Want to enhance video quality when you have imperfect video footage at hand? Whether for personal collection or marketing promotion, to enhance video with reliable tools will bring you amazing masterpieces. Killing two birds with one stone will always be fantastic! In this post, you will be recommended top programs to enhance video quality so that you can take shortcuts and gain desirable results. Read on to take your best pick.

PART 1: Why You Need to Enhance Video Quality

Even professionals fail to capture perfect footage in one shot, let alone video buffs or marketers who want to upload video clips on social platforms for the sake of personal or business purposes. But truth is that you are likely to encounter the following problems needed to be resolved.

  • Low resolution due to device limits
  • Dark light or overexposure
  • Shaky shot
  • Redundant noise
  • Imperfect brightness, contrast, and saturation
  • Unnecessary details included
  • Lack filters, transitions, overlays, effects, background music, texts, and animations

Why to Enhance Video Quality

Considering this, to enhance video quality is a must before its final use. To seek optimal solutions to enhance video, go and explore more in this post from the given options.

PART 2: Top Software to Enhance Video Quality

When speaking of the best software to enhance video quality, the following video enhancer programs shall be given top priority. Among all the given options, UniFab Video Enlarger AI heads the table with its highlighted features.

How to enhance video quality

UniFab Video Enlarger AI

This is a professional AI-based video enhancer designed to improve video quality, such as enlarging video up to 4k, enhancing video clarity and quality, etc.
  • Restore your low-res videos into 720p/1080p/4k content
  • Enhance video clarity to a more realistic and vivid visual effect
  • Support video editing to meet your personalized demand
  • Get 50x faster speed with GPU acceleration

How to restore video quality with this AI video enhancer?

Step 1

Launch UniFab and choose the 'Enlarger' module.

Install the software on your device and open the interface

Step 2

Load the source and edit the output video

Choose the 'Enlarger' module. Click the Add Video button to select the video you want to edit in the local file. Then begin to edit the loaded video as desired.

How to enhance video quality

Step 3

Customize the restoring video file

Click the start button to edit your video file. UniFab will complete the video editing task at lightning speed.

How to enhance video quality

Step 4

Start to finish the video restoring process

After customization, you can click 'Start' immediately.

VideoCruise Video Editor

Compatibility: Windows
Pricing plan: $54.99/year

  • Basic editing: split, crop, rotate, flip, reverse, speed & volume adjustment, color correction, mosaic, zoom, frame freeze, voiceover, green-screen effects, PIP, mute, speech & text converter
  • Creative effects: texts, music, filters, transitions, overlays, elements
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, shadow, highlight
  • Clean and intuitive interface, fast process speed, quality output
  • Output videos and audios in diverse formats

Note that if you wonder how to enhance a video with VideoCruise, click here for detailed information in simple clicks. Remember you can enhance video quality free within its trial period. But for full advanced features, the subscription will have the final say.

Adobe Premiere Pro & iMovie

For those professionals, Premiere Pro, available on Windows and macOS, might be their preference since it will be more challenging to enhance video via its complex workflows and diverse editing options. Note that this video enhancement software requires skilled processing for the purpose of the peak quality. Otherwise, resort to other simple but quality video enhancer tools.

Software to Enhance Video Quality with non-AI Tools

For exclusive macOS users, iMovie is always the first choice since it is free of charge and can processing basic video editing tasks. For advanced features, Apple Final Cut X Pro will be a nice alternative.

Warm tips: it’s always wise to try out other video enhancers for different needs since each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

PART 3: Best Tool to Enhance Video Quality Online

If you do not nitpick about video processing and output quality, you can try out alternatives to enhance video quality online. In this case, it’s unnecessary to download and install any desktop software to enhance a video. Simply edit and enhance video online, and upload it for later use, no need to waste device memory.

Here comes an online program to enhance video, Clideo, a perfect video enhancer to exchange dull and imperfect visuals by editing footage from multiaspects and adding filters and effects to breathe new life into the video.

Compatibilty: browser-based
Pricing plan: $6/month; $72/year

  • Cut, crop, rotate, flip, reverse, zoom, loop, mute, speed, merge, compress video
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, fade, vignette
  • Filters, subtitles, music, video/slideshow/meme maker
  • Cut, merge audio

Enhance Video Quality Online Easily

The greatest highlight of this online video enhancing program lies in that it enhances video quality online with its ample features and facilitates upload on social media sites, giving access to personal followers or business promotion.

How to Enhance Video Online

  • Upload a video via the +Choose files, Google Drive, Dropbox, direct video URL
  • Enhance video via different settings
  • Download the enhanced video, save to cloud storage or personal device, or upload to YouTube or Facebook

PART 4: Excellent App to Enhance Video Quality

Nowadays, lots of stuff can be processed on smartphones. The same goes for turning to an app to enhance video quality. In this part, we will discuss one of the best apps to enhance video quality.


Available on: Android & iOS

  • Video editing: trim, split, merge clips, remove the middle part, adjust the speed
  • Filters, effects, stickers, texts, music, sound effects

Good App to Enhance Video Quality

InShot, not only a video editor to enhance video quality, but a video maker to create nice videos from images or clips. Its basic video editing tools, plus ample effects, contribute to perfect footage for diverse uses.

How to Enhance a Video in InShot

  • Install and open the app
  • Load video source to enhance video quality
  • Save the enhanced video for later use

Mind that this app to enhance video quality contains in-app purchases for a free trial. Actually, there are many alternative video enhancer app, what you need to do is make the right choice as per personal needs.

Related FAQs

How can I improve video quality free and easily?

AI-powered video enhancement software like Enlarger AI shall be your first choice when it comes to enhancing video quality automatically and intelligently. Artificial Intelligence outshines the human brain in processing videos and images based on neural networks with trained samples. Thus, go and enhance video quality with AI tools. If you are not particular about quality output, you can turn to a common video editor to enhance video free. iMovie, VideoCruise, and Clideo are good options.

How can I enhance a blurry video?

If you want to enhance a blurry video, you might as well try out Toolkit, a versatile multimedia toolbox designed to edit video, audio, image, subtitles, and watermarks.