Top 10 Dog Movies On Netflix

Below is the list of movies that you can watch on Netflix as well as a powerful Netflix video downloader. The list contains different kinds of pet-based and dog-based movies, including sad dog movies on Netflix. Read below to know more.

1. Vicky and Her Mystery

Vicky and Her Mystery by Denis Imbert is a family drama film that narrates the story of loss and overcoming personal hurdles. Stéphane is a young man who has lately lost his wife and is coping with the emotional disturbance that is bound with the loss of his wife. He makes decision to go and reside in the mountains for peace together with Vicky (his daughter) who has sadly ended speaking overall. Without his knowledge, she takes up a dog and names it Mystery. But Vicky keeps her pet a secret from the world, and the two eventually create a very solid bond as the movie proceeds further.

dog movies on netflix:1. Vicky and Her Mystery

2. Life In The Doghouse

Life In The Dog House is one of the good dog movies on Netflix and is extremely unique. The movie follows Ron and Danny’s Rescue, showing their special viewpoint to rescuing dogs in need. This film is an eye-opener, and while it provides some valuable lessons, it might not be the best option for young or sensitive viewers. What makes this film even more unique is the fact their work is factual, and so are the impacts in their region they have on dogs. Their commitment and dedication have saved a number of precious dogs in their time, all of which vary in shape, size, personality, and breed. Join Ron and Danny as they adopt and rescue out innocent and cute little friends.

dog movies on netflix:2. Life In The Doghouse

3. Arctic Dogs

Arctic Dogs by Aaron Woodley is an animated comedy movie that showcases talented voice actors such as Heidi Klum, Jeremy Renner, John Cleese, and James Franco. When Swifty, the fox, gets to know that the Arctic surface is going to be bored by Otto Von Walrus so as to melt the ice, he instantly identifies the emergency of a counter-plan.

If he is unsuccessful, there is a good chance of other species of animals and his friends peacefully living there to die impulsively. Hence, before it is too late, he teams up with two otters, a scatterbrained albatross, a polar bear, and a fox to make sure that Otto does not succeed and is dealt with once and for all for creating such a deceitful plan.

dog movies on netflix:3. Arctic Dogs

4. The Stray

Being one of the best dog movies on Netflix 2020, The Stray aims on a dog named Pluto, who seems to just pop out of absolutely nowhere and assists a family in trouble. This film makes for a tear-inducing yet unique experience, as it is based on an undeniably heartwarming and true story.

dog movies on netflix:4. The Stray

5. Patrick

Authored by Vanessa Davies, Mandie Fletcher, and Paul de Vos, Patrick is a British comedy family movie. The movie shows the unlikely friendship of a young teacher, Sarah, whose career has lately begun to become stable, and Patrick, the spoilt pug of her grandmother.

Even though her apartment has a “no pet policy” and she herself grapples to make a relationship with the pet at the beginning, things take a good approach in the weeks to come. Her new pet becomes responsible for her contact with two possible love interests, but when Patrick all of a sudden goes missing, Sarah truly identifies the strength of the relationship that has got between them.

dog movies on netflix:5. Patrick

6. White Fang

The adaption by Netflix has done an exceptional job at creating Jack London’s classic novel, using vivid colors and striking animations that bring life to the story. The film revolves around White Fang, a loyal wolf-dog who was distanced as a puppy from his mother.

White Fang is an emotional yet exciting movie, filled with unforeseen hurdles and plot twists. The dog ends up having three masters in his life, supported by a Native American tribe. however, he faces darker challenges as he matures and comes across vicious and cruel humans.

dog movies on netflix:6. White Fang

7. My Dog Skip

My Dog Skip by Jay Russell is a comedy-drama film that is motivated by an autobiography of the same name by Harry Connick Jr. The Diane Lane and Frankie Muniz-starred movie revolves around an 11-year-old friendless boy, Willie, who resides in Mississippi.

When he has started to give up any hope of having some buddies, he gets Skip, a Jack Russell terrier who alters his life for good. The shy boy who grappled to make friends feels a renewed power in the community after the entrance of his dog friend, which improves his own life in the process.

dog movies on netflix:7. My Dog Skip

8. Pup Academy

Pup Academy centers on a secret realm, where dogs go to become the best friend of man. The film follows three dogs and their owners, as they team up and build the foundation of their bond. It is an amazing option for family nights, as this film has a great aim on love, friendship, and loyalty.

dog movies on netflix:8. Pup Academy

9. Benji

The Benji series is something that people of all generations have known. Views cannot get enough of this mystery-solving cute little dog. Also, Hollywood keeps recreating editions of the movie. The plot of this one is very same to the first film that was launched in the early 70s. Benji befriends two young children and later when the two children are kidnapped, Benji goes out to help them. This might be a remake of a classic but still copes to move you as much as the first one and will definitely leave you in tears.

dog movies on netflix:9. Benji

10. The Secret Life of Pets 2

Following in the footsteps of a classic animation can be difficult, but The Secret Life of Pets 2 will not let you down. The movie is done well in precisely showing it as a sequel, aiming at Max and Duke as they embark on different fun adventures with all of their fluffy buddies. This film is a great option for anyone, as it is funny and goofy to kids while being shockingly relatable to older viewers and parents. It does have a few heartwarming shots, and it would be perfect if your family is searching for a movie night full of uncontrollable laughter.

dog movies on netflix:10. The Secret Life of Pets 2

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How do you find hidden stuff on Netflix?

Here is the list of some secret Netflix codes that give access to tons of hidden shows and movies

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Are there any ads on Netflix?

The streaming platform yearly told employees that an ad-based subscription plan might be launched by the end of this year. This version of Netflix will cost less as compared to the standard $15.49/monthly plan, though the exact discounted monthly cost is not known yet.

Can you pay Netflix yearly?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot pay Netflix for the whole year at once. Unlike other streaming platforms, Netflix only has one option to pay monthly.


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