Main features

Music Search

With this freemake download program, you don’t have to open the YouTube to search the music you want to download. On top of its main interface is a search frame which can be used to search YouTube music/album/playlist. The method is very simple. Type in the whole or part of the name of the song or its artist, and click “Enter” on your keyboard, this freemake software will list all the relevant resources.

freemake download program - input song's name here

Alternatively, you can also paste the URL of the music on the search frame, click “Enter”, then the resource will appear. Both ways will get you what you want, just pick one that suits you best.

Music Play

Once you find the resource using the above methods, there will be a play button sitting next to the download button — a vertical arrow-shape icon. Click it, and the music will be played by this freemake download program. 

freemake download program - downlaod and play button

This makes this freemake software a combination of both downloader and player, a compact and practical arrangement favored by people who prefer doing multiple tasks with one tool rather than vice versa. Also, you can use this feature to check whether the resource is what you are looking for before clicking “Download”.  This can avoid downloading wrong targets which can happen sometimes.

Music Download

As we mentioned before, the vertical arrow-shape icon refers to a download function. Click it, and the music will be downloaded by this freemake software. Before you do this, you’d better adjust its settings first. On the lower right corner is the settings button, click it, then a dialogue box with three operatable options will pop up. Adjust them according to your needs.

freemake download program - settings button

On the higher right corner, below the title bar where “Minimize”, “Zoom” and “Close” options are included is a progress button, indicating where you are in the downloading process and how much time you need to continue to finish this task at one point.

freemake download program - download button

Also, this freemake youtube downloader supports batch download. When your target is a collection of works by an artist or an album, click “Download all”, and the whole music included in this collection or album will be downloaded. With this feature, you don’t have to click them one by one, thus making things much easier for you.

Music Conversion

This feature can help you convert videos into audios to make them compatible with your devices including MP3 player, recorder and so on.

All the music downloaded by this freemake youtube downloader is in MP3 format. That is to say, it converts the audio formats automatically in the process of download. As MP3 is a very common and popular format, music in this format will be compatible with almost all the modern devices — iPod, iPhone, android phones and all kinds of computers — and without any loss of quality.


Simple to Use

This freemake youtube downloader is designed to be simple for users to understand and operate as exemplified in this concise and self-explanatory interface and fewer buttons or options involved to do a task.  There are very few elements on its interface so that you don’t have to spend much time to figure out what they are used for. Also, they are well-organized in an attempt to be consistent with user’s habits. Last but not least, all the buttons are designed to be intuitive or make sense to you, so that you can tell their function immediately. 

It has the potential — if they are not too young to qualify — to cover all users with certain knowledge, aptitude and skills, not least those who surf the Internet very often and enjoy downloading music in daily life. This way, the chance that you can’t understand how to operate this program is very low. All your concerns can be cleared away.

Social Element

Social focus is a highlight for this program, a design that caters to the demands of people for sharing their favorite songs to close friends and families. At the right end of each song displayed by this program are three options — Facebook, Twitter and email— all for social sharing purposes. You can click any of them and post sharing information with relevant links quickly. If you do this for the first time, it may remind you to log in or register.

freemake download program - sharing options

It presents a way to display your taste and preference for music on the social websites in your effort to build your own brand and helps attract a bunch of followers with such similar traits as you.

320 kbps MP3s

Many people often complain they have no clue as to which bitrate they should choose when they download online music. To give you best music quality, this downloader always chooses the highest available audio quality among others, with 320 kbps as its upper limit and without any loss of quality.

This can guarantee that the music you download are always the best, and also save the trouble of selecting it manually. After all, the less options to make, the less things to worry about.

Discover New Hits & Music Charts

Input #top100, #classic, #trend, and it will search the most relevant resources and display them for you. It’s pretty useful when you want to narrow your choices down to a certain point.  And this may be a more efficient way to do tasks.

Affordability and availability 

This program is now totally free. Users don’t need to sign up as a membership or makes payments on a monthly, quarterly or monthly basis. This can be good news for those who are short of money or unwilling to pay for such items. Especially, if you don’t have to use it very often, then this program can be a very proper choice.

Also, it’s easy to download and install. You can find the installer on the main page and a click or two is what it takes to complete the installing process. Meanwhile, you don’t need to adjust settings manually except that for very special occasions which is rare. And the package is small in size, so it won’t take much room of your computer.


Primitive Functionality

The richness of functionality for a program represents an important index in measuring the usability of a program. In the case of Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom, it is obviously wide off the mark. The scantiness of its buttons and components deprives its possibility of being able to do challenging tasks beyond music play, download and search.

For people who want to do more detailed and personal work such as managing downloaded files with diversified tools, downloading metadata to understand the properties of downloaded files and adjusting play speed for certain purpose, this program may let you down.

Limited number of downloadable sources

As its name reveals, this downloader specializes in YouTube resources, a feature that excludes all other websites that also contain abundant music resources and which attract a large amount of users whose total number is no less than that of YouTube. This weakness engenders a barrier without which it could have been more attractive.

So, if you are looking for a downloader that is compatible with dozens of websites or more, Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom is going to let you down, again.

Non-customized tools

 All the tools are, by and large, not able to be adjusted manually including music quality, multiple music download and others. This may cause inconveniences for users who have specific standards for settings and slow down the work progress.

For example, you want to download music that is 192 kbps because you believe this quality would be enough to satisfy your needs and save data as well as storage room in your device; or you want to download part of a whole playlist or album,

then, this program may be inappropriate.

Slow download speed

Download speed is also an Achilles heel of this program. Under same Internet connection conditions and task loads, it takes more time for this downloader to finish the job than many other competitors. Sometimes, the download speed is so slow that there are no signs that your download task will be finished any time soon. And there is nothing you can do about it.

 If you are not in a hurry or have no requirements of download speed, then this freemake download program may get along with you. If not, a better solution should be to replace it with another option.

Introduction of DVDFab YouTube to MP3

Although Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom is seemingly an ideal tool with its simple design, but users with bigger aspirations may not settle with it. Suffice it to say, Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom is not designed to do challenging tasks, but instead focuses on meeting simple and basic demands of users. If you want to get over with more demanding jobs or upgrade your usage experience, you may turn to other products. Among them, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is highly recommended.

It is a music download and video/audio conversion solution that encompasses all the functions equipped in Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom, but with better service and along with its own novelty features. Regardless of its being a paid service, the innovative and considerate design, excellent user experience and applicability confirms it as a top-class solution, offsetting the cost you invest in this program. Like its sister product of DVDFab Video Downloader, which is able to download twitter videos, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 also proves to be a successful program and is beloved by many users.

Now, let’s talk about what it is capable of and why it should be your first choice among the paid music download services.

Rich functionality

As we have mentioned before, the number of functions integrated in a program is an important consideration as to what makes an excellent tool. It basically determines to what extent this program is able to finish complicate tasks and can be relied on for doing such tasks. For DVDFab YouTube to MP3, the number of its functions has been growing fast, dwarfing its competitors by a landslide. To give you a basic knowledge of it, I list the important and exclusive ones here.

Metadata download

Compared with other fancy functions, this function seems reclusive with very few people paying attention to it. So it is no surprise that you wonder what sense these items make to you.

According to official explanation, metadata is described as data about data. It is basically a perfect copy of the original files. That is to say, all the details of the original files — title, author’s name, duration — will be preserved without any loss of quality. It may come in handy when you want to search some items of a music. It can help you locate it quickly and present to you in a clear and orderly state; or help you clear out the ins and outs of the information, conducive to tracking certain data or index.

Playlist Saving, Creation and update

People are likely to be attracted by music with certain style or element and have the desire to collect and organize them accordingly. That’s why playlist saving and creation is necessary for them.

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 allows people to save YouTube playlist and create their own playlist, giving more freedom and flexibility to users who are on the lookout for such service. For your media library where all the downloaded and collected music are stored, this feature allows you to manage them in a personal way. You may categorize them on the basis of your preference, the style or genre of music, singers and many others. For users who like clean and orderly lifestyle, there is no better choice than DVDFab YouTube to MP3 to do the job for you.

freemake download program - playlists

Also, this program is able to auto-update YouTube playlist saved by you. Once there are new songs that are added to this playlist, your program will sync immediately, making sure your playlist is always the latest one. 

Hot playlist recommendation

On the main interface of this program is an area which displays recommended playlists that updates periodically. It’s a result of analysis by the algorism based on the recent trends and your using habits. For people who don’t want to make many efforts to follow most popular music, which constantly vary with culture and dynamics in the entertainment industry, this could be a good news.  

freemake download program - hot playlist

It’s like a smart assistant that help you select the best, saving your precious time so that you can spend it in doing more meaningful things. You are going to love it if you are willing to leave the trivial things like music selection and recommendation to a program and focus your attention on something more important.

Powerful in-built player

In this program integrated a player with complete functions. Compared with that of Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom, this player is able to deliver more than playback. You can use it to control the playback speed and volume, switch between different songs for playback, browse the current playback playlist and the music album, and adjust the play mode as you like.

freemake download program - player

It equips with a full set of functions required by a competent player which can be translated into better experience and superior price performance. If you have requirements with player and expect it to be perfectly functional to meet your demands, then this program may be your best choice.

Compatible with 200+ websites

The number of websites a music downloader is compatible with is highly relevant as to how to determine a downloader is good or not. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is now applicable to more than two hundred websites that not only include most frequently heard names such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but also those nameless websites like Beeg, BigFlix, ClipRs, and Dropbox.

This arrangement conforms to the reality that users are attracted by different websites with different focuses rather than restricted to one single website, and more importantly, show people a wider world where limitless resources are reserved.  

Customized options

Default settings may be welcome as it saves the trouble for users to adjust it manually. But, people who hope a program operate in their ways may reject this idea. They hope a customized element can be included in a program so that they have more options and flexibility to finish tasks. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 responds to this by making a couple of buttons available for manual adjustment.

For example, you can decide which music to download when batch download task is involved; you can choose which bitrate to download with; and you can adjust the program to control the window as to whether minimize or close it.  

I believe this customized design element will bring more convenience and improved experience to you and make your life better and better.

Download acceleration

Download speed is one of the important elements that constitute a whole download process. If it is too slow, both your work and mood will be damaged.  You definitely won’t expect such an inefficient tool that makes everything delayed.

DVDFab YouTube to MP3 has a Turbo-Speed button which can be used to boost download speed with 10-fold acceleration at most. Imagine a heavy download task is finished in minutes, or an urgent task is delivered promptly, all you need to do is a click or two. Won’t you feel satisfied and relaxed with such an appealing tool?

freemake download program - turbo-speed button

Download and Installment

Currently, this program is available for download and installment. You can find it in the product page on its official website. To Download this installer, click “Free Download”, and a dialogue box will pop up. Choose a directory or a place where you want to store it, then click “Save” to continue. The process may continue a while depending on your Internet connection.

freemake download program - free download

When the download process is done, click the .exe file, and the installing interface will come up. At the right end of the interface is a Custom button. Click it to customize settings including “Accept User License Agreement”, storage, “Create a desktop shortcut” and “Join User Experience Improvement Program”. Then, click “Click to Install” to finish the installing process.


Even though Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom has its own merits as a music download solution. However, based on the comparison, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 outperforms Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom in many ways and is competent for all kinds of challenging music download tasks. Regardless the charges, it provides more comprehensive and better quality services and deserves to be given more expectations.

If you are not particular about the user experience or you just want to do a one-off job, Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom can be a qualified choice. But, if you are looking for a solution that concentrates on the result and the experience of yours, then DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is should not to be missed. 

Other tips

Music download only constitutes part of people’s entertainment source as there are still many forms to relax themselves. Among them, movie download is an important form and valued by many people. In this regard, I highly recommend you DVDFab Video Downloader, a video download solution that has a very successful track record. If you are interested in relevant topics such as how to download Instagram videos with DVDFab Video Downloader, you may find your answer by visiting its official website.