All of us watch videos. Just the content of the video might be different for different people since some of us like to watch movies, some like to watch cartoons, some like drama, some just enjoy video songs, and so on. Normal users just watch videos, but the geek type of users always try to do a lot with videos such as editing the them, converting their formats, etc. lately, users started to combine MP4 files as well. Yes, multiple videos can be merged into one video.

Reasons for merging can be different, but when you think to merge MP4 files, it is fairly possible. In fact, not only one, but there are many tools out there that help you merge MP4 videos effortlessly. Point to note that, not just MP4 files but other video files can also be merged as well.

In this article, we are sharing 4 best tools to combine MP4 file:


1. DVDFab Video Converter

Go to this link, and download DVDFab Video converter which is a tool that is basically designed to convert videos to different formats but it has some other features of doing multiple jobs as well. Combining videos is one of such jobs that it can do efficiently. This is available for both Windows and Mac, and the process of doing any job is also same on both Operating Systems.

If you want to know how to combineMP4 filesusing DVDFab Video Converter, do check out the steps below:

Step 1: If you have already downloaded and installedDVDFab Video converter, launch it by double-clicking its icon on your PC’s desktop. You will see its home screen. Make sure you are on “Converter” tab.

There you will see “Merge” option which is disabled. But, it will be enabled when you load two or more videos in the software.

Step 2: Now, click on the +icon that you see in the center of the user interface which will help you locate the video files. Select them, and import.

Select both videos and click “open”. Both videos will be loaded to the software.

Note: If you want DVDFab to output MP4 format, you should remember to go to the profile library to choose the MP4 format. Of course, you can also choose other formats if you want.

Step 3: Now click “Merge

That will show you the preview of the videos that you have imported. Now, click “ok”. Then click “Start” to initiate the combining process.

Once the merging process completes, you will see the confirmation.

Click OK, and then click Finish

Step 4: Now the merged file is saved to C:\Users\user\Documents\DVDFab10\Video location of your computer. If you cannot locate the location, you can simply click on the Folder icon to open the target folder.

There you will see a video with name Merge 1 which is the final merged video in which both videos are attached. When you play the video, it will show a video first, and another video will start showing after the first one ends.

That is how you can merge MP4 files. We took 2 videos, but you can do with multiple videos as well. The merged video will be the larger file since 2 videos are combined into one, and its file size will be more as well.


2. iMovie

iMovie is an apple product that offers multiple options to edit videos including merging them. This software tool is awesome just like other Apple products. You just need to go to File >> New Project >> Import. It will open a dialogue box as pop up. Select the MP4 videos that you want to combine.

Now, since the videos have been imported into the software, you just need to drop the videos to the project window to join them. Once the process is completed, you can export the new file in which different videos are combined.


3. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free video editing software program that you can use to combine MP4 files in just a few seconds. The process of merging videos into this software is quite easy. Just go to File >> Open, and select the first video, then repeat the process to add more videos. Once all the videos are added, go to File >> save >> save video, and give the file a name. That’s all. All the videos will be joined and form a new video file.



We have listed 3 different desktop software tools to merge MP4 videos but now, we are sharing a website that you can use to merge MP4 files online.

Just visit the official site. Click “CHOOSE FILES” and select multiple videos that you want to merge into one. Wait for them to upload. Once done, select the output file settings, and then initiate the merging process. In a few minutes, it will be completed. After it is completed, download the new merged file.



We generally need combining videos once in a while for various reasons such as while doing our projects, making mixed videos, etc. The above mentioned 4 tools are the best ones to combine MP4 files.

Moreover, for better robustness and reliability, you must go with DVDFab Video Converter software for combining MP4 video files.

So, these tools are the answer to the query how to combine MP4 files? Hope you liked the list.