flvto mp4 converter:

FLV or flash video is a popular video format on the internet, mainly to host Facebook and YouTube videos. This is a suggested format for video sharing on the web. However, it is not possible that the FLV format will work with all media players. 

iOS and Android devices, in particular, do not support this format in most cases. That is why you need to convert FLV to other regular formats like MP4 to play on the desired media player. But how do we make this conversion possible? The following Flv to mp4 converters will answer your questions.

Top 10 FLVto MP4 Converter Program to Use in 2022

1. DVDFab Video Converter

Price: Free, $44.99

Do you want to play OBS games on your device but face a format error? How to play it on your portable device while changing FLV to MP4, AVI to MKV, or others? 

Don't panic: DVDFab Video Converter landed as an inclusive video conversion and editing software. This efficient tool will read media files from popular devices, including mobile phones, camcorders, or Google. It is just not excellent to convert FLV to mp4, but it is also good to perform numerous changes to the video. It offers you the batch conversion, conversion task scheduling, and restarting of the conversion process where you left it for any reason. The tool supports AVI, FLV, MKV, M2TS, TS, MP4 video, AAC, AC3, AIFF, APE, AU, EAC3, FLAC, M4A, and MKA, MP3, OGG, and Copy audio formats.  


  • It is best to change any video from one format to another, including MKV to MP4 or FLV to MP4. 
  • The software also supports video-to-video and audio-to-audio conversion.
  • After conversion, users can play files on any portable device. 
  • Its Enlarger AI power will boost the video quality. 
  • You can freely utilize it for one month without any restriction.


  • Users will enjoy its uses to crop, trim, speed up and speed down their videos.
  • It will allow them to apply credits, text, images, and music to their video file.
  • You can also upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and many more.

How to convert FLVto mp4 using a DVDFab video converter?

  • Launch the DVDFab video converter and click on the converter module after opening it. Click on the "+" option to upload the required file or drag and drop it into the interface. 

flvto mp4 converter:1. DVDFab Video Converter

  • Tap the "Choose Other Profile" and choose the required format or device. You can also click on the "Advanced Settings" for higher output preferences. This way, you can set all video and audio parameters and customize the final video using the default video editor. 

flvto mp4 converter:1. DVDFab Video Converter

  • As you can see from the screenshot above, click on the "Save to" and folder icon to choose the path. And finally, hit the "Start" button to let the software initialize the conversion process. As soon as the conversion process starts, you can see the descriptive note about the process. It is also possible to cancel and stop the process or shut down the computer automatically. 

flvto mp4 converter:1. DVDFab Video Converter

2. Joyoshare VidiKit

flvto mp4 converter:2. Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare Vidikit is an excellent FLV to MP4 and video converting transcoding program of the present time. Its 60x faster-converting speed stands it unique and makes it possible to finish conversion at a fast speed. Rather than mp4, users can also select the required file format or access a device to save videos. Take advantage of this accomplished flvto mp4 converter free to convert unlimited media files into groups without compromising performance and compatibility.


  • You will see it with a default preview functionality and smooth interface.
  • The converter supports multi-subtitle and multi-track files.
  • It works at 60X fast conversion speed with the support of MP4, MOV, AVI, and MP3 formats.
  • Comprehensive support for all video, audio, and DVD formats exists.
  • It supports watermark, effect, crop, flip, rotates, and other tools.


  • The free version restricts your conversion length.

Tips: If you'd like to get the detailed steps on how to convert blu-ray to mp4, please visit https://www.dvdfab.cn/tutorial/convert-blu-ray-to-mp4

3. Prism Video Converter

flvto mp4 converter:3. Prism Video Converter

This video converter flvto mp4 free is the best choice to convert video to the desired format. You can also use it to apply video effects, add or remove the watermark, apply subtitles, rotate the video, resize, crop, and apply filters, etc.  

After editing, users can see their changes before final saving. Furthermore, it will allow you to line up clippings and support batch conversion to save your time. Similarly, users can compress HD files into smaller file sizes without losing quality.


  • This fast conversion software provides customizable advanced settings and supports multiple formats.
  • Users can use it to extract video from DVDs and access its batch conversion mode.


  • The free version does not allow you to access desired features.

4. MediaCoder

flvto mp4 converter:4. MediaCoder

This universal transcoding software landed with the premium cutting-edge video and audio conversion support. It guarantees transcoding the current FLV file into MP4 via the default settings. Moreover, users can modify the options for desired output. Its precise balance between performance and high quality makes it more demanding. 

Besides, MediaCoder offers hardware acceleration, DVD ripping, footage capturing, automatic audio and video conversion, default media player, high-speed conversion, etc.


  • You will get amazing batch processing and hardware acceleration support for free.
  • It offers smooth and satisfactory speed.


  • It is not easy to understand for the new users and works slowly.

5. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

flvto mp4 converter:5. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate

AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is the only helpful software supporting transcoding videos and modifying them simultaneously. Being an entire set, users access editing programs that allow them to advance the video output. Furthermore, the converter supports more than 200 formats, making it the best choice.

FLV to MP4 Video Converter converts video with high-quality output even on fast conversions. Its support for 4K and 1080p videos is an honor, as users can quickly convert HD videos for consistent display. It supports unlimited formats to get vivid and bright videos. You can also download 4K or 1080p resolution videos from different video playing platforms, including YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. 


  • Users can grab and convert videos from online streaming websites.
  • Enjoy converting any video as well as batch processing.
  • You will find it with the support of more than 200 file formats.


  • You may feel a complicated conversion process for the first time. 

6. Online Video Converter

flvto mp4 converter:6. Online Video Converter

This flvto mp4 converter online will allow you to convert an FLV file into MP4 without installing any additional tool. This SaaS platform can be easily accessed through any web browser. It's default setting will also permit you to convert a video file or modify it based on your requirements. 

The program allows uploading more than 4GB size files. It will do its conversion task within minutes with the same original quality. It is compatible with almost all prevalent browsers. You can change any audio and video files with the accessibility of multiple audio and video formats. It is best to work on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. 


  • You will enjoy the mp3, aac, Ogg, WMA, m4a, FLAC, and wav audio and mp4, avi, mpg, mov, WMV, Flv, m4v, WebM, mkv, and 3gp video formats support. 
  • Either it is free or supports more than 4GB size files. 
  • Enjoy unlimited file conversion along with HEVC support. 


  • It requires a fast and stable internet connection to complete the conversion task. 

7. FreeConvert

flvto mp4 converter:7. FreeConvert

If you want to convert your videos quickly without any extra program, click on the FreeConvert. It will allow you to easily upload an FLV file of more than 1GB and convert it to MP4. Moreover, you can also modify the options of aspect ratio, video codec, screen size, frame rate, bitrate, channel, and volume. However, you can also rotate, crop, trim and add subtitles to your videos.


  • FreeConvert offers advanced conversion options, including batch processing. 
  • There are default editing parameters and modifiable output formats.


  • It does not allow exporting to cloud services.


flvto mp4 converter:8. ONLINE-CONVERT.COM

Here comes another prevalent software to transcode FLV video files to MP4 for free. Onlineconverter.com comes with the support of all video codecs. It will also permit you to shift the pictures, documents, archives, and audio. Moreover, users can select the preset modes for mobile devices, PSP, X-BOX, Wii, etc. Its batch processing mode will allow uploading more than five files simultaneously. 

The processing steps are also simple; visit the platform, click on "Convert to MP4 section", upload the required FLV file, perform required settings, and click on the "Conversion" button. The tool will also allow you to change the screen size, bit rate, frame rate, trim the video, rotate it, and many more.


  • This program not only works for the FLV to mp4 format but also audio, image, document, Ebook, Web service, and archive converter.
  • Access batch processing feature to convert more than five files at once. 
  • Import and export from cloud services even without registering to it. 


  • You may feel the old-fashioned interface.
  • There are also negative reviews about its failure to convert from video-sharing websites.

9. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory

flvto mp4 converter:9. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory landed with all the vital functionalities needed to shift an FLV file into MP4. The converter supports all the HD videos, like 8K, batch conversion, hardware acceleration, and DVD ripping. It works at a 30X rate, which helps it to finish the conversion at eye-plucking speed without losing the actual quality. Hence, you can use WonderFox both for personal and commercial purposes.


  • This free-to-access software supports 4k video and fast batch conversion.
  • You can also try it for hardware acceleration and DVD ripping.


  • It is only compatible with windows.
  • You cannot use it to convert Blu-ray videos.

10. Any Video Converter

flvto mp4 converter:10. Any Video Converter

According to its name, it will work to convert any video to any format, including Flvto mp4. It is free and supports all video and audio formats and devices. So, it is simple to select a preset for quick conversion. Its extra functions include merging, cropping, trimming, rotating, adjusting brightness and contrast, and other latest tools.

This influential convert includes a built-in media player compatible with all formats. It will allow you to convert videos and audio and burn media files to DVDs. With the support of more than 100 platforms, it will permit you to grab any online videos for free. There are different ready-to-use DVD menu templates for your ease.

Moreover, you can also record streaming videos. This Windows and Mac-based software is also compatible with iPad, iPhone X, Google Android, Apple TV, Samsung, etc. It will support you to grab voice, audio tracks, or background music from any favorite video. 


  • There is entire support for all video and audio formats.
  • This virus-free program is best for burning video to DVD/ AVCHD DVD to streaming it on DVD flawlessly.
  • It has a built-in editor and a customizable import and export option.


  • You may have to bear the slow conversion speed.
  • It will also demand you purchase AVC Pro.


Hopefully, the above-listed FLV to mp4 converter software will be the solution to your problem of playing any desired video on any portable device. All these tools are good, but the DVDFab video converter stands unique among them. Without caring about compatibility, it will work smoothly on windows, Mac, and smartphones. It is also at the top with a long list of supported audio and video formats. You can also try this best webm converter.