There was a time when most of the videos you would come across were AVI files. This was the most popular video format for a number of years nowadays things are a little bit different. AVI is slowly but surely being replaced by MKV because of its higher quality output and superior performance. MKV videos tend to be a bit larger than their AVI counterparts but what you’re getting in return is higher quality. With storage space being less of an issue these days, it’s a good idea to convert AVI to MKV and enjoy the benefits offered by this format. There are plenty of converters out there that allow you to do just that but we recommend first trying one of the following:

How to Convert AVI to MKV Using DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is the best conversion tool currently available. Not only will you be able to convert AVI to MKV with this software, but you can also convert between a wide variety of other formats as well, including 4K and 3D videos. In addition, you can also convert video formats to audio-only files, which is a great way to save space. DVDFab Video Converter offers batch conversion, multi-threading, the ability to transfer any available metadata to the output file, and more. To top it all off, the software also offers great editing and customization tools so you can convert AVI to MKV like a pro. Here’s how it works:

1. Open DVDFab 11 and go to the Converter module, which is located in the top menu.

convert avi to mkv

2. Add the video you want to convert by clicking the “+” button or by using the drag & drop method. DVDFab 11 also lets users add videos directly from their mobile devices so click the Add from Mobile button if you want to try this new option.

convert avi to mkv

3. Proceed to the Profile Switcher and then select Format. Since we’re doing an AVI to MKV conversion we’re going to select MKV for the output in this particular case but feel free to select a different option if you want to convert to something else. Also feel free to customize the video to your liking by using the Advanced Settings and Video Edit buttons. Using these buttons you can change the resolution or video quality, crop and trim the video, add watermarks or subtitles, and much more.

convert avi to mkv

4. Once you’re all done, simply click the folder icon near the bottom to choose where you want to save the output file and then click the Start button to convert the AVI to MKV format.

convert avi to mkv

How to Convert AVI to MKV Using Online Convert

Online Convert is a handy conversion tool that you can use for free without having to download anything. It’s not as rich in terms of customization options and extra features as traditional conversion software but it is pretty good as what it does and can convert AVI to MKV without any issues. Here’s how it works:

convert avi to mkv online

1. Visit the official Online Convert website and go to the Video Converter menu. Here, select the option labeled Convert to MKV.

2. Load the source from your computer or from a third-party service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

3. Change the resolution, bitrate, audio quality, or use any of the other customization options.

4. Click the Convert button. Once the file has been processed you will be directed to a new page where you can download the video.


How to Convert AVI to MKV Using Freemake Video Converter

Freemake is a free tool that’s very easy to use and offers a decent number of options to play with. The customization tools are nothing to write home about but they’re enough for a simple AVI to MKV conversion. The software adds a small watermark to the videos during conversion so only use Freemake if that sort of thing doesn’t bother you.

convert avi to mkv

1. Open Freemake Video Converter and select the Video Option to load the file you want to convert.

2. A new window will automatically open where you can use a few basic editing tools like trimming, cropping or rotating the video.

3. Go to the bottom menu and look for the option labeled “to MKV.” Select the preset and the destination folder.

4. Click the convert button and wait until the software finishes processing your file.


As you can already tell by now, it’s quite easy to convert AVI to MKV if you have the right tool at your disposal. The tools we discussed today are just a few of the most popular ones but there are plenty more out there you could try. However, we still recommend going for DVDFab Video Converter for all your conversion needs because this software offers more useful tools than its competitors are performs any conversion with lightning-fast speeds.