Enhancer for YouTube, an online YouTube enhancer is often installed to Chrome to help users get a better viewing experience.  You can add it to Chrome, Firefox, or other websites this YouTube extension fits into. Apart from it, a third-party app - DVDFab Enlarger AI is also of great help. It is capable to upscale videos by 300% and displays more details. As two different enhancers for YouTube online and offline, both of them have lots of followers. You can make a decision on using either of them based on your needs.

1. What Is Enhancer for YouTube?

Enhancer for YouTube, available in Chrome Store, is a popular YouTube Chrome extension, also available for Opera, Safari, and other websites. As an excellent YouTube helper, it is widely used to skip or block ads and it provides you with a shortcut to customize your YouTube videos. For example, you can use this YouTube enhancer to loop a video, adjust its play speed, turn up the audio, enlarge the display of YouTube video and leave your comments, etc. With 15 dark themes offered by Enhancer for YouTube, you can pick anyone you like to reduce eye strain as well. Besides what I have talked about, this YouTube enhancer is also competent to do more such as setting YouTube video resolution. You will find how powerful it is after getting it launched in your computer.

YouTube Enhancer

2. Is Enhancer for YouTube Safe?

Honestly speaking, Enhancer for YouTube is safe. Someone has been using this YouTube extension chrome and given this feedback. “I’ve been using chrome YouTube extension for a long time and have never experienced issues and I’m like 99 percent sure it’s safe because it’s never done anything that I would deem unsafe. Also, the “block ads” feature is amazing, it automatically skips ads even if they don’t have a skip ad button”. Apart from this comment on Reddit, someone called “wembley1488” also said, “I love this YouTube enhancer! It's by far the best YouTube extensions I’ve tried so far”. So you can install this YouTube extension to Chrome with great reliance.

YouTube Enhancer Chrome

3. How to Improve Video Quality on YouTube

For a better YouTube experience, you can install a third-party video enhancer in your computer, or add Enhancer for YouTube to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Notes: If you are going to change video resolution before uploading it to YouTube, I’m sorry to inform you that there is no concept of “upload quality” on YouTube. The “Settings” option on YouTube only allows you to set the title, description, tags, language, etc. of your file. Instead, YouTube will automatically transcode your video to the highest standard set of video resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates this platform supports. And YouTube will confirm your video to a 16:9 aspect ratio by adding black bars to it when your video fails to match this aspect ratio.

So it seems that YouTube cannot upscale a video automatically. What if we turn to a third-party video enhancer for help to change video quality on YouTube? Luckily, there is a program able to come to your aid.

Enhancer for YouTube

Third-party YouTube Enhancer: DVDFab(Best Option)

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

  • Improve video quality up to 4k automatically
  • One of the few video enhancers supported by Artificial Intelligence
  • Upscale old videos to a better quality
  • Work fast without quality loss
  • The best video enhancer offering a free trial up to 30 days without limitations
  • Easy-to-use and suitable for both beginner and expert

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How to use DVDFab Video Enhancer AI to improve video quality automatically:

  • Download and install this video enhancer on Window
  • Launch it and add your videos.

Enhancer for Youtube: Enhance Youtube Videos

  • Select an AI Model like For Movie Video, For Home Video, and For Web Video
  • Set output format, resolution, bitrate
  • Click the button of Start

Then, DVDFab Video Enhancer AI will work fast to upscale your video automatically. There is no need for you to worry about the image contrast, color, brightness, saturation, noise, etc., since this AI video enhancer trained by machine learning models will set all of these parameters based on users’ preference.

DVDFab Enlarger AI

The powerful YouTube enhancer I am going to introduce is called DVDFab Enlarger AI. Empowered by Super-Resolution technology, this YouTube extension will help you convert a video from 480p to 1080p or from 1080p to 4K based on your need. Could you image videos updcaled by 300%? You will see more details than before with the assistance of this video upscaler. If all the YouTube videos can achieve such high definition, everyone will get a better YouTube experience. Now, let me tell you how to use this third-party enhancer for YouTube to improve video quality.

Steps on how to change video quality on YouTube with DVDFab Enlarger AI:

  • Download and install this video enhancer for YouTube on Windows
  • Select the module of “Converter” on the top
  • Load your video or DVD and click the “Profile Switcher”
  • Enable the function of “Enlarger AI”
  • Choose your preferred output video format
  • Set an output video directory for your file at the bottom
  • Start to improve video quality

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Enhancer for YouTube

Notes: DVDFab Enlarger AI supports DVD and Blu-ray discs/ISO files/folders and videos of all formats. In the meanwhile, this YouTube enhancer can export Blu-ray discs/ISO files/folders and videos based on your preference. You can output enhanced videos to a mobile device, folder and upload it to YouTube.

With the assistance of this third-party enhancer for YouTube, you can also copy DVD to Blu ray  to change video resolution under the modules of  “Copy” and “Ripper”.

Improve Video Quality

Enhancer for YouTube Chrome

Besides using a third-party YouTube extension to improve video quality, Enhancer for YouTube Chrome itself works to play videos at your preferred quality automatically. Now, let me tell you how to change video quality on YouTube with this YouTube Chrome extension.

  • Install Enhancer for YouTube to Chrome
  • Tick off the box of “Automatically play videos at my preferred quality”
  • Select video resolution from 144p to 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p, 2880p and 4320p
  • Set “Preferred quality”, “Second choice”, “Third choice” and “Fourth choice”

After that, YouTube videos will be played according to your selection.

The Drawbacks of Enhancer for YouTube Chrome

Although Enhancer for YouTube is easy to use, it doesn’t work always well as you expect. Here, I have listed some bugs happening to Enhancer for YouTube.

  • Enhancer for YouTube delays video start:

“I am using Enhancer for YouTube and I noticed that when I play a video it takes 10-20 seconds to start. I tried disabling and enabling the extension. It works okay, but it starts delaying after some time”.

  • Enhancer for YouTube causes YouTube logon/comments to be lost:

“All often videos play fine, but YouTube keeps saying I’m not logged in. Also, comments fail to load. Disabling the add-on makes the problem go away”.

  • Enhancer for YouTube trouble in starting up:

“I’m using the Opera GX web browser. I have to enable the enhancer each time I re-open the Opera GX browser. It’s a bit of pain in the butt”.

Compared with DVDFab Enlarger AI, Enhancer for YouTube Chrome seems less stable in performance. So if you want to get a higher video quality with stable performance, DVDFab Enlarger AI, offline enhancer for YouTube is your best choice. It is also capable to copy DVD to Blu-ray, rip DVD to Blu-ray and convert low-definition YouTube video to high-definition YouTube video. Empowered by AI upscaling technology, it will enhance YouTube experience as you desire.

4. Adds-on Similar to Enhancer for YouTube Chrome

Besides Enhancer for YouTube Chrome used to block ads automatically, there are also other extensions to improve your browser experience in different websites. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Pockettube: a YouTube Chrome extension, able to make groups or categories of YouTube subscriptions and play new videos in a particular category.
  • Stylus: another Google extension, allowing people to redesign UI skins for many popular sites using a variety of themes.
  • Media URL Timestamper: save your spot in a video so that you can resume it after closing FireFox.
  • Straight To Videos: bring you to the video page of a YouTube channel directly.
  • YouTube Checker: A good YouTube subscription feed, letting you filter with regex and mark programs as watched, making it easy to find something you haven’t watched.
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite: an excellent enhancer for Reddit, making Reddit much more convenient.
  • ShadowFox: a universal dark theme for FireFox, capable to style the entire UI (sidebars, context menus, library, etc.).
  • Dark Reader: provide dark mode for every website to take care of your eyes, enabling you to browse day and night with dark theme.
  • Emoji Cheatsheet: allow you to insert emojis on the desktop easily.
  • Session Alive: keep your session alive and save you from logging in ever 10 minutes.


Do you want YouTube videos in HD format? Expect to watch videos in your preferred style and under eye-protecting mode? Enhancer for YouTube is one of the best YouTube extensions you're looking for. If you find frequent bugs in this YouTube enhancer, turn to an offline video enhancer, DVDFab Enlarger, for help. It is qualified to help you upscale video by 300%.

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