In this post, we shall look at some of the best ways to convert video to audio formats, like mp4 to mp3. It would be easy to convert MP4 to MP3, and there are many online converters that don’t require an installation and that allow you to convert MP4 to MP3 online easily and quickly. But before we give the steps of converting MP4 to MP3 online, let us first check some of the main reasons why you would want to convert videos to MP3 files.


Reasons for converting video to MP3:

* Primarily, the video files are too bulky, and they take up a lot of storage space on your hard drives, or memory cards.

* If you have many music videos, then you cannot possibly accommodate them all in your smartphones or tablet PCs. The best solution here is to convert them to mp3. You can save many MP3 files in the same space which one video file will take.

* If you are into video editing, then you will need to conversion software for merging background audio on your video projects.

* Video to MP3 converter tools are used extensively by web designers and web developers. Obviously, the video files are bulky, and they take a lot of time for uploading on (or downloading from) the servers. MP3 files load much faster on websites and blogs, thereby improving the user experiences.

* MP3 audio files are very light and are compatible with almost all types of music player gadgets and software applications.

* You can empty the music videos from a whole bunch of CDs and DVD's by converting them to mp3, and then store them in your portable devices.

* Similarly, you will need the mp3 converter for creating audio books, or if you want to pull out some audio quotes from the movie files, if you are a music DJ, etc.


There are 2 ways for converting MP4 videos to MP3.

* Video conversion online by using websites or mobile phone apps

* Converting videos to MP3 by using desktop software.


Let us look at how you can convert MP4 to MP3 online.

There are many MP4 to MP3 converter software online available for free, such as,, Online Audio Converter, and more. Here I will take the as an example.

Step 1: Go to the website of, and choose the option “convert a video or audio file”.

Step 2: Select the MP4 video file you want to convert from your computer or drop the MP4 file to the page directly.

Step 3: Select MP3 format as the output format.

Step 4: Click “More Settings” to choose the audio quality and to set the start time and end tome of the audio track.

Step 5: Click “START” button to start the conversion process.

When the conversion is complete, you can download the converted MP3 files to your computer.


Features of those online MP4 to MP3 converters:

* These online conversion websites or apps generally have a simple user interface.

* You will get the option of entering the video website link for conversion, and also the browse option to choose the video files from your local hard drive.

* Most of the websites which allow you to convert MP4 to MP3 online have very limited features.

* After uploading the file, you will get a few options for controlling the MP3 output files.

* These online tools do not give you the option of capturing the audio clips from the parts of the video files. Also, most of them do not allow for batch conversions.

* Another drawback with the online mp4 to mp3 converter websites is that you will have to use your internet bandwidth, each time you upload the file. If you are working on a slow internet connection, then it will take you ages to upload just 1 video file. Also, you don't get the option to continue the upload, if the net connection gets interrupted.


Therefore, it is recommended to use a standalone desktop software, instead of any mp4 to mp3 converter online. They offer the best solution for all the limitations mentioned above, about converting MP4 to MP3 online. Let us check out why standalone desktop conversion software is a much better option than using online tools.

In this post, we shall review one of the best video or mp4 to mp3 converter for desktops, the DVDFab Video Converter.


DVDFab Video Converter

This converter software is a fully featured tool, which allows you to use almost all types of video formats that are available on storage devices, digital camcorders, internet websites, gaming consoles, music player software, etc. 

* The best thing about this software is that it provides high quality output very quickly, and it can also convert the video formats of 3D devices as well.

* The library of this software allows for video playback, using which you can convert the exact parts of the clips, and also see the progress.

* The DVDFab video converter gives you have complete control over the kind of output you need. You can get the exact outputs as per your specific requirements.

* The tool also comes with customising options, using which you can select the audio and video parameters as per the various options that are provided, before the conversion process.

* It is a very important tool for video editors and musicians for creating all different types of audio and video effects on their projects.

* The user interface is very proactive but quite simple, and you don't need to be a tech savvy person to be able to use this software efficiently.

* You can also save a lot of time with this software, because it uses multi-core processors for reducing the wait time quite significantly. Also, you can use it for batch conversions, where you can convert many files together.

* Even though your wait-time is cut down quote drastically during the conversion process, you will be astonished with the kind of perfect output quality that it gives.


The development company of DVDFab video converter has been into the business of development from many years now, which is why they always adopt latest technology trends on their products. The features and the results provided by the DVDFab video converter easily surpasses most of the other software in the market.

The software is quite stable, and the help menu has all the information in it. You should not have any problem navigating the software, or using it. They also have a discussion forum link on their website, where you can get more information from other members.


How to convert MP4 to MP3 using DVDFab Video Converter:

The software is designed with easy interface, where you can convert any video to MP3 with just a few clicks of your mouse. You will be amazed with the speed in which it converts the files.

Step 1 - After lunching the software, choose the converter module. Now you will get the option to load the video file that you want to convert to MP3.

Step 2 - You can find the profile library on the upper left corner of the main window. In the profile library, you will need to click on the output format of your choice. Which is MP3 in this case. So you will need to choose 'Audio' tab, and then 'MP3'.

Step 3 -  On the main interface, you should choose the audio track, as per your needs. You can also rename the output MP3 file accordingly. The advanced settings allows you to change the sample rate, channels, and more.

Step 4 - Now you will see the output folder icon the bottom part of the window. Just browse to choose the output folder, as per your needs.

Final Step - All you will need to do now is hit the 'Start' button to initiate the conversion process. The software will do the rest for you. Enjoy your MP3 file in just a few minutes...


You can download the trial version of DVDFab mp4 to mp3 converter free online. After checking this software features, we have rated it with 4.5 stars out of 5.