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How to Extract MP3 from YouTube Videos?


   Posted by Gabriel

2020-02-17 05:20:32


Summary: Do you want extract MP3 from YouTube videos? You can use desktop or online YouTube to MP3 converters. Here is a detailed guide to show the conversion process.

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MP3 is an audio format that every one of us uses when we save audio files on our phone or computer. Finding some of the songs is tough at times when it comes to their audio version, but when it comes to video, we can find almost every song on YouTube.


So, if we don’t find a song’s MP3, then we can do one thing which is, download its video from YouTube, and then convert it to MP3. Yes, this is fairly possible as there are many online as well as desktop software tools available that help convert videos to MP3. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 such tools that help extract MP3 from YouTube.



1.       DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader

DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader is one of the best tools to extract MP3 from YouTube videos along with downloading videos as well.

Features of YouTube Video Downloader:

·         Download videos from YouTube

·         Allows selecting different Qualities of Video.

·         It allows converting downloading videos right from there.

·         The convertedformat has no quality loss.

·         Robust and efficient.

We will guide you how to extract MP3 from YouTube videos using DVDFab YouTube Downloader

·         First of all, download DVDFab YouTube Downloader.

·         Launch the software when it loads.

·         Now, click Utilities >> YouTube Video Downloader. It will take some time to load.

Wait for it.

·         Then a new window will be opened automatically in which you will see that is opened already.

Type the movie name or song name or anything you want to search in the YouTube’s search bar, and hit enter.

·         From the search list, play the one you want. As the movie starts playing, you will be able to see a download button there. You can mouse-over that to see different quality options.

·         If you want in HD, click HD (1080p) – MP4

·         As you click, The video will start downloading which you can see just by clicking the Download tab.

·         After the download completes, you will see there are two options such as To converter and To Creator.

·         Click “To Converter”. This will take you to the DVDFab’s Video Converter module which will be used to convert this downloaded vide to MP3.

DVDFab Video Converter is the software that offers you to convert different formats of media files to another without any quality degrade. Apart from the conversion, there are many different tasks it does such as editing, rotating the videos, and even making the video size a bit smaller is also possible with this software module of DVDFab.

Now, let’s back to the conversion. You will now see this:

·         Now click the button on the left side just below the logo to choose the format, i.e. MP3 to convert this video to it.

·         Now, Click “Audio” then click “MP3”. And, finally click “Start”. Within some time, you will see a prompt that the process completed successfully.

That is all! You have just extracted MP3 from YouTube video using DVDFab Video Downloader.


2. is an online tool that enables you to paste the source link which can be a YouTube video, then convert that to different formats including MP3. Since we want to convert only to MP3; we will choose MP3 as output. Then click “Convert to” button.

Now, MP3 will be extracted and will be shown to you to download. That’s all. This online tool is quite simple to extract MP3 from YouTube videos. So, this is how to convert YouTube video to MP3 using



Thisis another online tool to extract mp3 from YouTube video. It is a very simple tool and almost like Just visit the website, and click the marked one

Then, it will take you to a page where you have to paste the YouTube video link, and then choose MP3 as format.

Then click, Start. In some time, MP3 will be extracted from the YouTube video, and you can download that to your PC. Isn’t it simple to extractMP3 from YouTube using this tool?



Thisis another online tool to extract MP3 from YouTube videos. Just open the website, paste the YouTube Video link, click MP3, and then click Convert. Within few moments, you will see downloadable MP3 file. You can click to download that on your PC.

So, if you are still thinking of how to convert YouTube to MP3, this is the perfect tool to use.


5.       VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an awesome player to play almost all media files. It has many additional features as well that you can use. You can also convert YouTube to MP3 as well.

First of all, launch VLC media player if you have it on your PC. Then, go to Media >> Convert /Save.

Under the Network tab, paste the YouTube video link. Now, click on Convert /Save.

Select MP3 as profile, then set the output file name and location. Then click “Start”.

In some time, the video will be converted to MP3.  That’s all simple!



Finding MP3 of many old songs is tough to find on the internet sometimes, but on YouTube, finding videos of them is quite easy. Once you find it, just convert them to MP3 and enjoy.

So, this was our article that explained how to convert a YouTube video to MP3 using various different tools. We recommend using DVDfab Youtube video Downloader for conversion as it offers better quality than rest of the tools mentioned.

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