In this competitive age where we live a stressful life, entertainment is important get relieved from all the stress. What is better than the video?

Videos are the best entertainment stuff that you can nowadays watch on the go using your smartphone. When we talk about videos, we all know there are various formats available such as MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, etc.

At some point of time, most of us need to convert videos from one format to another due to various reasons. So, in this article, we are going to talk about converting MP4 to MKV.


1.       Using DVDFab Video Converter

To convert MP4 to MKV, there are various converters available which we will talk about further in this article but let’s first talk about the most versatile MP4 to MKV converter, DVDFab Video Converter.

DVDFab Video Converter is a DVDFab 11 module that converts various videos from one format to another in just a few clicks.

How to Convert MP4 to MKV using DVDFab Video Converter?

1.       The very first step is to download DVDFab 11 on your computer system and install it.

2.       Launch DVDFab 11. You will see the main user interface of it.

3.       Now, click  “Converter”, and then click + icon to select the MP4 file that you want to convert to MKV. Once selected, click on Profile Switcher to select MKV, and then click “Start”.

4.       Now, wait for a few moments. You will see that the process is completed successfully. Mp4 to MKV conversion is done.

That is what you need to do to convert MP4 to MKV using DVDFab Video Converter.

Let’s talk some of the best features of DVDFab Video Converter.

1.       Apart from MP4 to MKV, it can convert various multimedia formats. For example, you can convert AVI to MP4 or MP4 to AVI, AVI to WMV, etc.

2.       When MP4 to MKV conversion is done, you will notice no difference in the quality since this software retains the quality.

3.       With the different customization features, you can customize the output video the way you want.

4.       You can select the input file from mobile devices which is wirelessly connected to DVDFab 11 using the DVDFab remote.

5.       With the Free DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader, you can download MP4 videos from YouTube, and then by using the converter module, you can convert that to MKV or any other multimedia format.

6.       It is very quick and easy to use DVDFab Video Converter as you can see above that within few clicks, you can easily convert a video from one format to another.


2. an online MP4 to MKV converter that is quite efficient in conversion. Not only MP4 to MKV but it works as Audio converter, Video Converter, image converter, Document converter, etc. Below are the steps to convert MP4 to MKV:

1.       Go to

2.       From the Video Converter dropdown, select “Convert to MKV” and Click “Go”

3.       Now, the MP4 to MKV converter page will be opened. Now, select the file, and click “Start Conversion”

Thiswill take some extra time to convert MP4 to MKV because first of all, the selected MP4 file will be uploaded to the site, and then the conversion will be done.


3. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake needs no introduction because it is renowned for offering featured software programs free. Freemake Video Converter is a free tool to convert MP4 to MKV in just a few steps. Below are the steps to convert MP4 to MKV:

1.       Firstly download Freemake Video Converter from its official site, and install on your computer system.

2.       Launch the software after installation completes. You will see the main UI.

3.        Click “Video” to select the MP4 file that you want to convert to MKV. Once the file is selected, click “to MKV”.

4. Now, you will see a pop-up window that you can use to select the quality of the video.

5. If you want to make edits, do. Otherwise, just click “Convert” to convert MP4 to MKV. In some time, it will be completed. You will get the confirmation for the same.

Thisis how you can convert MP4 to MKV using Freemake Video Converter.


4.       FileZigZag

FileZigZag is an online MP4 to MKV converter which you can try online since you don’t need to install any desktop tool for this. All you have to do is, Add File, Select Output format as MKV, enter your Email address, and click Convert.

Once converted, your output file download link will be emailed to you. Since this is an online tool, when you add the file, it takes time to upload first. So, bigger files will take more time for conversion.


5.       VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is actually a multimedia player tool but it has a lot of other features including MP4 to MKV conversion.

Steps to convert MP4 to MKV

1.       To convert MP4 to MKV, first of all, download VLC Media Player on your computer, and install it.

2.       Launch VLC Media Player.

3.       Now, go to Media >> Convert/Save

You will see the next screen as:

Click Add to add the video and click on Convert / Save

4.       Now, Click the “Create new profile” icon

Thiswill open the next screen where you need to select “MKV”, and give any profile name.

Click “Create”

5.       Now, you will be back to the convert window. There, select the newly created profile.

And, click  “start”.

In few moments, MP4 will be converted to MKV.

That is all you have to do to convert MP4 to MKV using VLC media player.



Due to the increasing number of video formats, many old video players don’t support the new formats. There come video converter tools to the rescue. In this article, we have listed 5 different tools to convert MP4 to MKV, but the best one is DVDFab Video Converter since it is the most versatile tool on our list.