can boost up your festive mood. Tour neck starts moving with the catchy lyrics and beats of this song. This song is loved by the kids and grownups equally. So, here is a link of this Christmas song for kids on YouTube. Trust me this song is an earworm, so be ready to play this one on repeat mode.


7.       Winter Wonderland by Bing Crosby

The voice Bing Crosby ruled the kingdom of Christmas songs. He is so popular for the Christmas songs that his albums are amongst the most popular one. His version of winter wonderland is one of my favorite Christmas songs.


8.       Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea

The happiness of meeting the family after a long time on Christmas takes you to another level. You can feel that happiness in this song sung by Rea. This song is a gem, do listen this one while driving and the joy you will feel will be ultimate.


9.        “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra

Originally this song was written for Judy Garland. But this song has been produced in different versions since then. I prefer this version of the song. It just reflects the joy of Christmas.


10.   “Santa Baby” - Eartha Kitt

It’s another best Christmas song on YouTube. It must be the sexiest Christmas song. The husky voice gives a seduction to this song, and this makes it an all-time hit Christmas song.

So, here were the top 10 best Christmas songs on YouTube.


Part 2: How to Download Christmas songs from YouTube Freely?

You have the best Christmas songs list already, now let’s talk how to download audio version (MP3) from YouTube free of cost.

To do this, we have a tool DVDFab YouTube to MP3 which extracts MP3 from YouTube videos, and download on your computer within a matter of some time. It even can download YouTube playlists at much greater speed.Below are the steps to download MP3 from YouTube

1.       First of all, download and install, DVDFab 11 on your computer.

2.       Launch it. You will see main UI of the software. Now under Utilities, click “YouTube to MP3”.

3.       Now, go to YouTube, and get the YouTube link of the Christmas songs.

4.       In the tool, click “paste URL”.

5.       You will see that the YouTube link is pasted, and already the MP3 extraction and download process have been started. Sometimes, it may take few moments to get the download process started.

7.       Once the download process is completed, you can go to “Finished” tab to view your MP3 file.

That’s it. You have downloaded the MP3 of the song using YouTube link, and DVDFab YouTube to MP3 tool.


Part 3: How to download the YouTube videos of these Christmas songs?

To download Christmas songs videos from YouTube, we have the best tool called, DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader which is able to download any YouTube videofreely and easily.

Here are steps to download YouTube videos of Christmas songs.

1.       At first, download and install DVDFab 11 on your computer.

2.       Launch it, and under Utilities, click “YouTube Video Downloader”.

Note: Currently, YouTube Video Downloader is available in 32-bit version of DVDFab 11 only.

3.       Now, a new Window for YouTube video Downloader will be opened in which integrated YouTube will be shown.

4.       Type the song name in the search bar, once found, play it. There you will see a “Download” button. Once you mouse-over that, you will see download options.

5.       You can now click on any resolution to start the download process. For example, click “HD (720p) - .mp4”. Then click “Download” tab to see the download progress.

In some time, the video will be downloaded. That’s it. Your video is downloaded on your computer.



Christmas is at hand, and having a list of the best Christmas songs on YouTubeis great. So, we have shared such 10 best Christmas song list. And also, we have shared the method to download the audio (MP3) and video version of those songs from YouTube. Both DVDFab YouTube to MP3 and DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader are efficient modules of DVDFab 11. They seamlessly do their job quickly.

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