DVDFab is one of the best, all-in-one video converters. It supports all formats for audio and video files. From basic converting to advanced settings like resolution, bit rate, frame, and more, it offers a wide range of options to enhance the quality of the video. Its standard (free) version offers basic features. On the other hand, the pro version unleashes the world of professional editing, ripping, converting, and much more.

Before moving forward, let’s have a look at what mp4 and wav file formats are and how to convert mp4 to wav online and offline.

Audio File Formats

What is a WAV File?

WAV files are lossless audio formats. It means that they do not compress the original analog audio recording from which they were created. Wav is only used to store audio bitstreams on PC.

What is an Mp4 File?

Unlike WAV file format, MP4 is capable of handling a wide range of file types, including audio, picture, video, and text. Devices that are designed to play MP4 files include both audio and video file players.

There are various video converters online and offline that you can use to convert your files in any format. Amongst many software, DVDFab is one best video converters for Pc, Mac, and mobile devices.

Convert MP4 to WAV with DVDFab Video Converter Pro

With DVDFab Video Converter Pro, you can convert wav to mp4 files if you want to upload a video to your website or share video files from your smartphone. DVDFab both back up your video files and convert and copy them into a variety of other file formats.

DVDFab Video Converter Pro is a professional DVD ripping and video conversion tool found amid and similar to many other video converter softwares. It offers the most efficient method to convert mp4 to wav. With the help of a DVDFab video converter, you will be able to play, store or edit your favourite movies on almost any common media device.


DVDFab Video Converter Pro comes with a number of useful features. With the help of this guide, you will be able to grasp how to use DVDFab converter to its fullest potential.

Here are some outstanding characteristics of DVDFab video converter:

  • Conversion to any format

DVDFab video converter offer all kinds of format conversion for audio, video, and pictures without compromising the quality. It supports many different audio formats, including MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, WAV, AC3, and DTS.

  • Default Settings

This video converter collects minute user information relevant to conversion. Therefore, it offers default settings to added convenience. It helps in saving time by remembering the previous settings. You can any time change these settings in the “advanced setting” tab.

  • Live preview

In many cases, the video will be lengthy and the conversion will take an extended period of time. It goes without saying that you want to know how the conversion is taking place in order to guarantee that the system's resources are being properly used. DVDFab Pro video converter allows users to get a live preview of the converting process.

  • Compatibility

DVDFab Video Converter Pro is even better than its predecessors. The Pro update offer compatibility to new devices such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Zune, cell phone, PVP, PDA, NDS, Apple TV, Xbox 360, PS3, along with other popular electronic devices.

  • Conversion Speed

It does not only convert files in any format but offer high-quality precision because of its high conversion speed. DVDFab video convert offers quick and accurate bulk conversion, which is beneficial when it comes to saving time.

  • Customization

When converting video or audio files, it offers advanced settings to customize the encoding technique, bit rate, resolution, file size, frame rate, aspect ratio, and other requirements.

  • Device Support

The DVDFab Pro supports the most recent versions of the operating system (OS), including Windows 10, both 32- and 64-bit, Windows Vista/7, or 8, Mac

  • 2D video to 3D Conversion

When used in conjunction with the DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter, this is an excellent 2D to 3D video converter for the PC. moreover, it supports different codecs like the H.265 and 4K video formats.

Pros and Cons of DVDFab Video Converter Pro

Like any other converter, the DVDFab Video Converter comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of DVDFab when compared to other similar products;


  • It offers fast conversion in a minimum period of time.
  • Given that it does the batch conversion, this video converter is really quick, particularly if your computer supports the newest NVIDIA CUDA with multi-core CPUs, which increases its overall performance even more
  • Moreover, this converter is capable of converting several files with the same title but different profiles at the same time. It is up to you to select which aided profiles are most appropriate for your device since they are all perfectly tuned. Identifying one file from another is no longer necessary.
  • With the advanced capabilities, you can make modifications such as choosing an encoding technique, adjusting the frame rate or resolution, and so on.


Alongside numerous advantages, this converter has a few drawbacks, such as;

  • Despite the fact that the programme seems to be less expensive than other comparable converters, it is an annual membership service. However, the lifetime option is much more costly in comparison to other alternatives.

Despite some flaws, DVDFab remains one of the most effective tools to convert mp4 to wav Windows 10 and Mac.

How to Convert MP4 to WAV with DVDFab

Let’s have a look at how to convert wav to mp4 using DVDFab video converter pro. It offers a simple-to-use user interface with quick and convenient tools to adjust various settings.

Step 1: Upload your file

After downloading and installing the DVDFab video converter, open the app and click the “Converter” tab.

convert mp4 to wav

It offers three different modes to upload your file. You can either upload from the local storage, mobile, or online. Depending on your convenience, you can also easily drag and drop the files.

In addition, when your upload file online, it starts the DVDFab Video Downloader that helps you to directly download and upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other sites.

Step 2: Choose Output Format

In the drop-down menu, click the “choose other profile” options. When you click the option, it shows you various formats in the profile library. Select WAV for your file conversion.

convert wav to mp4

Step 3: Adjust Video Parameters in Advanced Setting

If you wish to adjust custom settings for resolution, bit rate, codec, frame rate etc., go to “advanced settings”. It allows you to customize your output video or audio characteristics.

how to convert mp4 to wav

Step 4: Start Conversion

To convert your file, click “start”. Your files are saved in the default or your target folder. You can stop or pause in between the conversion as per your convenience.

How to Convert MP4 to WAV with DVDFab Online Video Converter

DVDFab allows you to convert mp4 to wav Windows 10, Mac, or from mobile devices offline and online. If you prefer to do things online, here is a quick guide to convert WAV to MP4 using an online option that does not need any software to be downloaded or installed.

As much easy as “upload and convert your files” sound, converting files to and from any format is quick and easy with DVDFab online converter. You can use DVDFab online video converter on Pc and Mac.


  • 1000+ Formats

DVDFab Video Converter can read all common video/audio formats from the Internet, digital camcorders, or capture cards. It converts audio and video files between 1000+ formats to suit all media players or mainstream devices.

  • Quality conversion

It offers variable resolution options for output files, including, HEVC/H265, 3D, 8K, 4K, 10bit, 12bit.

  • Custom audio and video parameters

DVDFab Video Converter offers complete control over the output video. You can copy, convert or edit the full movie or just a portion of it with more precise settings like bit rate, resolution, frame and codec etc. You can compress your files to the right size and quality for playing on mobile devices or posting on social media sites like YouTube.

  • Built-in non-linear video editor

You can add an intro or outro to your video using the all-new non-linear video editing tools, like:

It allows you to add titles or subtitles with special effects or background music to the video. Crop off undesired parts of the video. Rotate your video. Combine different pieces into one. Adjustable brightness, contrast, and saturation.

These editing tools will help you create a professional-looking, engaging, and appealing video. You may use DVDFab Remote on your smartphone to instantly load the source video and transmit the completed film back, eliminating the need for a data cord.

User Guidance of How to Convert MP4 to WAV Audacity

Audacity is solely is an audio editor capable of processing audio files into various formats. Therefore, it automatically extracts audio from MP4 files. One of the only things that you need to do is choose an output format for the audio that will be included in your final product.


  • This open-source video converter is supported on Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • It is simple to use
  • It is a free video converter


  • It does not offer new features.
  • Takes time to load larger files.

How to Convert MP4 to WAV Audacity

Follow the steps below to learn how to convert MP4 files to WAV files with audacity.

Step 1: Open App

Activate the program on your computer and go to “File” in the menu bar to load the MP4 clips that you want to convert.

Step 2

Following that, once the MP4 file has been loaded, you will see the audio waveform on the main screen.

convert mp4 to wav audacity

Step 3

Once you upload the file, go to “file” in the “menu bar”. Select the option “Export as WAV” from the Export menu in file tab.

Step 4

Once you select “export to WAV”, it gives you options to choose your designated folder to save your file. You will also find options for “meta tags” for the final outcome.

Step 5

When you're through choosing your tags and target folder, click “OK”. it will start converting your file from MP4 to WAV.

Amongst a plethora of video converters, you need the one that offers quick conversion, multiple editing features, along advanced settings. If you continuously work with different files, it is better to have an all-in-one video converter. DVDFab fulfills all your editing, ripping, converting, and copying needs in one place.


Can I convert mp4 to wav windows media player?

Long answer short, Windows Media Player cannot convert audio files from one format to another. To convert mp4 to wav windows media player, you will need to burn audio files to an audio CD first. Then, using Windows Media Player, you may rip the audio CD and save the audio files in the WMA, MP3, WAV, ALAC, or FLAC formats, depending on your preferences.

Is MP4 the same as WAV in terms of sound quality?

MP4 and WAV are two different types of media file formats. In addition to music and video, MP4 include extra bitstreams such as text and subtitles. WAV is an original file format used for audio.

Is it possible to increase the quality of MP4 files by converting them to WAV?

Converting an inferior file back to a WAV format will not improve the audio quality of the file. As a simple rule of thumb: you cannot "improve" the quality of a file by converting it to another format. The most you can aim for is a faultless reproduction of the original work and playback on various devices.