Why Convert MP4 to MP3?

MP4 is such a versatile video format that it’s playable in most media player, whether hardware or software.

But what if you have an MP4, especially one with a long duration, where the audio portion is more valuable than that of the video?

For example, you have the video clip of a long lecture and you would like to listen to the audio on your car CD player or your mobile phone.

If you have this need, then the best way to get your wish fulfilled is to convert your MP4 file to MP3, which provides a small file size with no noticeable loss of audio quality.

One good way is to convert MP4 to MP3 in the iTunes way.


MP4 to MP3 in iTunes Way

Install iTunes in your computer. iTunes, though, is powered by Apple is available for Windows users for free.

Go to Google and search for “download iTunes”.

Once you've downloaded and installed it you're ready to convert your MP4 files to MP3 .

Only .M4A Files Accepted

Let it be known at the outset that iTunes doesn't convert MP4 video files to MP3. It converts MP4 audio files to MP3 though.

What this means is your MP4 file must have the .m4a extension instead of .mp4.

So if you have an MP4 video file you would need it to convert it to MP4 audio file (.m4a) first.

Once you have an MP4 audio file with the .m4a extension, you can proceed to convert MP4 to MP3 with iTunes.

How to Convert MP4 to MP3 on iTunes

Launch iTunes and select Music from the main interface

The next step would be to import your MP4 audio file into iTunes

Click on File and choose Add File to Library to import your .m4a audio. Alternatively, you could drag your MP4 audio file to the middle of the interface

Once file is is imported you can check whether it’s recognised as .m4a or MP4 audio file by clicking on Album Info.

The next step would be to set the conversion filter to MP3.

Click on Edit on main menu and choose Preferences.Once in the Preferences window, choose General and then click on Import Settings and choose MP3 Encoder and click OK.

The Next step would be to convert it to MP3. Before you do that, add your MP4 audio file to a playlist by right clicking on it. Your file will appear in a playlist.

To start the conversion process, choose File, Select Convert and select create MP3 version


Conversion starts.

To locate the converted file, click on the Recently Added menu on the left. You’ll find the converted file next to the original.m4a file.

Right click on it and choose album info and you’ll see the .mp3 extension. Your .m4a file has now been converted to MP3

A Better Option

You would notice that the major drawback of using iTunes to convert an MP4 file is you would have to convert it to ,m4a first before importing it for conversion to MP3.

If you don’t want to go through the, you could use the DVDFab to convert the file.


MP4 to MP3 in DVDFab Video Converter Way

DVDFab Video Converter is a versatile video converter that converts any popular video format to a format of your choice, usually the ones regularly supported by most hardware and software media players.

It promises fast, stable and a reliable video conversion. You’re welcome to download a free trial copy and test drive it for 30 days without any obligation to purchase.

Conversion Process

On launching DVDFab Video Converter, click on the + button to add your MP4 file

Once your MP4 file is loaded, click on the arrow  button under the DVDFab logo to choose your output format.

When the output format window opens, click on Audio and then choose MP3

Before you proceed with the conversion you may wish to preview your MP4 file by clicking on the Play button to ensure you have the right file.

If you wish to customize your converted MP3 you could tweak the advanced settings by clicking on the spanner icon next to the play button.

You may also set your preferred output folder before you hit the green Start button to begin conversion.

Conversion is super fast.

You may test your output MP3 file on a media player of your choice.

DVDFab Video Converter Overriding Advantage

 You would have noticed that DVDFab Video Converter has a standout benefit when converting MP4 to MP3.

You don’t have to convert your MP4 file to the .m4a format before converting it to MP3 as in iTunes. For iTunes DRM removal, you can turn here.

Just drag any MP4 files you have, choose MP3 as your output format and begin conversion as per the steps above. Easy and Fast.

Download DVDFab Video Converter for Windows/Mac for a free trial today. You’ll not be disappointed with your the results of your MP4 to MP3 conversion.