What Is a WEBM File?

Before we move on to know how to convert WEBM to MP4, let us know what exactly is WEBM format. WEBM is a royalty-free and open media file format developed for the web. The format defines the file container structure along with the audio and video formats. These types of files have audio streams compressed with the Vorbis or Opus audio codecs and video streams compressed with the VP9 or VP8 video codecs. The WEBM file structure is designed based on the Matroska container.

To speak more about WEBM, it is an audiovisual media file format. It is majorly aimed to provide a royalty-free option to use in the HTML5 audio and the HTML5 video elements. It has a sibling project WEBP for images. The design of the format is sponsored by Google, and the corresponding software is distributed under a BSD license.

The Best WEBM File to MP4 Converter

In order to convert WEBM file to MP4, an ideal tool is needed that can suffice user needs. The tool must not only convert MP4 to WEBM but also provide different enhanced features. One such tool is DVDFab Video Converter. This tool is the most suitable option available in the market and has the ability to convert WEBM files to MP4 as well as convert video (up to 1080p, 4K, 5K, and 8K) from one format to another.

This WEBM to MP4 converter free can convert video to mainstream audio formats as well as has the ability to playable on home theater and mobile devices. Using its Enlarger AI, the initial low-res video can be upgraded by 300%, from 1080p to 4K, or from 480p to 1080p, without any quality loss. Let us have a look at some of the features of this best WEBM converter.


  • Personalized Video and Audio Parameters

This best WEBM converter has the ability to entirely control the resulting video. Users can copy the complete video or any part they require, and the resulting subtitle and audio stream can be entirely at their disposal. The tool allows video lovers or pro users with more specific and higher requirements the right to alter the audio and video parameters with different options. Users can compress video with the correct quality and size for sharing on social networks such as YouTube or playback on mobile devices.

  • Supports Wide Range of Audio and Video Formats

This best WEBM converter has the ability to read all the well-known audio and video formats from the digital camcorders, Internet, or capture cards, and convert them between more than 1000 audio and video formats. This makes sure that the output file fits all mainstream devices or media players with its rich profile library. 3D, HEVC/H265, 4K, 8K, 12bit, 10bit, and Passthrough are offered by the tool to offer high quality of conversion.

In the conversion procedure, the meta info of the file sources, particularly for TV Shows, will be fixed and shown in the output videos, every episode named with Season, Show Title, and Episode Number. This makes sure that your media player software or media server can list them clearly for gapless playback and effortless browsing.

  • High Conversion Speed

DVDFab Video Converter is developed with an intuitive and simple UI. The tool aims to offer the best user experience. With the help of multi-core, multi-threading, the latest Intel Quick Sync and NVIDIA CUDA, the tool can process any audio or video conversion task in batch at 30 times faster as compared to normal speed. This substantially reduces the waiting time for users.

  • In-built Video Editor

The in-built video editing feature offers users a ton of options. With the editor, users can add a premium opener or intro to introduce their video. Users can also add subtitles or titles with background music or special effects to the video. In addition to this, users can conclude the video with an outro featuring Cast & Crew or Closing Credits.

Moreover, users can crop off unwanted parts, trim clips from the video, rotate video, or merge clips into one using the built-in editor. Furthermore, users can add a custom image to brand or decorate their video. Lastly, users can also adjust contrast, brightness, and saturation to increase the video quality. The features by the editors will make users’ videos engaging, professional, and compelling. Users can also directly upload the source video and transfer the output video back wirelessly without using any cable.

  • The Power of Enlarger AI

Paired with DVDFab Enlarger AI, which is an AI-powered video upscaling program, the low-resolution 480p files can be upgraded to 1080p, and 1080p files can be upgraded to true 4K level. In the meantime, the final output quality will be improved dramatically.

How to Convert the WEBM File to MP4?

Now that you have had a look at the features of the tool, here is a detailed guide that will help you know how to use it to convert the WEBM files to MP4. Follow the below steps.

1. Download and install DVDFab 12 on your PC. Launch the tool and click the Converter module present in the options bar at the top.

2. Upload the source video by dragging and dropping it into the main UI. Users can also upload the video using the Add buttons.

3. Users can use this tool for free with limited features.

:How to Convert the WEBM File to MP4?

4. Now, from the drop-down menu, tap the Choose Other Profile. Users will see Format and Device options in the profile library.

5. Users need to choose one device or format as they wish.

6. If you have higher requests for the end result, set all the audio and video parameters through the Advanced Settings.

7. Users can deeply personalize the output video with the in-built video editor as well.

8. Next, go to the Save to option and click the folder logo to choose the output directory.

9. Users can directly share the video on YouTube as well.

:How to Convert the WEBM File to MP4?

10. Tap the Start option to convert video fast and free.

11. The tool will instantly convert the video to the target folder you have selected.

12. Also, the tool will offer you detailed progress information during the conversion process.

13. Users can cancel anytime the conversion process if they wish to.

:How to Convert the WEBM File to MP4?

Convert WEBM to MP4 with WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe 

In the competitive market of video converters, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is considered as one of the best WEBM converters. Since its release in 2010, it has attracted thousands of users. Having 50 million videos processed every year, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Review has grown into an experienced and mature product.


  • Convert video to multiple formats.

Convert and process almost any format of the material, including hevc, h.264, mp4, Mkv, Avi, WMV, m2ts, avchd, no matter what resolution or codec is used.

  • No quality loss in the process of conversion

The customized compression process can reduce the file size by up to 90% while the visual effect will not be influenced. No matter your file is HEVC/H.264 codec or 60/120/240fps frame rate, you could gain access to 1080p movie.

  • Functional media player

There is a multi-function built-in media player in the WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, which can assist you in enhancing the sound, adding subtitles from a file, cropping parts of the audio, or trimming its duration.

  • Download Videos & Audio

As a powerful program, Winx video downloader is able to download 8k/4k/HD video & audio from over one thousand streaming sites. What’s more, it also could batch the downloaded or saved online videos, movies to MP3, MP4.

How to Use WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to Convert WEBM to MP4

  1. Install and launch WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

:How to Use WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to Convert WEBM to MP4

2. Register and activate the program

:How to Use WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to Convert WEBM to MP4

3. Choose your wanted file and start to convert

:How to Use WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to Convert WEBM to MP4


What elements are present in WEBM files?

WEBM files have video streams compressed with the VP9 or VP8 video codecs and audio streams compressed with the Vorbis or Opus audio codecs. The WEBM file structure is designed based on the Matroska container.

Is WEBM better than MP4?

Both WEBM and MP4 formats can offer high-quality video output. To dig deep, MP4 is a bit better. WEBM is developed to be played on a browser-based media player. Hence, the WEBM format has the benefit of much-enhanced file compression.

Does WEBM offer high quality?

WEBM format offers excellent quality for video files. Apart from this, the playback of the WEBM video format is smooth, so the videos in WEBM format can be played easily even on devices with low technical specifications. This format is ideal for online streaming, too.


Having said that, we just had a look at what WEBM files are. Next, we had a look at how to convert WEBM to MP4. This can be done easily and effortlessly using one of the best converters in the market—DVDFab Video Converter. The tool offers a wide range of features apart from just converting WEBM to MP4.

The in-built video editor and the Enlarger AI are the main highlights of the tool and are some of the major reasons why the tool is preferred by a number of users. Lastly, we had a detailed look at how to convert WEBM to MP4 using this tool. Converting WEBM files to MP4 is not a big deal if you are using DVDFab.