Both MP4 and FLV are the most popular video formats that we all use frequently. When you download or get videos from someone, they might be of different formats such as MP4, FLV, MKV, etc. Sometimes, you download videos with the MP4 format and then realise that you cannot play because your video player doesn’t support it. In that case, you can either change the video player or convert MP4 to FLV or any other video format that is supported by your video player.

Though using a video player that supports most of the video formats is a good option, converting MP4 to FLV can be a good choice as well if your existing video player supports FLV. That is where your hunt for an MP4to FLV converter begins, and to your surprise, there is a long list of such converters available online. But, a very few are the good ones.

So, if you have the requirement of finding a converter tool that converts MP4 to FLV video format, go through the list of a few such video converters:

1.     DVDFab Video Converter - The Best MP4 to FLV Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is one of the best tools to convert MP4 to FLV video format, and it comes from the house of DVDFab which is a growing software company and giving a tough competition to its contemporary rivals.

This software is a premium one, but you can download it from the official website, and use for 30-days free of cost since it offers 30-days free trial. It is a feature-rich software program, and apart from converting MP4 to FLV, it does convert various file formats as well.

Notable Features of DVDFab Video Converter

1.      Easy to use.

2.      You get better control over the output file as you can get the video entirely or a part of it.

3.      No quality-degrade due to conversion.

4.      Quick conversion.

5.      30-days free trial which enables you to take the better decision of investing in this software program or not.

Steps to convert MP4 to FLV using DVDFab Video Converter

First of all, download DVDFab Video Converter by clicking here, and then install it by double-clicking on the setup file which you have downloaded. Installation is quite easy which you can do just by watching the on-screen instructions.

Once installed, launch the software. You will see its main user interface:

Since the software does various jobs, you will see multiple options such as Copy, Ripper, Converter, Creator, and Utilities. But, you focus on the Converter option.

Click on Converter, then locate the MP4 Video file, and load it into the software.

Once the video is loaded, select the output format as FLV by clicking on the leftmost button, and select FLV.

After that, you can change output save location so that you can store the converted video to the location you want, and then click “Start” to start the conversion process of MP4 to FLV.

You will then see the processing window.

And in some time (depending on the video file length), you will get the confirmation about completing the process.

That’s all. Now your MP4 video is converted into FLV format. DVDFab Video Converter also contains many advanced features. Click the “wrench” icon you can go into the “Advanced Settings” panel and change the parameters like resolution, bit rate, frame rate and more. Click the “editor” icon next to the “wrench” icon, you can trim, crop the video, add external subtitles, add watermark and adjust the picture values.

2.     Convert MP4 to FLV using VLC Media Player

You can convert MP4 videos to FLV format using VLC media player as well, and that is free. VLC is the big name when we talk about media players.

To do it, launch VLC media player on your computer if you have it installed on your computer already. If not, you can download its website.

After launching the player, go to Media >> Convert/Save

This will open a dialogue box as:

Now, click Add to load the MP4 video. Once, loaded, click Convert/Save button.

Select Dum Raw input, and then click on “browse” to give name and location. Just give anyname.flv, and then click Start

Within a few moments, your video will be converted to FLV.

Note:You may ask why I haven’t chosen FLV from the drop-down. Right? Because, when I was converting that way, the file was not being converted to FLV, and giving the same output which was MP4. So, using “Dump raw input” option works well. You just need to remember, that while giving the file name put .flv at the end like this:

And, when you click on “start”, wait for some time, and then look into the folder which you set as the output location, you will see the new file with .flv extension. As in my case,

That’s all!

Thisis how you can convert MP4 to FLV using VLC media player.

3.     Convert MP4 to FLV Online using

The above two options are superior, but if you have a small MP4 file, and you don’t have both of the above software, you can try the online tool, which converts your file within a few moments depending upon the input video file size.

Visit the site,, and there select, FLV from the drop-down shown under Video Converter.

You will be directed to the converter page where you need to locate the MP4 video file. Then click “Convert file”.

And, in some time, file will be converted. Moreover, there are more features which if you want; you can customise to get the output file of your choice.

The downside of this online tool is if you want to convert a big file, it will take a lot of time uploading and converting the video.


These were the 3 best methods to convert MP4 to FLV video format, and we recommend you the first option to go with because that is quite reliable and a premium software tool. Moreover, you can use any of these as per your requirement.