Mostly we get scared when it calls free video converters to MP4. Some people think that the process will call for some experienced personnel in video editing to help them convert video to MP4 free. No need to keep on worrying where to start with the vast number of free online video converters to MP4 in the market since, in this article, you will find a solution that leads you to the best free MP4 converters.

The top five best free video converters to MP4 mentioned in this article are results of comprehensive research and review and will provide you with exceptional experiences in the conversion of videos to MP4. The 5 best free video converters to MP4 are:

1. Online Video Converter(OVC)

Online video converter is one of the best free online video converters to MP4 offering you the best and easy video conversion experiences. The software uses a proprietary cloud conversion tool to convert your offline videos in your PC or in cloud storage to MP4 files. No software installation is required and it runs on all browsers. The conversion is easy to use and converts faster to the desired quality through the simple process;

• Drop video to convert

• Choose conversion format

• Customize resolution settings and click start

• Once the conversion is complete download the MP4 file



2. Apowersoft  Free Online Video Converter

Apowersoft free online video converter is another platform or online website that will help you easily do free online video conversion to MP4. The software offers a start guide for new users to understand how it operates. The software freely converts video from any format to MP4 files. The output media is of the best speed and compatible with different devices.  It has advanced options like editing before converting a given video. It also allows one to trim, adjust, and change video effects.  Apowersoft free online video converter gives you the ability to convert videos to different resolutions retaining the original format. It is free, online, legal, and converts video at efficiently high speed.



Online forms another free online video converter to MP4 platform which requires no software and offers high-quality MP4 videos by using simple steps. The platform allows you to paste the URL of your online video to convert or use files stored on your PC or cloud storage for conversion.  It has additional features like subtitle conversion and can convert videos from over 50 source formats.



4. Free Video Converter

Free video converter offers quality experience since it has simple instructions for users to easily grasp. It offers a chance for watermarking converted videos. The software will offer a clear interface and allow you to carry out batch conversion making it one of the best free video converters to MP4. With the option of allowing batch conversion, the app will allow you to combine different files to form a single MP4 file. I think watermarking prevents it from being at the top of free video converters to MP4.  Steps are as follows:


• Select video to convert

• Select MP4 format

• Edit and convert the video

• Download



5. Format Factory

If you had disappointment trying to convert your best video to MP4 and got something different, format factory will offer you the right results. The software will give the best results on free video converters to MP4. Convert videos on google webs and other sites easily with the free MP4 converter. It will give intense file conversion since it has disc-ripping, batch conversion, utilities, and decent file conversion.



Most Advanced & Professional Video to MP4 Converter: DVDFab Video Converter

If you are an expert interested in cheap video editing, you will find a solution with DVDFab Video converter as it offers a wide advanced and professional video to MP4 converter services.  The software is easily accessible offering effective services. DVDFab Video Converter offers the best results and high speed and quality video to MP4 conversion. The following are quality services you will get from DVDFab:


Faster Conversion Speed

DVDFab offers you the best and fastest conversion speed when converting video to MP4 making it stand out as the best MP4 video converter.

• Different Format Conversion

DVDFab will offer conversion from different available formats including camcorders and online formats.

• Preset Profiles for Different Devices

DVDFab can convert videos to MP4 videos that are preprogrammed for various devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, and more.

• Free Edit and Customization

DVDFab video converter will offer wide editing and customization services since it comes with inbuilt editors which are easily usable by increasing professional experience when using the device. Experts enjoy using the device due to the wide range of customization services.

• Wide Control of Video Being Converted

Best Free Video Converter to MP4

The other reason for recommending this device is because it offers advanced professional controls making you deliver the best-desired quality. The device is easy to use though it is advanced professional software.

To conclude, it is my hope you have found the best knowledge you need to know about the top 5 best free video converter to MP4. If you want to find a great Blu-ray ripper tool to rip Blu-rays to MP4 or other formats, you can click Top 3 Blu-ray Ripper Software to learn more.